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EPIC FAIL: Newsweek Blasts Mike Lindell’s MyPillow But Backfires Spectacularly!

You’re gonna LOVE this one…

I’m still laughing!

The totalitarian left and the mainstream news media can’t stand Mike Lindell…

No surprise there.

That’s not new.

They hate him just like Donald Trump and Kari Lake…that irrational, emotional kind of hatred.

But none of that stops Mike.

Not threats to his business or threats to himself…

He’s fearless and unstoppable….still out there pushing for election integrity and questioning the 2020 election.

They hate that – so they put Mike Lindell on blast every chance they get.

But sometimes, the truth sneaks through.

Sometimes, the media ends up highlighting the amazing deals available at MyPillow for those with promo codes.

Newsweek reported:

Mike Lindell’s MyPillow company is offering substantial reductions, some of over 60 percent, on a range of products to promo code holders after the Donald Trump ally said American Express had cut their credit line in a move which “just cripples” his operations.

Lindell is an outspoken supporter of Trump’s discredited claim that the 2020 presidential election was rigged in favor of President Biden, though this has been repeatedly refuted in court and by independent legal experts. In response, Lindell said MyPillow was hit with a “massive, massive cancellation” stating: “We lost $100 million from attacks by the box stores, the shopping networks, the shopping channels, all of them did cancel culture on us.”…

…On the official MyPillow website, each product comes with two prices, the main one and a second that is lower for those with a promo code. For example, ‘Men’s Moccasin MySlippers’ retails at $139.98 a pair, but this falls to $49.98 with a promo code, a reduction of 64 percent.

Newsweek gets part of that right – there are great deals at when you use promo code WLT (plus, WLT Report will benefit from your purchase).

But why didn’t Newsweek talk about how Mike’s employees love working at MyPillow?

Why didn’t Newsweek highlight MyPillow’s many satisfied customers?

Why didn’t Newsweek share reviews like this?

“Just like the pillows, we never really expected the mattress to be so miraculously amazing. We’ve been using Simmons for years because we love firm mattresses. Turned out Mike’s mattresses are even better! It provides perfect support without being too hard on your back.”

“Buying a mattress online, honestly, isn’t my type of shopping. But, after thoroughly looking at this coil mattress and the deal offered by MyPillow, I decided to jump in and buy it. I took advantage of the discount code and was super pleased with the price…Unwrapped the many layers of thick plastic, let it sit for 3 days, and voila — PERFECT! …You simply cannot go wrong with this purchase. Highly recommend buying this mattress. What a deal!!”

Those reviews are for MyPillow’s Complete Mattress Sleep System (use promo code WLT to get the discount):

The Complete Mattress Sleep System comes with a mattress plus: 

— 2 MyPillows

— A set of Giza Dream Sheets

— Free shipping to the lower 48

— A 10-year warranty and 6-month money back guarantee

Plus, there are lots more amazing deals at the WLT Report discounts page at (click on the image to see them all):

Click here to see all the great deals at MyPillow you can get with promo code WLT!

Thanks, Newsweek, for highlighting these great deals!


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