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RESULTS ARE IN: What Do YOU Think The USA Should Do In The Israel War?

A few days ago I ran a poll…

I wanted to see what YOU all thought we should do in Israel.

The poll looked like this:

NATIONAL POLL: What Do YOU Think The USA Should Do In The Israel War?

The poll assumes support for Israel and not Hamas, but the question is about what type of support?

How much?


Money plus fighting?

No money and no fighting?

I’ve been very curious to see how this would end up, and now here are the results!

Coming in with 54.8%, Support Israel but no money and no U.S. fighting in the war.

Second place is essentially “give them everything we have” at 26.7%.

For the “OTHER” category, here’s what you told us:

Do something with the traitors that are supporting these animals
I can’t afford to live in less than I am already. They’re rich. Shoot the lock off your own wallets and protect yourselves
Just what I said money an fight with them. Their enemies are ours.
Pray for them
See and Pray for peace
Trump broker peace!!!  best thing to do
Always support Israel and prepare for a fight. Keep it contained and keep it between the two parties involved. Israel and Hamas.
America First
As much military aid as they need but no US troops on the ground.
Assist Israel in US interests. Hunt down those responsible that killed Americans
Bomb the shit out of hamas terrorists NOW
Charity  begins  at home!! Stay in our own lane. God will take care of Israel
Destroy Hamas
Equip them to blow Hamas off face of earth
Fight with them but no money. Israel is a wealthy country
Find the truth first, if possible, and then set a course of action.
Follow Israel’s lead.  They will let us know if they need help.
Give Israel whatever they want.✅
God will bless those who bless Israel
Humanitarian aid to all
I am confused.  Did Hamas behead any babies?
Ignore the false flag
Leave it alone, stop the war mongering
Leave them fight their own war
Let GOD handle it
Let God take care of his people and the USA stand by just in case
Make Israel the 52 state of the USA . Make Washington DC the 51 state of the USA. Cancel USA incandescent go back to the USA the republic
Make me ambassador to Egypt
Neutralize Iran and Lebanon
Not sure
Not yet they can hold there one for now
Nuke Iran!
Obliterate Hamas
Observe, and only exist if the Jewish people are being massacred
Peace talks
Pray before you pay
pray God will dispatch to every Christian personal “marching” orders
Pray to end the violence
Pray to the Lord for His intervention
Protect the people of the United States
Provide arms for Israel to protect them selves and fight Hamas
Provide military equipment and funding to assist
Rescue Americans and stay out of their war period.
SECURE OUR BOARDERS AND DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS CURRENTLY HERE, they know who and where they are because the government is giving them money each month and housing them in the wrongful sanctuary cities. 90% are military age men and are being planted around the United States for a reason. Women and children, still deport them! The Crazies behind this are deliberately destroying America.
Send arms and fight it it comes down to them calling the US
Send military equipment & support them
Send people over there who will help them formulate a peace plan with the Palestinians . Like with kushner .
Send technological aide and any pertinent intelligence.
Since Joe Biden neglect the fact that it was him and Obama that started the war American people should stand with Israel in any shape or fall that’s mean if we have to go to war let it be because it Israel that help this nation to what it is today
Stand with Israel in whatever capacity  they need us.
Start with C.  If it escalates, it may involve us….there are enough of the H folks here (via the open border), and we are thus may well be involved directly….and, go to B!    Never just do A!
Stay away from it!!! No support!!
Stay neutral
Stay out
Stay out of all foreign entanglements and get all the money back we’ve sent to Israel since it’s inception as a nation. Then make sure that money goes to support our veterans.
Stay out of all foreign entanglements as our first President recommended
Stay out of it
Stay out of it altogether! Only fight if we are attacked! These countries have been fighting on an off all my life (60) so let them destroy each other if they like war so much! War for the US is just another money laundering scheme to filter money back to the Demonrats!
Stay out of it!
Support Israel but no US fighting.  Yes send money and whatever they need
Support Israel in ways they request.
Support Israel, and fight if they need help.  Extinguish all terrorists!
Support Israel, but mostly watch to see what is really going on before making a decision.  If money needs to be sent, divert it from Iran and Ukraine.
Support Israel, support Palenstine, condemn Hamas.
Support the citizens. Rothchild’s own and control Israel, no money do net support the war!
Take back the money Iran was allowed by Biden to have as that would end the war entirely.
They US should stand for Israel and hive financial aid while cutting off ANY AND ALL AID TO UKRAINE
This is God’s war. We will let him decide what to do.
Trump in as Speaker and get rid of the regime in order to stabilize the Middle East
We need to stay out of it and let God control it.
why don’t we stay out of their business i do not condone terrorists, i am sick of all the evil in this world. Why do we stick our nose in all the time, Hank Williams Jr sings a song called minding your business, everyone should listen to it.
Why don’t we try something new and stay out of it.
World needs to wake up from this dream

Any additional thoughts?

Do you agree with how this poll turned out?


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