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WARNING: Extremely Graphic — Lady Gaga, Marina Abramovic’s “Top Student”

Ever wonder why some people suddenly become ultra famous?

Are they just that much more talented?

That much harder working?

Or….is it a literal selling of their soul to the Devil?

Listen to Katy Perry tell you what she did.

It’s right here:

But it’s not just Katy Perry….

A lot more in this video.

They’re telling you point blank what they did.

Watch for yourself:

In that video you saw Lady Gaga, which brings us to the topic of this article.

Earlier today we covered Marina Abramovich, the (literal Witch) Spirit Cooker.

Pure evil.

Well, can you guess who her “top student” was?

None other than Lady Gaga.

Watch for yourself:

WARNING: this next part is extremely graphic, mentally disturbing, and contains nudes.  

This video shows Lady Gaga practicing the “Abramovic Method” — translation: this shows her performing dark witchcraft.

It may be restricted for some viewers.

Watch only if you can tolerate it:

When people tell you who they are, it’s best to simply believe them:

Here’s much more….

UPDATE: Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall

Ever wonder why there’s a pyramid with the top cut off on every U.S. dollar bill?

Or why famous people constantly cover one eye?

Or why they love to pose with their right hand inside their jacket?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about…let me give you an intro right here.

Four examples.

Really simple.

You’re going to see the same signs over and over and over in these 4 pictures.

The signs include:

  • The “OK” symbol, which also just happens to create a 6-6-6
  • Covering the mouth (as in, secret society)
  • Shhh finger over the mouth (same)
  • Two fingers or “V” (symbol for Satan)
  • Tongue out (an homage to the Snake from Genesis)
  • Covering one eye or closing one eye (a very weird gesture repeated incessantly by the Elites — a call out to the “All Seeing Eye” of Horus)
  • One hand inside the jacket

Many times you will see two or more symbols combined at once.

Take a look:


But we’re just getting warmed up…

Sure, some of it could be coincidence, but after a while you have to wise up and realize perhaps they don’t all just love winking and sticking one hand inside their jacket…

Perhaps it’s intentional?

Perhaps it’s sending a message?

Because who does that?

WHY would you do that?

Symbolism will be their downfall.

And yes, that’s exactly what it was:

Another angle, still shot:

Oh, Tulsi….is that you?

And then we have the Devil Horns….

Oh wait, I forgot, these people are all just big Texas Longhorn fans, right?

And covering the one eye:

And here’s Jacko doing the one eye:

Who poses like that?

I mean, unless….it’s a sign and symbol.

And sadly here is Tom Hanks doing a bunch of “one eye” poses.

Because this is normal?

So sad to see “Hanx” is a part of this garbage:

 And whatever the hell this is:

And how about Disney?

They above all else are STEEPED in these Satanic ritual symbols…

Here’s just a few:

We’ve covered this topic many times before, so if you want more check out these articles where we dive deep:


Adrenachrome “Black Eye Club” Finally Exposed In Detail…

And this:

And of course this:

Adrenachrome “Black Eye Club” Finally Exposed In Detail…


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