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MSNBC Meltdown: Analyst BEGS Democrats to “Panic” After New Poll “Freaking” Him Out

Even MSNBC—yeah, you heard that right, MSNBC—is sweating bullets over Trump’s resurgence.

They’re quaking in their liberal boots so much that Donny Deutsch, on ‘Morning Joe,’ said the latest WSJ poll is ‘freaking’ him out.

I mean, can you believe it?

You’ve got to see the fear in their eyes to believe it, and let me tell you, it’s absolutely glorious to watch.

So, what’s got them so spooked?

Well, a Wall Street Journal poll just dropped, and let me lay it on you: Trump’s beating Biden by 11 points on who has a better record.

Eleven points!

But wait, there’s more.

He’s also got a 10-point lead on Biden when it comes to ‘perceived mental fitness to hold office.’

And I gotta ask, is anyone surprised?

Folks, they’re so desperate over at MSNBC that they’re talking about ‘instilling fear into voters’ to have a shot at beating Trump.

I mean, when you have to resort to fear-mongering, you know you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.

And just listen to this gem from Joe Scarborough: ‘Biden is a ghost of what the country needs right now.’

A ghost!

Even Democrats are admitting, in hushed tones of course, that they’re in ‘panic mode.’

And Willie Geist, another co-host, is in disbelief that Americans think Trump has a better list of accomplishments.

‘Think about that for a minute,’ he says. Oh, Willie, we are, and it’s music to our ears.

Look, folks, the Democrats are running scared because they know Trump’s momentum is building.

They’re realizing, ‘Hey, maybe we can’t just ride this out. Maybe Trump isn’t going away.’ You bet he’s not going away; he’s coming back stronger than ever.

This is why they’re trying everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to bring Trump down.

Investigations, lawsuits, you name it.

But it’s backfiring, and this WSJ poll proves it.

Trump’s not just a player in the game; he’s setting the pace.

And the more they try to sideline him, the more obvious it becomes that they’re terrified of what’s coming.

So sit back and enjoy the show, because if MSNBC is freaking out this much, you know we’re on the right track.

The Daily Caller has more details:

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch said Wednesday on “Morning Joe” that the newly released Wall Street Journal (WSJ) poll on President Joe Biden is “freaking” him out and says Democrats need to start instilling fear into voters if they want to beat former President Donald Trump.

The poll found Trump leading Biden by 11 points on the question of who had a better record. Trump also led Biden by 10 points in perceived mental fitness to hold office. Fifty-eight percent of respondents said the economy has gotten worse over the past two years, with a majority disapproving of Biden’s handling of the economy.

The poll surveyed 1,500 registered voters between Aug. 24 and 30 and had a 2.5% margin of error.

Scarborough noted a recent substack by Joe Klein that said Democrats feel a growing sense of frustration, as they desire more energy from Biden. Klein also said Biden’s key appeal seems to be that he’s not Trump.

“‘Biden is a ghost of what the country needs right now,’ and a lot of Democrats, Willie, are saying, in fact, most Democrats, let’s be honest, are saying, in panic mode, American democracy is on the line,” Scarborough said. “Do we really want to just cross our fingers and hope for the best? That’s what they’re saying.”

Co-host Willie Geist then said that while age remains a question for Biden, the alternative to him is “unclear.” Geist then complained that the WSJ poll showed Americans think Trump has a better list of accomplishments.

“Think about that for a minute, and by eight points he has a better vision for the future than Joe Biden, as all he does is talk about an election that happened three years ago,” Geist said.

A new Suffolk University/USA Today survey just shattered the Democrats’ delusions into a million tiny pieces.

And oh boy, they should be terrified, shaking-in-their-liberal-booties terrified, and let me tell you why.

First of all, this poll isn’t your standard fare; they included ‘unlikely voters’ in the mix.

And guess what?

Trump’s crushing it even with those people!

We’re talking about individuals who usually couldn’t care less about going to the ballot box.

But when asked if they lean toward Trump or Biden for 2024, a whopping 27.5% said they’re Team Trump.


Oh, he’s languishing at a paltry 15%. I mean, come on!

And for all you number nerds out there, this poll didn’t just ask registered voters; it asked everyone—900 U.S. citizens 18 and older.

Among registered respondents?

Trump garnered 32%, while Biden crawled in at 13%.

I mean, how many more red flags do the Democrats need?

You see, what really has to have the Dems quaking is that Trump activates a whole swath of new voters, people who are traditionally ‘unlikely’ to vote.

Trump’s not just pulling from the choir; he’s converting the congregation! It’s like a rock concert where everyone, even the guy who stumbled in by accident, is now a lifelong fan.

And just to rub some extra salt in the wound, both Trump and Biden had similar favorable and unfavorable ratings.

But — and you’ll love this — Trump held a slight edge over Biden.

The former President is sitting pretty with a 27.5% favorability, while Biden is trailing at 23.5%.

It’s like watching a snail race a Ferrari!

The Hill has more details on Trump’s resurgence:

Former President Trump outperformed President Biden in a new survey of unlikely voters in a hypothetical 2024 presidential election.

The Suffolk University/USA Today survey, released Wednesday, polled 900 U.S. citizens ages 18 and older — about half of whom were registered to vote. While the poll found respondents preferred Trump over Biden, more voted for either “other” or “undecided.”

When asked for whom they would vote or toward whom they would lean at this time, 15 percent of the unregistered voters said Biden, 27.5 percent said Trump and nearly 28 percent said either “other” (5 percent) or “undecided” (about 23 percent). Another 8 percent chose Green Party candidate Cornel West, and about 7 percent refused to answer the question.

Among the registered respondents, when asked the same question, roughly 13 percent said Biden, 32 percent said Trump and, combined, just over 33 percent said either “other” (7.25 percent) or “undecided” (26 percent). A combined 3.5 percent of the same pool said either West or refused to answer.

Trump and Biden had similar favorable and unfavorable ratings in the survey, though the former president held a slight edge over Biden. Among all 900 respondents, Biden’s favorability was about 23.5 percent, while Trump’s was roughly 27.5 percent. The president’s unfavorability was 52 percent, while the former president’s was 49 percent.

So why are the Democrats so scared?

Because they know that not only is Trump a force to be reckoned with among traditional voters, he’s awakening a whole new voter base.

And that, my friends, is their worst nightmare come true.

Let’s sum it up: Trump is gaining traction where they least expect it, and the Dems are running out of places to hide.

If they weren’t terrified before, they sure as heck should be now.

It’s a great day to be on the Trump train, folks!


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