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Hilarious! WATCH: Dick Cheney Drops Video Statement

Watching people with absolutely zero credibility attempt to issue warnings is perhaps one of the funniest things to me.

Dick Cheney is a war criminal who was second in command in an administration that declared an illegal war in Iraq—only Congress has the authority to declare war—not two corrupt men from Texas.

Cheney was the Chairman of the Board at Halliburton until 2000 when he purportedly severed ties with his former company to run as Vice President.

To be clear, no one actually believes that Dick Cheney ever severed ties with the company; Cheney is responsible for steering roughly $3.8 billion in taxpayer funds to Halliburton—including a lucrative contract to secure and restore Iraq’s oil fields.

Now, the man I consider to be one of the most corrupt Vice Presidents in American history is back with a new message: Donald Trump is destroying our republic!

What a crock! It is insane to me that Dick Cheney has the audacity to run his mouth.

To clarify, nothing Cheney said in this short video statement is funny, in and of, itself—it’s funny because of who is saying it and why. No one with half a brain can trust a word that comes out of the mouth of a Cheney.

It’s also funny that he thinks anyone is actually listening to him beyond making fun of him or satirizing his comments.

President Trump has never and will never be the greatest threat to our republic—those threats have already manifested in the form of men like Cheney and Bush—the neoconservative stain on our once great nation.

Take a look at what this military-industrial grifter, the man who actually destroyed this country by creating insane sums of debt to fight pointless wars in the Middle East had to say:

Collin Rugg didn’t fail to point out Cheney’s convoluted rhetoric and rebuked the deep state agent: “Fact check: Trump is the greatest threat to the uniparty’s grip on power, hence why they work so hard to destroy him.”

The Atlantic wrote in 2011:

When Vice President Dick Cheney left office, his approval rating stood at a staggeringly low 13 percent.

Few political figures in history have been so reviled.

As his memoir, In My Time, hits bookstores today, and he does a series of friendly interviews in the press, some Americans with short memories might wonder, “Why is it that so few were willing to endorse his performance in office?”

This is a reminder. THE WAR IN IRAQ

True patriots and the MAGA movement wasted no time in lambasting the old war criminal for his clear hypocrisy and out-of-touch speech.

Axios reports that Cheney’s daughter is also peddling the same anti-Trump nonsense:

Cheney, who has not ruled out a 2024 bid herself, does not appear in the 60-second ad, but she narrates over footage of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, saying that “there has never been a greater dereliction of duty by any president.”

“Donald Trump is the only president in American history who has refused to guarantee the peaceful transfer of power,” the former Jan. 6 Committee vice chair said.


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