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The “Margin of Fraud” Is Why You NEVER Refuse To Go Vote! Always Vote!

Is there cheating at mass scale in our elections?

Yes, I believe so.

Very much so.

But I believe we overcame it in 2016 and we will do it again in 2024.

Truth be told, I think we did it in 2020 as well, and the dust still has not settled from that one.

I believe the main purpose of President Trump holding his MAGA Rallies is to put on a physical, visual presentation of just how big his support is.

To show people using common sense that it doesn’t make any sense for him to be filling up stadiums running against opponents who can’t fill up half a high school gym, to then find that he “loses” on election day.

No way.

You see, here’s the deal….

YES, they will cheat, but they can only cheat SO much.

There comes a point in which cheating too much becomes impossible to “mask” and impossible for the public to believe.

It’s called the “Margin on Fraud”.

Here’s what ChatGPT says about it:

The term “margin of fraud” isn’t a standard term in political science or election analysis, and its usage could depend on the context. However, it may imply a perceived or alleged level of fraudulent activities in an election which could potentially influence the results. The “margin” might refer to the extent to which the outcomes of the election can be manipulated or distorted through fraudulent means to favor one candidate or party over another.

Election fraud can occur in various forms, including but not limited to:

  1. Voter Impersonation: Where someone votes pretending to be someone else.
  2. Ballot Stuffing: Where illegitimate votes are added to the ballot box.
  3. Vote Buying: Where voters are bribed to vote for a certain candidate.
  4. Intimidation or Violence: Where voters are threatened or harmed to influence their vote.
  5. Miscounting or Misreporting of Votes: Where the votes are not accurately counted or reported.
  6. Interference with Vote Tabulation: Where the aggregation and tabulation of votes are manipulated.
  7. Mail-in Voting Fraud: Manipulation or forgery in the process of postal voting.

However, it is essential to note that credible research and investigations have generally found that voter fraud is extremely rare in many democracies, especially on a scale that could influence the outcome of national elections. Extensive studies and audits are typically carried out in well-functioning democracies to ensure the integrity of elections, and irregularities, when identified, are investigated and addressed according to the law.

They can have a fraudulent election but only up to a certain point.

And if you deliver such an overwhelming victory at the voting booths that you EXCEED the Margin of Fraud then you win even in spite of the cheating.

That’s what we saw in 2016.

Remember, “they never thought she would lose”.

Not because Hillary is a great candidate.

He’s hated by almost all that know her.

Bill was likeable.

Hillary is hatable.

But they never thought she would lose because they had 7 ways from Sunday to lie, cheat and steal.

But it wasn’t enough.

Trump delivered results OUTSIDE the Margin of Fraud.

I believe he did the same in 2020, even bigger actually.

I believe they “let” that one be stolen to wrap up the end of the movie.

It had to happen.

You’ll see why in the end.

But now it’s time to bring Trump back in and we have to do a 2016 all over again — but bigger.

The good news?

Trump is currently polling ABOVE the “Margin of Fraud”.

Check this out:

And here:


RICHARD BARIS: It means that they can do whatever trick they have up their sleeve, but eventually there is a finite amount of ballots. If you win by a margin large enough there is not a lot you can do.

Let’s make the math really simple, there’s only so much they can play around with before it gets ridiculous. There is a certain number of people who are registered to vote, and then there are percentages of them that actually do, and then there are unrealistic percentages, which is what I think they are looking at, they know at this moment when it comes to auto voter registration, they know Trump is polling stronger than he was in 2016 and 2020, they were already nervous in 2020 that he was going to get a boost similar to 2016 and catch them off guard. Now they’re facing something totally different.

As it stands right now in a state like Pennsylvania, status quo, I know people are thinking it is out of reach, it is not for Donald Trump. Donald Trump is very different than everybody else, he is very different than Mehmet Oz, it is a different animal. I’m just trying to be nice, but the fact is that is his wheelhouse, these Rust Belt and Mid-Atlantic states.

Shapiro, by doing this [automatic voter registration law], signals to me that the status quo is too risky for them. They are confident in their ability to get these new voters and they’re not at all confident in the Republican ability to do that because Republicans, as of now, don’t have one, especially in a state like Pennsylvania.

Just real quick, to use an example. I went into the database when this [Pennsylvania automatic voter registration law] happened and I immediately identified a block of 300,000 eligible but not registered voters, a very simple demographic sweep. About 200,000 were pegged to be more friendly to the Republicans — more likely Trump supporters — and 100,000 or so were for Democrats. They know that. What I’m saying is this, they were willing to take that risk because of how the position they are in now is poor because they are confident that they’ll go out and get their 100,000 but Republicans won’t go and get their 200,000. And they have every reason to believe that because Republicans are too busy spending 100 million per quarter trying to beat the only guy who can bring those voters to the polls anyway.

So, if you’re [PA Gov.] Josh Shapiro, you’re chuckling even though there is a risk.

I would point people to New Jersey. A bill was signed in 2018 and really got underway and really kicked in in the last two cycles, and ever since they did New Jersey has seen a lot of the inactive [voter registration] crap fall off their records, and Republicans have gained, the state has shifted to the right.

And here’s where I need to call out Lin Wood.

I’ve been a big supporter of Lin Wood, and I still am, but he misses the mark on this topic.

And I’m not sure why this is such a blindspot for him.

Lin posted this the other day, seemingly encouraging people to “Not Vote”:

That is the absolute WORST thing we could possibly do….

Which is why I wrote this in response:

My text zoomed in:

I have posted a lot of support for Lin Wood recently and over the years.

And I stand by it.

BUT….I am a fair and open reporter and I don’t play favorites.

I call out problems when I see them.

Lin just Reposted this which means he is pushing it.Lin is pushing people to NOT VOTE.

Sorry Lin, I do not agree with this.

Big mistake.

The ONLY reason Trump won in 2016 is because people turned out in record numbers and overwhelmed the steal.They can only cheat so much.We voted MORE than they could steal.

The only way Trump will win in 2024 is one of two things: (1) God sovereignly creates a Red Sea Moment and drowns them, or (2) we do the same thing, we turn out in overwhelming numbers and vote bigger than they can steal.

I see no benefit in NOT voting.

Famous quote:”Pray like it depends on God, but work like it depends on you.”

That’s my take.

If God sovereignly defeats the cheaters, AMEN!But in the meantime, I’m going to work like crazy and I’m damn sure gonna vote!

Lin, this is your achillees heel.You need to stop with this no-voting BS.It is hurting you.

I hope to see Lin change his tune on this.

And to everyone else….NEVER let anyone tell you to give up and don’t vote because it doesn’t matter.

It DOES matter and 2016 should have already proven that to you.

I am going to vote right down to the very bitter end if I have to!

I don’t think it comes to that, but I’m never staying home.

How about you?

And whether or not we can turn out results above the Margin of Fraud, I also believe we’ll get a little help from “The Big Guy”….

No, not Joe.

The real “Big Guy”….and it doesn’t matter how much the other side lies, cheats and steals if the mighty Right Hand of God is on your side:

President Trump Gives All Honor and Praise To Jesus Christ [TWICE Now]

I just saw this shared by our good friends over at il Donaldo Trumpo…you guys are awesome!

And after seeing this posted by them, I realized I had to share it with you.

Because here’s something I hear quite a bit…

I hear people saying: “I like Donald Trump’s policies, I just don’t agree with his tone or the way he says things.”

And my response is always two-fold:

(1) without a tone that cuts through the filter of the MSM, Donald Trump would never have beat 17 Republican challengers and dethroned the house of Bush, the house of Clinton and now the house of Cheney.

So I have no problem with his “tone” whatsoever.

In fact, I think we need more people who speak honestly and speak truth to power, not just whisper lies that your ears want to hear but then have no intention of actually doing them.

When people say they don’t like his “tone”, all I hear is:  “we love being lied to by politicians because they speak so sweetly with forked tongues and it makes us feel so good and then we forget that everything they’ve ever said turns out to be a lie.”

Sorry folks, I’ll take the “mean tone” together with TRUTH all day long.

That’s (1).

(2) I always wonder, have you ever actually listed to Donald Trump?  Ever actually listened to a full rally?  Ever listened to a full interview?

Because for those of that have, we continually see a man who has a tough exterior when he needs to be tough, but deep down truly a heart of gold.

Truly a “gentle giant”.

And there is no better example of this than the recent clip shared by il Donaldo.

Watch as President Trump says “our country needs a savior…and it has one”.

Now, everyone in the room is expecting “arrogant Trump” to say it’s him.

But that’s not what he says at all.

He says very clearly that it’s someone “much higher up than him.”

So good.

Watch on Rumble:

Think that was a one-off?

Just saying that because he was in church?

Think again.

Here is yet another clip of President Trump giving all honor and credit to “the Boss…..Jesus Christ!”

Joe Biden has “10% for the Big Guy”.

President Trump says “we still need help from The Boss!”

Watch here on Rumble:

And there’s always one guy who ruins the party right?

The Poindexter.

The Dork.

Well, today the Dork Award goes to “NotSorry” who posted this:

Yeah bud, that was a 12 second clip.

For the full 2 minute clip, you’ll see he says exactly that: all honor goes to Jesus Christ!

And then he says while laughing: “and it’s not even close!”

You gotta love it.

You just gotta love that big smile!!!

Watch the FULL clip here on Rumble:

Don’t you miss this?

I know I do!

Mr. Trump, it’s time to come back!


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