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CDC Ditches COVID-19 Vaccine Cards

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has decided to scrap its authoritative COVID-19 vaccine cards used to segregate and discriminate against Americans.

The agency will phase out its paper cards vaccine zealots loved to show off during the COVID-19 plandemic.

While these cards should’ve never existed, it seems more troubling for the government’s plans for future plandemics.

There likely won’t be a paper vaccine card next time.

The government will probably go straight to digital cards.

The Associated Press reports:

Now that COVID-19 vaccines are not being distributed by the federal government, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stopped printing new cards.

The federal government shipped more than 980 million cards between late 2020, when the first vaccines came out, through May 10, according to the latest available data from the CDC.

Federal and local health officials don’t expect the discontinuation of the cards to be a particularly big change, since the days of keeping them tucked in purses and wallets to ensure entry into festivals, bars and restaurants are largely over. If you’ve held on to your card, it’s still valid as proof of vaccination. Otherwise, people who need their COVID-19 immunization records will need to request them just like any other vaccine.

In many cases, the clinic, pharmacy or health department that provided the shot can provide those records. Every state and some cities have an immunization registry, though rules vary on when records are included and options for obtaining copies of your records. Records from the mass vaccination sites held early in the pandemic also should be available in those registries, depending on state laws. There is no national registry for immunization records.

Federal, state, and local public servants used COVID-19 vaccine cards to violate human rights of Americans who didn’t want a toxic injection inside their body.

Now, the federal government and mainstream media wants the memory of this modern-day caste system to fade into oblivion.

We cannot allow them to do that.

Papers please?

That question should never be allowed again!

CNN added:

The CDC recommends keeping a copy of your vaccination record for your primary care provider to help make future medical decisions. And if you take your vaccination record to your doctor’s office, they might be able to give you a new card.

But major pharmacy chains say you don’t need your old card to get the newly updated vaccine.

“A vaccination card is not required for vaccination, but our pharmacists will complete them if patients bring them in,” CVS said in a statement Tuesday.

People who received an immunization at CVS Pharmacy or a Minute Clinic can access their vaccination records on the CVS Health Dashboard, the company says.

If you have your card, Walgreens suggests bringing it to your next vaccine appointment.

“We recommend individuals bring their dose card or vaccination details to the appointment so immunizers can update with booster details, but it is not required. Walgreens will ask people to verify their age and vaccination status,” the company said in a statement Tuesday.

Walmart said in a statement that “If patients receiving the vaccine request that the dose is added to the vaccine card the patient already has, our pharmacists are happy to do so.”



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