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THOUSANDS Of Children ‘Unaccounted-For’ Following Maui Wildfire

I recently wrote a piece detailing former Marine Micheal Herrera’s terrifying encounter with suspected human traffickers. …

While that story involved a UFO and paramilitary forces, this one is not nearly as strange or fantastical; however, the backdrop of a natural disaster is why I mention that story here.

It is a sad reality that natural disasters provide the perfect cover for human trafficking and child abduction operations, keep this in mind as you continue reading.

According to a recent report from Hawaii’s Department of Education, thousands of children are unaccounted- for in the public education system following the wildfires in Maui.

The exact language used to categorize the 2,025 unaccounted-for children reads “Remainder of students who
have not re-enrolled in another public school or opted for distance learning (may have moved out of state, enrolled in private schools).”…That doesn’t sound like they know what happened to these children at all.

Where are all these children? What happened to them? Where are they?

Journalist Nick Sortor shared his account of what happened when he began to inquire about the missing children:

“Just HOURS after I began pressing the mayor of Maui SUPER hard about children missing from the fire, I began being stalked, harassed, and intimidated.

This morning at 5:45 am, about 2 mins after I started my live shot with Steve Bannon on War Room while alone in the rear of my hotel, a stalker aggressively approached me from behind.

My hotel is 45 minutes from Lahaina.

I don’t know who this guy is or why he showed up to my hotel at 5:45 am. He would’ve had NO WAY of knowing I had a live shot scheduled.

I’ve even received SEVERAL death threats from “anonymous” users (aka cowards) over the past days, and ESPECIALLY the last 12 hours.

Although I now have to move hotels, get a new rental car, and possibly even HIRE SECURITY to travel around with me for my own safety, I WILL NOT BE DETERRED.

If anything, I will be MORE vocal. Stalking and harassing me WILL backfire—I promise you that.

I don’t trust the Maui, Hawaii, or US governments. They’re all lying. They know the truth, but they’re hiding it from the public.


Initially, Fox Weather reported only hundreds of individuals were missing:

Maui County Mayor Richard Bissen said in a video that 850 names are on a list of missing persons.

Bissen said the number of missing people dropped from 1,000 people after lists from the FBI, Red Cross and Maui police were combined.

Writer and producer Brenda Venus pointed out the connection between natural disasters and child trafficking.

She writes, “65,000 children are missing in Ukraine & young girls sold for prostitution. Thousands of children are missing from the Maui fire incident. At noon, they were taken in buses from their schools & no one knows what happened to them.

The schools did not contact their parents. Coincidence? I think not!! Oprah Winfrey all-girls boarding school in South Africa had hundreds of missing girls. Hillary Clinton who frequented Epstein Island involved in missing children scandals & so many others.”

Concerned Americans begged for a better relief response for the ravaged island of Maui. …

On Thursday, NBC News featured this video report that claimed thousands of individuals were missing:

Maui officials ramp up search efforts as thousands reported missing.

County officials in Maui announced they are suing the electric company over the devastating Lahaina fires, alleging negligence.

This comes as officials are ramping up their search and recovery efforts on land and sea as they urge the public to provide more DNA samples. NBC News’ Steve Patterson reports.


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