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President Trump’s Trump Card In Classified Documents Case?

If we truly lived in a just country a change of venue would have no palpable outcome on a case.

Of course, we don’t live in a just country with a just legal system. We live in a two-tiered system where justice is arbitrary and not evenly dispensed.

Even the way in which we create our laws is highly convoluted—we allow other human beings to make them at will—not a very good foundation for justice if you ask me.

No one knows this more than President Trump, who is currently facing a litany of politically motivated charges, some of which include things Joe Biden has also been accused of.

The two American leaders have been treated very differently in their ongoing classified documents cases.

Facing obvious discrimination, President Trump’s legal team sought the best venue they possibly could to mitigate the damage of these bogus charges.

That venue is The Fort Pierce district in Florida, and legal experts are calling it an ‘edge’ in his classified documents case.

Why the Fort Pierce district? President Trump won all the localities that comprise the district in 2020.

A jury drawn from this pool will likely be far more sympathetic to the 45th President than, say, a jury drawn from New York.

The Epoch Times broke the story: “Former prosecutors and legal experts said that former President Trump could have an edge in his classified documents case—as the case is slated to be tried in a Florida district that favors Republicans.”

Occupy Democrats claimed that relying on such strategies won’t save the 45th President: “Donald Trump’s “secret weapon” collapses as Judge Aileen Cannon — who he appointed — rules against him in the classified documents case and states that he and his lawyers can only review evidence in a secure location.”

The Epoch Times shared one legal expert’s opinion:

“The more conservative the counties, the highest chance he has to find jurors that would be sympathetic with him,” said Richard Kibbey, a criminal defense attorney in Stuart, Florida.

The former attorney added that “it’s going to be very difficult given the political climate across the country. Jurors will bring their own biases into the court room.”

In a first-ever, Megyn Kelly recently sat down with President Trump to discuss the classified documents case and other subjects on the X social media platform.

The former President told Kelly: “I’m allowed to have these documents. I’m allowed to take these documents…When I have them, they become unclassified. People think you have to go through a ritual. You don’t, at least in my opinion.”

National Review provided more from the 45th President’s conversation with Kelly:

“Let me just tell you something,” he said. “Number one, I did nothing wrong because I come under the Presidential Records Act.

The fascists who are going after me, and they’re not going after Biden even though he has about ten times more documents, maybe more than that, he has documents going back 40 years of 50 years.

We did nothing wrong. I come under the Presidential Records Act. I’m allowed to have these documents. This was done in 1978. And this was done for exactly this reason.”


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