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Jim Jordan CONFRONTED Over Trump As Speaker

The RINOs continue to self-identify.

I sure hope I’m wrong about Jim Jordan because he used to seem like he was one of the good guys, but recently he’s been giving me serious RINO vibes.

So sad to see.

First he sided with McCarthy.

And now he’s doing things like talking about sending more money to Ukraine.

Of course that’s not how he phrases it, but you have to learn how to speak RINO.

And after doing this for almost a decade, I speak VERY GOOD RINO.

So allow me to translate for you….

Jim Jordan says “We want questions answered before we even think about sending money to Ukraine.”

If you’re not paying attention, you might think that sounds good, until you realize he’s already laying the groundwork to send more money to Ukraine.

They’ll do some stupid dog & pony show that accomplishes nothing….

They’ll hold meetings, yell at some people, make it a big testicle — errrrr, I mean “spectacle” — and then when they’re done with their little show for the Media, we’ll go write back to scratching big checks to Ukraine.



You either don’t get it or you’re a RINO member of the Uniparty.

Which is it?

Jim Jordan: “We want questions answered before we even think about sending money to Ukraine.”


Sad to say this guy continues to give off increasingly new RINO vibes.

We want NO money ever again going to Ukraine and we want the money we already sent BACK! You don’t get it Jim!

Then he was confronted about Trump as Speaker….

That’s when things got awkward.

Politicians gonna politick and that’s exactly what Jim does.

Jim wants this job, and right now Trump is in his way.

Watch as he dances and dodges to this question, using flattery but making it clear he wants the job over Trump:

It was just a couple days ago when I first started getting RINO vibes from Jimbo:

SURPRISE BETRAYAL? Jim Jordan Backs McCarthy Over Gaetz

Two of the most rock solid people in the House have always seemed to be Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz.

Today Jim Jordan loses some of that goodwill in a strange move siding with Kevin McCarthy.

Really Jim?

So sad to see.

If you thought the snakes were all exposed over the last 8 years, you’d be wrong.

The Swamp runs DEEP and even in October 2023, we continue to expose new Swamp Rats.

Just didn’t think it would be Jim Jordan.

Jim, you had a right to step up and do the right thing in History, and sadly you appear to be on the path of being just a political NPC who didn’t stand up and do what was right when it was needed.

Gaetz responded by showing how all of McCarthy’s “accomplishments” haven’t amounted to anything.

All hollow, pyrrhic victories at best:

You know who seems to be “right” almost every time?

Laura Loomer:

Sadly, even Byron Donalds and Chip Roy have also folded.

Also, MTG, but we learned that earlier today.

So many wolves in sheep’s clothing….

Gotta laugh at this from Roger Stone:

Here’s more on Jim Jordan, from The Guardian:

A perfect illustration of the split within conservative Republicans came when congressman Jim Jordan stepped up to the podium to speak against removing Kevin McCarthy.

Like Matt Gaetz, Jordan is a rightwing ally of Donald Trump, but he spoke forcefully against kicking McCarthy out of his job.

“On January 3, we said the 218th Congress was about three things: pass the bills that need to pass, do the oversight work that needs to be done and stop the inevitable omnibus [spending bill] that comes from the United States Senate right before the holidays,” said Jordan, who, as chair of the judiciary committee, has been a major antagonist of the Biden administration. “Kevin McCarthy has been rock solid on all three.”

“I think the speaker has kept his word,” Jordan concluded. “I know my colleagues and friends are saying different. I think he has kept his word on those three things that we talked about on January 3 and, frankly, that entire week. He has kept his word. I think we should keep him as speaker.”

Gaetz then came up to the podium briefly to rebut him, taking issue, in particular, with the effectiveness of the GOP’s investigations into Joe Biden.

“The problem with my friend from Ohio’s argument is that many of the bills he referenced as having passed are not law. We are on a fast track to an omnibus bill and it is difficult to champion oversight when House Republicans haven’t even sent a subpoena to Hunter Biden,” Gaetz said, amid sporadic booing in the audience. Republican lawmakers have for years insisted that the president benefited financially from his son’s overseas business activities, but haven’t turned up any proof, despite putting the allegation at the center of their impeachment inquiry against Biden.

“So, it’s hard to make the argument that oversight is the reason to continue when it sort of looks like failure theater,” Gaetz concluded.

And here was MTG selling out earlier in the day:

MTG Reveals Her Surprising Stance On Vacating The Chair

There seems to be a very small list of patriots in the Congress…

A list that continues to grow smaller and smaller by the day.

I once would have thought MTG was on that list, but she continues to confuse.

Once seemingly one of Matt Gaetz closest allies, Greene took to X this morning to give her “hot take” on what should happen with Kevin McCarthy.

Read it right here:

I introduced articles of impeachment on Joe Biden on his first day in office.

On Oversight, we are finally conducting an impeachment inquiry bc Kevin McCarthy launched it, and our country deserves the truth about Joe Biden.

If the Speaker is vacated, the House comes to a halt, no bills can be passed, nothing can be done until we elect another Speaker.

No one in our conference has stepped up to be Speaker other than Kevin McCarthy.

Ukraine is the most corrupt country in the world and the leaked memo from the WH proves Washington knows it, and last week for the first time the majority of the majority voted against funding for Ukraine.

Our border is wide open and millions of illegal immigrants are pouring in destroying our country.

And dysfunction will not solve any of these problems, we can only truly change things when Trump is back in the WH.

We have to save our country and sinking the ship before we reach our destination will imperil us all.

Ok, so typical politician….she rambles on and on and uses a lot of words, but what did she actually say?

It’s very “obtuse” and convoluted, but it sure seems to me like she’s dancing around the issue and doesn’t want to come right out and say she supports McCarthy, but this Tweet basically says she’s supporting McCarthy and doesn’t want him removed.

How disappointing!

Is MTG a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Or has she been compromised….is she being threatened or bribed and she isn’t strong enough to stand up against it?

Or is she just not very smart?

It’s one of those things, I’m just not sure which one.

What do you think?

So sad that Matt Gaetz is one of the FEW strong enough to stand.

But he can’t do it on his own.

Before you go, can you help me make this a landslide? 👇

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Support REMOVING McCarthy As Speaker?



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