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WATCH Biden: ‘I Was, You Might Say, Raised In The Synagogues Of My State’

You have got to be kidding me with this, I can’t tell if Joe Biden has really gotten this bad or if he is just outright lying.

How many times has the resident-in-chief’s origin story changed? By my count, Biden has so many alternate timelines that it puts the folks at Marvel Comics to shame.

Biden’s claims have become so dubious that even mainstream media reporters are pressing the White House Press Secretary on whether Biden’s mind is slipping or if he is just chronically lying to the American people.

Now America’s most senile President is back with a new yarn he recently spun while on an official call with the Rabbinical community in commemoration of Rosh HaShanah.

RNC Research provided a recording of the phone call and Biden’s statement: “I was, you might say, raised in the synagogues of my state. You think I’m kidding — I’m not.”

One user reminded the X social media community: “Just this week Joe Biden claimed: To have gone to Black churches growing up. To have been raised in synagogues growing up. To have been a Professor of Political Theory at UPenn for four years. Someone please take the car keys away from Grandpa.”

The New York Post noted:

Biden’s 2007 memoir “Promises to Keep” doesn’t contain a single use of the word “synagogue” and its seven uses of the words “Jews” and “Jewish” all are when discussing history or politics.

Beth Shalom is not mentioned. His 2017 book “Promise Me, Dad” has similarly sparse mentions of Judaism.

Biden previously drew scrutiny in Puerto Rico last year when he said that “I was sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically,” even though a paltry 2,000 Puerto Ricans lived in Delaware.

Murat Beshtoev likewise poked fun at the resident-in-chief: “No contradiction: Biden was raised in synagogues by a tiny Puerto Rican community of rabbis. I cannot confirm or deny this information.”

Young Americans for Liberty shared another one of Biden’s recent episodes; was he outright lying here, or is his cognitive decline accelerating?

The White House provided an official transcript of the call between Biden and the Rabbinical community, here’s my favorite part:

“It’s important to show the world that we celebrate and protect Jewish Americans, whose values, cultures, and contributions shape the very character of our nation — and, I might add, from the very beginning — especially at a time when anti-Semitism has ridden — risen to record levels, echoing the worst chapters in human history.

I decided to run for president after Charlottesville. My son Beau had just died, and I had no intention of getting back into public life.

But when I listened to what happened, I — when I watched on television people marching out of the woods, on the fields with torches, and carrying Nazi banners and singing the same God-awful — God-awful anti-Semitic verses that were — that were all the bile that we heard through Europe — that we all heard through Europe in the ‘30s.”


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