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CRINGE: Vivek Does Super Corny Dance With Logan Paul

Vivek is now on TikTok.


To reach 18-25 year old voters.


By doing some really corny, stupid, cringe dance.

Is this what 18 year olds like?


They think this is cool?

I doubt it, but if so then you can officially call me out of touch.

Because this is CRINGE.

Watch for yourself:


Getting Vivek on Tik Tok because i believe our politicians of the future should connect with gen z and milennials on social where we all live and breathe. Its bizarre that in this day and age our presidents have no connection with us via social. Only the occasional tweets. Meet @Vivek Ramaswamy

♬ original sound – GenosPicks

One person called it “Full Beto”.

“Vivek has gone full Beto. Never go full Beto,” one person commented, referring of course to that loser and fellow phony Beto O’Rourke.

Even his name is fake!

His name isn’t “Beto” he just does that to pander to the Hispanic vote.

Anyway, this isn’t about Beto, it’s about Vivek.

The Federalist Papers gives more background:

The GOP candidate had previously called the Chinese-owned app “digital fentanyl,” according to NBC News.

In his first TikTok video, Ramaswamy said, “We’re in this to reach young people, to energize young people, and to do that we can’t just hide.”

If Paul’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he is frequently up to something, whether it’s getting fake-married for “clout” or getting charged with criminal trespass and unlawful assembly (those charges were later dismissed).

X users were quick to share their opinions about Ramaswamy teaming up with him:

I’m calling it a major DORK ALERT, but maybe I’m just old?

What do you think?

Uhhh, speaking of dorks, why does Logan Paul look homeless and trashy?

This guy is a moron — I have absolutely no idea why anyone watches him or finds him interesting.

He seems dumb as wood to me.

It’s not the first time Vivek has made headlines for dancing.

From the Iowa State Fair we had this infamous moment:

Vivek Ramaswamy Raps “Lose Yourself” At Iowa State Fair

Cool and edgy?

Or trying too hard?

I’ll let you decide.

Today is Republican Day at the Iowa State Fair.

President Trump is stealing the show…

DeSantis is s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g…

And Vivek is rapping.

The song of choice?

Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” which I’m sure Marshall Mathers is very happy about this rendition.

Watch here:

Different view here:

Gov. Kim Reynolds looks, how shall I say….less than thrilled to be up there on that stage:

Ok, so what do you think?

Cool and edgy and hip?

Or trying too hard and kinda lame?


Exposing A Multi-BILLION Dollar Fraud — Ft. Vivek Ramaswamy?

Earlier today we published an article setting the record straight on Vivek and the WEF.

Because that’s what we do around here, we publish the TRUTH.

Even though we believe Trump is the best candidate — the ONLY candidate — for 2024, we will publish the truth and correct misleading stories about other candidates.

So we did that earlier today and I’ll link to that at the end of this article.

But it also means we’re going to publish hard hitting stories when appropriate too.

And that’s what I have for you right now.

I want to make clear right away I am not calling Vivek a fraud.

Neither is Meet Kevin.

But I am going to show you a video by Kevin Paffrath (Meet Kevin) where he lays out exactly what happened with Vivek’s pharmaceutical company and Kevin asks the very pointed question: “Was this a multi-BILLION dollar fraud very carefully designed to make Vivek rich?”

Wow, wild stuff.

Kevin is not some random internet guy either.

Kevin ran for Governor of California and came in SECOND PLACE in the runoff election.

He is a a licensed financial advisor, is a real estate broker, runs an actively managed ETF, and comments on finance, politics, and news on his YouTube channel which has 1.87 million followers.

In short, he’s the real deal.

And the fact that he published this video is WILD stuff.

So I’m bringing it to you for you to watch and let me know what you think.

Here you go:

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Is Vivek done?

Will this sink his campaign?

I want to know what you think.


Here is the story we published earlier today on Vivek and the WEF:

Vivek Not a Part Of The WEF – Sues and Wins

I want to be clear about one thing upfront…

This is a Trump house.

I believe it’s Trump through 2028 and then Kari Lake until 2036.

But I don’t dislike Vivek.

In fact, there are many things I like about him.

And we report the TRUTH around here, not whatever narrative best suits our needs or desires.

So I’m here to report about Vivek’s alleged ties to the WEF.

In his town hall with Patrick Bet-David, Vivek explains the saga and says he is 100% not part of the WEF and never has been.

Not only that, he sued the WEF to force them to retract his name.

Gotta admit, that’s pretty powerful.

You can watch it here:

And here’s a shorter clip where he explains the same thing:

Vivek sued the WEF and won…

He received this letter in reply:

Ok, now let’s give the other side of the story some fair play too….

Not everyone is buying the story.

DC_Draino is no Vivek fan:

Neither is this guy:


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