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Kari Lake: “They Tried To Bribe Me!”

Patrick Bet-David delivered again with an incredible 2-hour interview with the one and only, Kari Lake.

Lake delivered too.

She was on point, strong, thoughtful, powerful, and she displayed the type of leadership and toughness I have only other seen in Trump.

Lake is infinitely stronger and smarter than Ron DeSantis, but that’s not a tough bar.

Lake proved in this interview that she’s even stronger and tougher than we previously thought.

She made clear she is not a politician and doesn’t care about building a political career.

That might come along the way, but what she cares about is saving this country and exposing the election fraud.

Because without that, it doesn’t matter how much fame or money you have if you don’t live in a free and open country.

But it was about halfway through this podcast when the real bombshell hit….

When pressed about what really motivates her, Lake opened up and disclosed she was bribed by “powerful people back East”…apparently referring to D.C.

It’s an incredible story, watch the short clip here:

And for the FULL interview you can watch that right here:

I’ve said it all along….

We need Trump back for his second term (or more depending on what credit he might get for having certain years stolen), and then we need Lake for the next 8 years.

And most importantly, we need her in as Trump’s VP so she can get a 4-year headstart on the learning curve.

Even Donald Trump himself had a very steep and very tough learning curve in his first 4 years taking on The Swamp.

We need to shorten that for Lake, and the only way to do that is to get her in for 4 years as VP.

Doing so also keeps Ron DeSantis far away from the White House for at least the next 12 years following 2024, and I like that.

And if you’d like more from PBD’s Pod, keep reading….

This is one of my all-time faves:

“Neither one of you guys are gay?”

Patrick Bet-David hit an absolute grand slam this week on his podcast.

He had the Krassenstein Brothers on a couple days ago, and then yesterday General Mike Flynn.

And I have some thoughts…

Mind if I share them with you?

First, here is the podcast with Brian and Ed Krassenstein:

And here is General Flynn:

Ok, now my thoughts…

You know the old joke that goes “you have a face for radio”?

Well, it turns out the Krassensteins have a voice for Twitter.

These two are definitely NOT gay (we’ll get to that in a moment) but they definitely ARE Betas, as in Beta Males.

Even with two of them, it was such an unfair and uneven conversation between them and PBD that it would have been awkward if Pat played at full steam.

You know when you’re like 25 years old and in your prime and playing basketball in the driveway against an 11 year old?

Is it fun if you just go full on Beast mode and clean the floor with the kid?


So you have fun, you shoot most shots left-handed, you goof around, and you still win but at least everyone has fun.

That was the PBD Krassenstein interview.

Pat was holding back a smirk almost the entire interview, but there was one moment (actually a few moments) where Pat made me literally spit out my drink laughing….

Near the beginning of the interview, Pat just randomly says to them: “so neither of you is gay?  Forgive me, but I thought at least one of you.  Both straight?  Ok.”

Something like that.

That’s my rough paraphrase.

Then he hits them again later in the interview again!

But he wasn’t even done then…

The next day when he’s interviewing Mike Flynn (thoughts on that in a minute), he burns them a third time by randomly saying to Flynn: “we had the Krassensteins here yesterday, both straight by the way…”.

Absolutely hilarious!

Pat, we all knew you were a stud businessman…

An Alpha…

A thought leader….

A winner….

But we had no idea you were that funny to do a joke 3 times over 2 days and to pull it off that well!

I have no idea who made this, but you have to watch the clips and then look at the reactions of Pat’s crew after each clip:

Backup here on Rumble:

The comments to that Podcast are HILARIOUS:

So does that settle it folks?

The Krassensteins are NOT gay!

Done.  Settled!

Moving on!

Now let’s talk about Flynn.

Holy crap was this lame (on his part).

The guy talked for 2 hours and I still have no idea what he said of any importance.

Just a ton of dodging and gibberish!

For a while I thought it was just me, but halfway through the interview Pat stops him and says, “Look General, you’re giving me a lot of generalities, I want specifics”.

Well done, Pat.

Unfortunately, it didn’t matter…he never gave specifics.

In fact, I can’t believe Pat let him get away with this one….at one point, PBD asks him what his biggest fear RIGHT NOW is for our country.

In other words, what is our immediate most pressing threat.

You know, a good question to ask a 3-Star General who is supposed to know that kind of thing.

You know what his answer was?

“How close we are to End Times”.

Mike, bro….really?

You think the biggest threat to the United States is how close we are to End Times?

What a bogus non-answer!

Even if true, if that’s the case then I don’t think we really need a 3-Star General, we’ll just let Jesus sort it out at that point.

Pat is asking you a practical question about the here and now.

If he wants to hear speculation about Eschatology I’m sure he would invite on a pastor.

Great topic, but NOT the reason you’re on the show.

Give me a break with this guy.

I really want to like Gen. Flynn, why won’t he let me?

Every time I start to try to warm up to him, he does crap like this.

My BS meter isn’t typically wrong, and unfortunately it’s been going off on him for a long time.

Something is not right here.

Now back to the Krassensteins, who are definitely not gay, for one final comment….

The only question left in my mind, and Pat even asked them at one point by asking them if they were serious, is this: are these guys just trolling and playing a role or do they genuinely believe what they are saying?

In other words, paid shills or useful idiots?

A Memo To The “Useful Idiots” — ft. Ron DeSantis

Hi folks, Noah here.

Consider this a Letter From The Editor.

I finally had to write this article after having it bouncing around in my brain for a while now.

This is written to all the “useful idiots” out there.

Have you heard that phrase before?

Allow me to explain what it means…

The original attribution remains unclear.

Wikipedia says Jospeh Stalin used it to refer to the “countless innocent although well-intentioned sentimentalists or idealists” who aided the Soviet agenda.

Others say the origin was not Stalin but someone else.

In any event, the origin remains less important than the meaning.

Essentially, whenever you try to control the population through propaganda have to do a couple things…

First, you want to control the Media.

Second, you want to control any “influencers” in the population.

In the past, influencers would be people like Hollywood actors, sports figures, celebrities, etc.

Today, influencers are those people PLUS, well, “influencers” on social media.

So to control the message and push your propaganda, you would need control over both of those groups.

So you’d do things like buy up Newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, etc…

Perhaps you’d even “pay off” some big time influencers…pay them to start spouting your Talking Points.

But you wouldn’t need total control.

No, you wouldn’t need to get everyone.


Because along the way you’d pick up people called “useful idiots”.

These are the people who are “influencers” and will just naturally buy into your propaganda once they hear it enough.

The sad thing is, they start spouting the message all on their own, without being paid to spread it.

On one level, I can respect the people who had a “quid pro quo” a little more.

Big influencer taking a paycheck to spread a message?

At least you got paid!

But the most tragic figure of all is someone who did NOT originally agree with the propaganda message but due to a weak mind simply adopted it without being paid, without being coerced or forced — just adopted it on their own because they heard it spouted so much they figured it had to be true.

“Repeat a lie often enough…”

“The bigger the lie, the easier it is to sell…”

That’s why dictators throughout the years have always counted on — and mocked — the “useful idiots”….as you can tell by the name they gave them.

Enter Twitter “Influencer” Bill Mitchell.

Let me be clear that I am not suggesting that Bill Mitchell has been paid off or coerced in any way, nor am I claiming he is an idiot.

He may be a “useful idiot”, I’m not sure…

I’ll leave that to you to decide.

Bill was one of the biggest Trump supporters in 2016.

Credit to him, he saw the man who was outside the system, being attacked day and night by the system, and rallied to support him.

But then he turned.

And here’s the part where I have to wonder if that was the very moment Bill Mitchell became a so-called “useful idiot”.

Can you imagine it?

Imagine the one man from OUTSIDE the system arrives on the scene and is attacked day and night with one lie after another (Russiagate anyone?)….for YEARS this man is wrongly attacked….his campaign and his Presidency Unconstitutionally spied on, Two fake Impeachments and Four fake Indictments levied against the man by the Deep State….

At that point, you have one of two conclusions you can draw from that course of events…

OPTION A we can call the Red Pill.

Option A has been taken by most of America and is growing in popularity even as I speak.

Even former never-Trumpers and people who hated Trump are now saying “come on, this doesn’t make sense.  This is a political persecution.  This is 3rd world, banana republic dictator type stuff here.”

Like this woman:

TRUMP CONFIRMS: The DoD and Space Force Have The REAL Results From The 2020 Election

And then they start asking questions...

Why is this one man, who has been out of office for 3 years at this point, still being viciously attacked?

Is it because we really have a Uniparty -- and not just a Uniparty but a Deep State desperate to stay in power (oh, I guess that would be the Rich Men North of Richmond?  Check!) and they will do anything to keep their power?

And they view ONE man as potentially standing in their way?

So they launch attack after attack to stop him, from 2015 right through present day 2023.

Most of America is now coming to this realization that something is very, very wrong here...

That's Option A.

OPTION B is the route the "useful idiots" have chosen, and it's the route the Dictators always know some people will take.

It appears to be the route Bill Mitchell has taken.

Imagine seeing clearly back in 2015/2016 but as all the fake attacks and constant media propaganda was ran for 8 years your brain finally in.

Craps out!

Oh how sad...

You were so close!

Imagine the one man outside of the system showing up to take on the swamp and because he hasn't fully and unconditionally "won" yet, you are so mentally weak that you turn on him.

It's tragic!

The one man who has sacrificed so much and even now sacrifices his personal finances (only 10% of campaign donations can fund his legal bills, guess who funds the rest?  DJT personally) and even his personal freedom.

Why would anyone do that if they weren't truly committed to trying to save this once-great country?

And why would any BILLIONAIRE who could have lived out the rest of his years in peace and luxury do that?

Unless they were real.

Unless they truly loved and wanted to save America.

And why would the machine turn on that one person so hard if they weren't truly a threat?

It wouldn't.

Bill posts what feels like 100+ Tweets a day, so I couldn't possibly cover everything he posts, but here is just a sampling.

From today:

Oh how sad.

To buy into the MSM propaganda at this point?

You were so close!

The one guy OUTSIDE of the system, independently wealthy and a man who loves America, shows up to take on the entire system, ends up with the entire system placing a giant bullseye on his head...and some people who once supported him jump ship to side with the system.

Four very flimsy cases, brought three years after the events in question, clearly brought at a time when they will most seriously influence the 2024 election....and that's all it takes to sway a few "useful idiots" off the Trump Train.

"Tragic" is the only word I can find that fits best.

Is Trump "drama" or is the system having a complete meltdown against him?

Because when I look at Trump I see a very serious man.

Oh yes, an entertainer and a man who knows how to get headlines (which is needed these days to win a campaign) but I see a very serious, highly intelligent man who is often 5 steps ahead of his enemies.

Even now, I continue to put forth my theory that I believe Trump already has all the evidence.

I believe he's been holding it for 3 years because he knew if he tried to wage war and show it back in 2020 it would have led to a brutal Civil War.

I believe he held on to it and has weathered all the attacks since then because of how much he loves this country.

It's just my theory, but I see a man who has an unnatural calmness and confidence about him even in the midst of 4 indictments.


Because I think he already has all the evidence and is just waiting to play the "Trump Card".

I wrote about it here:

TRUMP CONFIRMS: The DoD and Space Force Have The REAL Results From The 2020 Election

Can you imagine what will happen if my theory ends up being the way this movie ends?

If my theory ends up playing out, then Tweets like these will not age well:

What do you think will happen to Bill Mitchell's giant head?

It very well could explode on account of all the extreme Cognitive Dissonance!

You see how giant that thing is?

Tom Cruise could land a MiG on that forehead, it's massive!

Even Bill himself seems to be self aware enough to know his head is giant, both physically and perhaps figuratively?

Why did I title this article "featuring Ron DeSantis"?

Because Bill has gone full hog onto the DeSantis train, ditching Donald Trump and aligning himself with Ron DeSantis.


We need a Maverick, a fighter, a man with unparalleled grit and backbone.

We need TRUMP, not a guy who does this.

I do agree with Bill on one point, however minor....

I do believe this is a Spiritual Battle.

I don't think Bill has "spiritual discernment" in the least, but I do agree it is most definitely a spiritual battle:

So there you have it.

My letter to all the "useful idiots" out there.

As for all of us in Option A Red Pill world, I salute you.

Hold strong, this plane is coming in for a landing...




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