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Propaganda Continues: Nine Americans Now Dead, Many More Taken Hostage

The Propaganda continues….and it’s getting poured on thicker and thicker with each passing hour.

And let me reiterate what I find myself saying frequently these last few days: a “False Flag” does not mean an event did not occur.

It does not mean there wasn’t something horrible that happened or that people were hurt or killed.

It simply means the motive and the actors behind it aren’t necessarily what you’re being told.

ChatGPT explains:

So when I talk about this being a False Flag on the level of the Gulf of Tonkin or Operation Northwoods, it doesn’t mean I think these horrific events aren’t real.

I just mean they’re being used — or being carefully plotted and planned and staged — to secure the outcome the Deep State wants.

What is that outcome?

A brand new war.

A long war.

An un-winnable war.

An expensive war.

And here are the latest horrific headlines:  At least 9 Americans are now confirmed DEAD and many more taken hostage:

Hundreds being held hostage:

With threats they will be executed on live TV:

So let’s recap….

Support for Ukraine was dwindling fast.

The War Machine needed a new war.

But they needed a sympathetic ally they knew Americans WOULD support this time.

Gee, let’s think, who might that be?

Who would even the most ardent opposers of the Ukraine funding suddenly run to support?

Ah yes, that would be Israel.

Then you have Israel attacked by land, air and sea and despite their legendary intelligence and defense systems they were unable to detect or stop any of it?

What are the odds?

But I am heartened by one thing….

In the past we didn’t have social media and these False Flags were reinforced by the Mockingbird Mainstream Media and we all bought it hook, line and sinker because that’s what Tom Brokaw told us to think!

Even in the last 10 years we didn’t have an OPEN social media.

But now we have Twitter and now in this midst of this new False Flag operation, now we have things like #Rothschilds trending on Twitter.

Because people have woken up, and those who have woken up are shouting from the rooftops and red-pilling everyone else:

So why is that trending?

This explains it perfectly:

Israel vs Palestine is back again in the mainstream. The truth is they want you to take sides. But they don’t want you to know that the same global cult is orchestrating both sides of this conflict. The state of Israel is a Rothschild creation, they own it and they control it and they want what they deem to be their land back from the Palestinians. This is a biblical, political and oligarchical controlled demolition of Palestine to take back what the satanic cult deem to be their land.


Here’s more on the Propaganda War, from my post yesterday:

The Propaganda Is THICK Right Now…

The propaganda surrounding Israel is as thick as I have ever seen it right now on any topic.

Keep reading below for what I think is really happening right now.

But first I’ll show you the latest ad errrrrrr “home video” designed to tug at your heartstrings.

If this is real, it is horrific.

I have no idea how much of this is real vs. staged vs. planned vs. FF’d.

But I’m staying skeptical.

I just know that when something feels “too perfectly orchestrated” it often is.

Sorry folks, I’ve seen this movie way too many times.

Operation Northwoods.

The Gulf of Tonkin.



And now this.

The War Machine NEEDS constant war.

For the last two years, they have launched a never-ending psychological operation brainwashing Americans into supporting Ukraine.

Support = sending them billions upon billions of dollars with no end in sight.

And replacing the American flag with Ukrainian flag at every opportunity.

Many bought into it, but many did not.

And support in the last few weeks has been falling off a cliff.

Americans are DONE with Ukraine.

And the Politicians and the Deep State War Machine knows it.

Lucky for them, a brand new War just popped up!

Who do Conservative, Christian Americans support above all else?


Well, wouldn’t you know it, this is absolutely crazy….Israel has now been attacked!

You won’t support Ukraine anymore, but surely you’ll support Israel?


And if you feel conflicted right now, that’s because that’s how this PsyOp works.

I don’t want any more War, but I have to protect Israel.

And BOOM, they’ve got you.  

Ukraine failed, but they sharpened up their pencils and they got it perfect with this one.

But to seal the deal, the videos that are coming out just feel extremely over the top to me.

I am wildly skeptical of what is going on and even I am watching these getting all emotionally fired up.

This is a PsyOp like none I have ever seen.

They’ve truly outdone themselves.

And don’t forget, PsyOp and False Flag don’t mean the events didn’t happen….

It just means perhaps they didn’t happen in the way they told you or weren’t the result of WHO they told you.

This next video is very emotional and graphic.

Watch at your own risk, but then ask yourself — is this all just a little too perfect?

Got the camera crew there and everything!

Even subtitles!

Guess they had a whole team working on this one:

So Incredibly Sad:

This family is being held hostage by Hamas, after they killed one of their 3 children in front of their other kids.

“Why is there blood on your hands, papa?” the son asked.

“I wanted her to stay alive,” the girl said, referring to her sister who was executed in front of them. “My sister is dead,” she said.

“It didn’t happen,” her mother said, in shock amid the horrifying situation as an armed man walked in front of the camera.

Monsters kill kids in front of kids. These are TERRORISTS.

You know what would be most devious of all?

Staging that event and killing that child — all real.

Then sending in a camera crew to capture it and use it as propaganda for the new War you need.

That’s sick stuff.

But all of this just seems way too planned and way too perfect for what the War Machine needs.

I’m wildly skeptical.

And I don’t want the U.S. drug into another 20 year war.


Here’s more of what I wrote yesterday:

They Are Rolling Out World War 3 Before Your Very Eyes This Weekend…

I posted something on Twitter earlier today that I want to make sure you saw.

By the way, are you following me on Twitter?

Let’s make sure we are connected, follow here 👉

But here’s what I posted (full text below):


Support for Ukraine war had tanked, even among Dems, so they needed a new war you would all support.

And so here you go — support to “defend Israel” will skyrocket and all of a sudden America will be in the midst of WW3.

Taiwan next.

Ukraine continues.

Fighting on 3 fronts…..

And the War Machine smiles all the way to the bank.

Are you awake yet?

And here is General Flynn, telling you just how LONG and HARD it’s going to be:

Look, I want to like Gen. Flynn, I really do.

But why does it seem like he’s always on the opposite site of what I’m thinking?

Why is he pushing us towards a “long and difficult war”?

It doesn’t have to be long and difficult.

The USA has NOT been attacked.

Let me repeat that.

We were not attacked in Ukraine/Russian.

And we are not attacked here in Israel/Hammas.

I’m sorry but why do certain people have a dire need to plunge us into long and difficult an unwinnable wars?

Oh right: money.

Let’s back up a little bit and ket me unpack all of this a bit….

This is one of the most devious moves I’ve seen from the Deep State and I’ve seen a lot.

Support for the Ukraine war (and FUNDING of the Ukraine war) has recently tanked in just the last 1-2 weeks.

So what do they do?

They need a new rallying cry.

And here’s the most devious part…..

They know that most of the people who are against the Ukraine funding WILL support Israel.

It’s so obvious when you start to understand what they’re doing, you really could have even predicted this.

So you keep the Ukraine war going, you add a war with Israel (to pick up all the people who don’t support Ukraine but will support Israel) and eventually you add in Taiwan and all of a sudden you have the very definition of a “World War”.

And the War Machine NeoCons laugh all the way to the bank!

And they’re really pulling out all the stops with this one….

Is this is a False Flag?

Don’t forget something very important….

False Flag DOES NOT mean it didn’t happen.

It DOES NOT mean people haven’t died.

To the contrary, it’s very real it just means the motivation the MSM is trying to sell you and/or the people actually behind it are not who you think they are.

They’ve pulled out all the stops here, with tons of horrible videos, deaths, people being taken hostage or executed….

It’s horrific!

Even the most ardent person who didn’t want to “fund Ukraine” will probably raise their hand to go help Israel.

Can you see it?

Make sense yet?

Yes, let’s send BILLIONS now to Israel, we have to help them!

And it never, ever, ends.

But the emotional heart strings are being violently tugged:

And here:

We even have Iran back to their “Death to America” chants, right on cue:

So many videos:

You want war yet?

You will be shown videos like this AD NASEUM until you say you want war…..

That’s how it works:

This guy gets it:

Sorry, been here done that.






Same story every time.

Sorry folks, America is NOT the world’s police force.



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