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The Missing F-35 Makes NO SENSE — How Is This Possible?

So tell me if you’d buy this movie script…

An F-35 fighter jet is flying and the pilot suddenly ejects.

There is no known sign of emergency.

The pilot’s whereabouts and circumstances are unknown, but before he ejects he reportedly puts the plane on auto-pilot and it hasn’t been seen sense.

But there is no evidence of it crashing either.

And we just kind of “lost track of it”.

Official story:

I mean….to quote Joseph Robinette Biden:  “COME ON, MAN!”

Is ANYONE buying this story?

There is no way any of this is true.

But that’s not just my take…

Let’s go to a top General, shall we?

Gen. Flynn:

We are the laughingstock of the entire world:

This part is hilarious….

The U.S. Military set up a “missing jet hotline” so people can call in with tips:

Memo to US MIL:  it’s a freaking $80 million fighter jet, not a lost cat!

Oh, and it also no doubt has some of the most sophisticated tracking software on the planet, but you mean to tell me we just “lost track of it”?


No part of this story makes any sense:

I’m going to make a prediction right now.

The plane is not “lost”.

Something happened.

Either it got shot out of the sky and US MIL is covering up an attack on U.S. soil (or would that be in U.S. air?)….or the plane has been “disappeared” because we wanted to send it somewhere.

Any bets this plane ends up in Ukraine?

Those are my two guesses.

I don’t know which of those it might be or if there are other options, but I do know the official story is 100% nonsense.

What do you think?

Here are more details from our original report:

UNBELIEVABLE: F-35 Flying On Auto-Pilot Goes Missing

You can’t make this up folks…

A United States fighter jet has gone missing in the state of South Carolina.

Joint Base Charleston released an emergency announcement declaring they were attempting to “locate an F-35 that was involved in a mishap.”

The plane went missing after the pilot of the F-35B Lightning II jet ejected themselves from the aircraft after encountering a mishap.

Joint Base Charleston has not been able to locate the aircraft and took to social media and wrote  “If you have any information that would assist the recovery teams, please call the JB Charleston Base Defense Operations Center.”

NBC News had these details to add:

A U.S. fighter jet’s stealth abilities appear to be working too well, with authorities forced to ask the public for help finding an F-35 that went missing somewhere over South Carolina when the pilot ejected due to a “mishap.”

Joint Base Charleston, an air base in North Charleston, said it was working with Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort to “locate an F-35 that was involved in a mishap” on Sunday afternoon.

The pilot was able to safely eject from the aircraft, an F-35B Lightning II jet, and was taken to a local medical center in stable condition, the air base said in a Facebook post at around 5:35 p.m. ET.

The condition of the pilot was not immediately clear as of Monday morning. The circumstances surrounding the “mishap” also remained unclear. Joint Base Charleston and the U.S. Air Force did not immediately respond to overnight requests for comment from NBC News.

Joint Base Charleston asked the public to “cooperate with military and civilian authorities” as the effort to locate the jet continued. “If you have any information that would assist the recovery teams, please call the JB Charleston Base Defense Operations Center at 843-963-3600.”

Per Fox News:

U.S. military officials are searching for a missing F-35 jet after a “mishap” caused its pilot to eject on Sunday afternoon.

Joint Base Charleston said on Facebook that the aircraft was a Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II belonging to Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. The pilot ejected safely and was transported to a local medical center.

The base is working with Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort to help locate the missing aircraft. Emergency response teams have been deployed to find the jet.

“Based on the jet’s last-known position and in coordination with the FAA, we are focusing our attention north of JB Charleston, around Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion,” Joint Base Charleston said in a statement on Facebook.


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