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Kari Lake: “Ron, use a tissue, please!”

Kari Lake continues to be my favorite “politician” not named Donald Trump.

The reasons are obvious.

They’re both cut from the same cloth…

They don’t answer to anyone except the American people…

They speak their mind, they follow what THEY think is right, not what some poll or lobbyist tells them to do.

They’re both Mavericks.

They both have BDE.

But the latest clip from Kari Lake talking about Ron DeSantis had my dying!

She stops Steve Bannon to ask if she can give Ron a “pro tip”….and then she proceeds to tear him apart for wiping his snot all over his filthy hands and then touching people on the campaign trail.

Absolutely vicious….and hilarious!

Watch here on Rumble:

Kari Lake is cold blooded!

And so funny!

From Mediaite:

“DeSantis says Trump lost 2020. DeSantis in single digits ended DeSantis run. The rest of it’s all nonsense. I don’t care how many times he debates Newsom,” began host Steve Bannon, who made clear DeSantis crossed the MAGA base by acknowledging the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election. “This is all Murdoch-generated. It’s all Murdoch phony. Did I mention the Murdochs are foreigners? Did I mention that? Kari Lake, your thoughts about Ron DeSantis?”

“Well, I said I was going to give him a pro tip because I was watching as he’s campaigning across Iowa and I was hot and sweaty in the summer,” Lake began with a laugh. “I know people think of the cold winters there, but, you know, have you seen the video? It’s like every time he’s around people, he’s so awkward, but he’s literally wiping the sweat off of his face and then touching people and rubbing his nose. Ron, use a tissue, please. The people of Iowa do not appreciate having your runny nose and your sweaty face rubbed all over them.”

Lake then imparted some advice to the governor.

“Be a human being and be polite. Blot your face with the tissue. But please don’t rub your, you know, sweat all over people. It’s absolutely rude,” she concluded.

I don’t have to tell my little children this, why doesn’t Ron DeSantis already know how to wipe his damn face?

Come on Ron, be better!

Actually, just drop out, it’s getting very embarrassing!

It’s actually not the first time Ron has been called out for gross stuff like this.

Take a look:


This one had my DYING LAUGHING!

Well done!

And remember this?

Ron DeSantis Is Trending For All The Wrong Reasons…

When you’re running for President, you want to get attention.

Trending online is great!

Unless….it’s for a bad reason.

Unless you’re having your Howard Dean moment.

Do you remember when that happened?

If you don’t remember or never saw it, you’re in for a treat.

This is not even a human sound, I have no idea how he did this.

When it’s called “THE Scream” you know that’s very bad for you.

Watch here:

Oddly enough, that happened in Iowa and Ron DeSantis may have just had his Howard Dean moment….also in Iowa.

Let’s start with the pictures, because they’re bad enough.

Here is Ron DeSantis laughing:

It was immediately mocked online:



Ok, so that’s….odd, right?

But maybe it’s just a bad still frame.

We all look bad in pictures sometimes.

Maybe the video will be better.



This is not normal:

Me too Brian:

This one was funny:

Definitely not normal human movements:


And back to the Howard Dean moment.

I’m afraid you may be toast Ronald:

Now….compare whatever the hell that was to this:

ICONIC: Donald Trump, American Badass!

“Iconic” is the only word I have for this.

You’re going to love this…

Remember last weekend when President Trump attended UFC 287 with Kid Rock, Dana White and Iron Mike Tyson?

And the crowd erupted?

And after the fight the winner told Joe Rogan and the entire stadium that Donald Trump was the best President in his entire lifetime?

And then he started a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant?

So cool.

But even cooler is the video that someone stitched together and put to music — the perfect music bed for this video, Kid Rock’s “American Badass”.

It’s only 2 minutes but so good.

I’ve listed to it 5 times already.


And on Rumble here:


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