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AOC “Farted” During Israel Livestream?

I’m trying to run a sophisticated News service here…

Why won’t AOC let me?

As I always say, I don’t create the news, I just report it.

And that means I don’t get to choose the stories we cover.

If it’s news and it’s trending, we cover it.

Sadly, thanks to AOC, that means I’m currently writing a story about a sitting member of Congress and whether or not they just “farted”.

Stay classy, AOC!

The truly sad part of this story is it’s not even the first time I’ve had to cover a sitting member of the United States Congress “farting” on live TV.

We’ll get to that in a moment, but first AOC.

When I saw this story trending online, I thought surely it was fake.

Surely, it was just ilDonaldo doing a hilarious prank video…

Or maybe the Babylon Bee or The Onion.


This comes to us courtesy from AOC’s very own Twitter account.

You know, this one:

That would be the official Grey checkmark and 780K Followers.

That’s her real account.

So she posted this herself, or at least her team did.

No one else edited it.

And you can listen for youself and tell me if that’s a big, juicy “fart” at the 39 second mark:

I mean….if it sounds like a “fart” and smells like a “fart” then…’s probably a “fart”?

Of course, even better than the “fart” itself is t he memes that came after it.

This one is my favorite….

The DilleyMemeTeam claiming to put the video under an infrared camera and catching the evidence redhanded!



Perfect reply from Catturd:

As I said, we try and run a first-class News operation around here, but sadly this is not even the first time I’ve had to cover a sitting member of Congress ripping a “fart” on Live TV.

No, that honor goes to Eric Swalwell, or as some of you dubbed him Eric “FartsWell”.

Very unfortunate when your name rhymes with “Farts Well” and then you “fart” on Live TV.

But that is apparently what happened…

Let’s take a walk down memory lane:

Remember When Eric Swalwell Farted on Live TV?

Remember when Eric Swalwell farted on live TV?

Remember when he got caught banging a Chinese spy?

Remember how the Democrats did NOTHING about any of it?

Well, for right now let’s just focus on the first one.

I still can’t believe this actually happened….but it did.

This isn’t edited.

It isn’t a Deep Fake.

This is Eric Swalwell ripping a huge fart on live TV over on MSDNC.

Watch here on Rumble:

Another version:

More breakdown:

And here he is trying to defend himself.

Notice he doesn’t say it was edited or fake:

What a dork!

And ok, I can’t wrap up this article without one more “fart” story.

Do NOT shoot the messenger, but remember the time Whoopi (also an unfortunate name when it comes to farting) alllllegedly ripped a huge one on The View?

A Big Fart On The View?

And now a word from The View:

Lol, sorry about that, I got distracted.

And I am going to apologize one additional time before we get started…

This article is very juvenile in nature.

It involves farts and fart jokes.

If you’re a 7th grade boy, you might find this hilarious….

Hey, as always, I don’t make the news I just report it.

And today the report involves a huge fart being ripped by one of the “ladies” on The View.

Judge for yourself, this should start at the key moment at the 4:20 minute mark:


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