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Maui Destroyed By Fire, Lahaina Town Completely GONE!

Let’s dig into the Maui fire story.

I’m guessing you may have seen this covered on the news already, but I’m going to cover some things you might not have seen.

This is a story that has captured my attention for a couple reasons…

One, because I already find many things about it do not make logical sense.

And Two, because I’ve been there and walked up and down Front Street and enjoyed the wonderful Lahaina Town and now it’s GONE.

Literally looks like something worse than Iraq after a bombing.

It will eventually be rebuilt, but not with the same character it had.

And likely not for a long time.

So if you were thinking of going and seeing Lahaina Town in Maui, you can basically cross that off your list for years.

So very sad.

Let’s start with this video:

If you’ve been there before, this view is stunning.

Even if you’ve never been there before, what does this look like?

It looks like something from the battlefields of Iraq or Somalia!

This does not look like Hawaii.

I said a couple things right away when I first heard the news and first started watching videos of the destruction.

I said this does not look or feel “natural”.

Sorry, it just doesn’t.

The other thing I said was this looks like some sort of weapon was deployed.

The third thing I said was this feels EERILY like those Colorado fires from a few years back.

Remember those?

Just my first thoughts, but perhaps they will turn out to have some merit behind them.

Lahaina Town dates back to the early 1800s.

The official story here that I’ve heard parroted over and over and over on the news and on The Weather Channel is that a hurricane in the area created high winds, and that very dry conditions sparked a fire, and then the high winds spread the fire.

Ok, fine.

So that’s the first time high winds and dry conditions have hit Hawaii since 1802?


I’m sorry folks but I’m skeptical.

It’s actually a real shame that almost nothing is trustworthy anymore, but that’s the world we live in.

We’ve been lied to over and over and over that it would actually be FOOLISH to believe an official story about something this big and take it at face value.

Is everything a conspiracy?


But most of my so-called “conspiracy theories” over the past 15 years have proven to be true!

We now call them Conspiracy TRUTH.

So when a new one rolls along, it’s the fool that blindly accepts it at face value.

The wise person says let me investigate and use all 5 of the senses God gave me and the brain that God gave me before I come to a conclusion here.

The wise person says “perhaps the Tell-A-Vision isn’t telling me the truth….”

My guard ALSO goes up when the official narrative is one that just so happens to reinforce one of their favorite topics: Climate Change.

Yeah sorry, I’m skeptical.

“Ze will eat ze bugs and ze will own nothing and be happy or ve vill burn Maui to the ground!”  — Klaus Schwab, probably

So let’s start with the official report from the AP and we’ll move on from there:

The wildfire that has brought sheer devastation to Maui is especially heartbreaking for Hawaii because it struck one of its most historic cities and the onetime capital of the former kingdom.

Lahaina holds deep cultural significance for Hawaiians. The city was once the royal residence of King Kamehameha III, who unified Hawaii under a single kingdom by defeating the other islands’ chiefs. His successors made it the capital from 1820 to 1845, according to the National Park Service.

Kings and queens are buried in the graveyard of the 200-year-old stone Wainee Church. Later named Waiola, the church that once sat up to 200 people was photographed apparently engulfed in flames this week.

“It was really the political center for Hawaii,” said Davianna McGregor, a retired professor of ethnic studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

What’s driving Maui’s devastating fires, and how climate change is fueling those conditions

Dozens of people were killed and hundreds of structures were damaged or destroyed in the blaze that ignited Tuesday and quickly spread throughout the western Maui community of less than 13,000 residents.

It’s feared that the fire also consumed much of Lahaina’s historic Front Street, home to restaurants, bars, stores and what is believed to be the United States’ largest banyan, a fig tree with roots that grow out of branches and eventually reach the soil like new trunks.

There has been some debate about whether the Banyan Tree survived, but it looks like it will make it.

If you don’t know what the Banyan tree is or why it’s special, watch this:

Another wild video showing the destruction but appearing to show that the Banyan Tree is mostly ok:

The death toll currently sits at 36:

Ok, now let’s go to my friend Stew Peters who had MANY of the same thoughts I did:

Yes, exactly right.

Fire is one thing.

But fire stoked by thermite or incited by a DEW (more on that below) burns in a very different way.

Very much looks and feels like the results after 9/11.

So sad.

“NOT NORMAL” seems to be the best and most accurate way to sum things up right now:

NOTE: no reports so far have been able to explain how the fire first actually sparked.

Just “dry conditions”.

Or were they set?

Stew Peters is asking the question and I think it’s a good one:

Stew also does not seem to buy the official story…

Me either.

So now let’s talk about the obvious elephant in the room and how eerily similar this feels to the Colorado fires….

Were both fires sparked by a DEW?

Let’s flash back to the 2022 Colorado fires when I covered those and asked some very similar questions.

Were both of these “DEW” attacks?

I explain what that means below…

“DEW” Attack Suspected In Unprecedented Colorado Fires

Just yesterday, I brought you Hank Kunneman’s prophetic word for 2022…

Among other things, he said people would routinely be saying “We’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Well, it turns out that things are starting already, as the fires in Colorado can only be described as “unprecedented”.

The story is odd for several reasons.

One: I follow the news pretty close and I haven’t seen much coverage of this story.

I only see it mostly online.

You’d think that when an entire neighborhood is charred to a crisp and burned to the ground in a scene that looks like the after-effects of an attack from the Crystalline Entity it would get some news coverage.

But this had been oddly, largely ignored.

Second: have you ever in your life heard of wildfires in Colorado in the dead of winter in a suburban neighborhood?

I haven’t.

Seems very strange.

And the direction and intensity of the fire seems almost artificial.

It’s why many online are beginning to ask if this was a Directed Energy Weapon attack, otherwise known as a “DEW”.

I’m not saying it was or it wasn’t, but I am saying I appreciate the people who are asking the question and digging into it.

Here’s a sampling of what some are saying online:

Straight out of ST:TNG when the Crystalline Entity attacks:

None of it seems to make much sense:

Here are more details from ABC News:

Thousands of people are being asked to evacuate immediately and hundreds of buildings have already been lost as winds fuel fast-spreading wildfires in Boulder County, Colorado.

Several small grass fires, sparked by downed power lines amid gusty winds in central Colorado, according to the Boulder County sheriff, have grown into raging blazes Thursday afternoon.

Of two wildfires burning, the most significant — the Marshall Fire — was first reported after 11 a.m. Thursday and has since “ballooned” to approximately 1,600 acres, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle told reporters during a press briefing.

“We’ve been really concerned about the speed of the fire,” Pelle said. “This was consuming football-field lengths of land in seconds.”

Louisville, Colorado, with a population of about 20,000, is being asked to evacuate due to the Marshall Fire, according to the Boulder Office of Emergency Management. The entire city of Superior, Colorado, with a population of about 13,000 people, is also being asked to evacuate due to that fire.

Here are more videos live on the scene:

And from an airplane:

Of course the MSM and lefties can only blame “climate change”:

It indeed may be “man made”…..but in what way?

Climate change?


Or something else…?


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