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Trump Calls Out Biden’s Mask: “I’d Hit Him Right In His Fake Nose”

“I’d hit him right in his fake nose.”

That’s what President Trump recently said about Joe Biden.

Here’s what’s interesting about this.

Trump was not inciting or promoting violence.

Rather, he was talking about Joe’s nose.

“Fake nose.”

Was President Trump talking about plastic surgery?

Is this a reference to a body double?

A “mask”?

Whatever President Trump meant, it’s clear that he’s blasting Biden’s phoniness, fakeness, and lies to the American people.

Don’t forget, Joe Biden through the first punch.

Remember, Joe said he would “beat the hell” out of Trump.

Per CNN:

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he would “beat the hell out of” President Donald Trump if they were in high school over his crude comments about women.

So to clarify, Joe Biden said he would literally beat up President Trump.

What did Trump say?

He didn’t threaten to attack Joe Biden.

Rather, he focused on exposing Joe Biden’s “fake nose.”

The New York Post confirms:

Staying true to his dark tone about the current trajectory of the nation under President Biden, Trump also appeared to fantasize about giving the sitting president a knuckle sandwich.

He recalled how Biden once quipped, “I’d take [Trump] behind the gym and beat the hell out of him” if they were back in high school, while referencing Trump’s alleged derogatory past comments about women.

“I dream of that. You know what I’d do with him?” Trump asked the crowd as he threw a couple light punches in the air while making sound effects.”I’d hit him right in that fake nose. He’d have plastic lying all over the floor.”

See the difference?

Trump was focused on exposing Joe’s phoniness, whereas Joe literally wanted to beat up Trump.

There’s a big distinction between the two.

But don’t be surprised if the media glosses over the nuance to run with the narrative that “Orange Man Bad!”

Foreign policy expert, excuse me, I meant, late night comedian… Jimmy Kimmel… started attacking President Trump for his jokes.

Maybe Kimmel is offended that Trump is funnier than him?

Huffpost reveals:

Donald Trump made a bunch of bizarre and outright confusing claims during a rambling speech in New Hampshire on Monday, but one moment in particular stood out to Jimmy Kimmel.

“There’s a war going on, a terrible war, one of our closest allies was viciously attacked,” Kimmel said. “And what’s Donnie Dum-Dum talking about? This.”

Kimmel played a clip of Trump fantasizing about punching President Joe Biden in the nose. Trump made a fist and mimed three soft jabs, complete with his own sound effects.

“Poof, poof, poof,” Trump said as the audience howled with delight. “I’d hit him right in that fake nose.”

“He went from fake news to fake nose,” Kimmel countered. “Wait a minute, Joe Biden has a fake nose? I know he has wooden teeth… I think the nose is real.”

Then Kimmel mimicked Trump’s jabs.

“By the way, how about that punching?” he asked. “Poof. Poof.”


Mr. Kimmel…

You do realize that President Trump is not currently in the White House right now, correct?

Meanwhile, the guy who’s supposedly the president, has been taking vacation after vacation at his Delaware beach house.

Where are your “comedy” bits attacking Biden for taking vacation when “there’s a war going on, a terrible war”?

This is how fake news and fake Hollywood works, folks.

They hold our champions to an unreal standard while letting their puppets get away with everything!

You can watch the Jimmy Kimmel clip below:


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