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EXPLICIT: Larry Sinclair Does New Interview, Answers All The Graphic Questions


You ready for this?

Trust me, you are NOT ready for this.

But I have to give it to you anyway.

Hot on the heels of his Tucker Carlson interview, Larry Sinclair went on the “WeAreChange” show and gave a totally unfiltered, uncensored interview.

If you thought “Tucker On X” was unfiltered, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

This makes Tucker look like the 6:00 evening news.

They covered every single question you could imagine (in great detail) including, ummmm, the size of Obama’s “member”.


But actually this leads to a very serious point.

The Far-Left, led by the totally-straight Krassenstein Brothers, has been in full-on damage control mode since yesterday, claiming we should not believe this story from Larry Sinclair because there is no “evidence”.

Well, Larry is describing Barack Hussein Obama as having a “pencil-d**k”, so I think that would be some confirmation we could follow up on!

That information comes at about the 35:00 minute mark, but the whole thing is wild.

Watch it right here on Rumble:

The co-host is pretty hilarious.

Definitely giving me Brent Spiner vibes.

I like this crew, well done boys!

And if you missed the Tucker Interview on X, I’ve got that for you right here:

Tucker Did It: Barack Obama’s (ALLEGED) Gay Lover (Episode 22)

Tucker has only been away from Fox News for a couple months and he has already settled in VERY nicely to his new gig.

The new gig meaning running whatever story he wants, whenever he wants, on X.

Today was Episode 22 where he talked to Barack Obama’s ALLEGED gay lover and fellow crack smoker.

How charming!

Watch the full episode right here:

My favorite line of the whole interview (which came right after this dude told his story about sucking off Barry Sotoro’s “eggplant” 🍆💦):

Tucker is a savage!

Then I posted this, because the next phase of this story seems all too obvious:

But I don’t know….do you buy his story?

Do you REALLY believe that Barack Hussein Obama, the most manly of all manly men is GHEY?


This guy?

Ummmmm, nevermind.

I’ll show myself out.


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