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President Trump Rips Pelosi: “A Psycho Who Will Someday Live In HELL!”

Man, you gotta love this guy!

President Trump just took a baseball bat to Nancy Pelosi…

As usual, President Trump never punches first.

In fact, he pointed that out.

He pointed out how he deliberately bit his tongue when Nancy and Paul Pelosi were having all their troubles — you remember, Paul Pelosi and the dude in his underwear staying over at his house holding the hammer?


President Trump never commented back then.

But when Nancy Pelosi attacked him out of the blue over the latest indictment, he decided it was time to “break his silence”.

NOTE: memo to other publishers — this is one of the only proper uses of “breaks his silence.”   Sorry, it’s just a pet peeve of mine.  Ok, rant over.

In true Trump fashion, this is a beauty….


We need this guy back in the White House for 8 more years!

If there was ANY doubt about how President Trump will govern in his next term, this should remove it.

He will no longer try to fit into any sort of fake “decorum”.

The gloves are off….

The rules have been shredded (by Biden)….

And now it’s game on.

And it’s gonna be glorious!

By the way, did we ever find out what happened with that whole thing and Paul Pelosi’s gay lover?

Sorry, correction: ALLEGED gay lover?

Whatever it was, it was damn weird, gay lover or not!

Here’s the last we knew:

Paul Pelosi 911 Call Released…And It’s Causing Way More Questions

What is going on here?

Yesterday we got the bodycam footage of the Paul Pelosi break-in when police responded.

I’ll post that below in case you missed it.

Almost nothing in that video makes any sense.

And now today we get the 911 call.

Watch this first and then we’ll talk about it:

Backup here:

Once again, there is a lot here that makes no sense.

I’ve never broken into someone’s home and thank goodness I’ve never had anyone break into mine, but I’m pretty sure if there’s an intruder in your home they don’t let you call 911 and then they definitely don’t participate in the call and give their name to the 911 operator!


Everyone is confused and these releases are not helping:

Just casually chatting?

I think we can all agree on this…

I assume this operator was fired like 3 months ago:

Details don’t add up:

This is my big question…

Why doesn’t David just rip the phone away?

This also seems accurate…

Very likely Paul was inebriated and that led to some of the strangeness?

What do you think?

And now for everyone who missed the bodycam footage, that’s another rabbit hole!

Here Is Everything About The Paul Pelosi Video That Makes NO Sense!

Was this thing staged?


I’ll give you the facts and let YOU decide.

Let’s start with the footage itself.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, watch here:

Ok, now let’s break down all the questions I have…

Starting with this:

Why are they both smiling?

If your house was just broken into, would you be smiling?

If the police are on your doorstep, do you smile when you open the door?

Next up, I’ve watched this thing over and over and the audio does not match up to their lips…

Who is even talking?

Watch closely and see:

This is funny but true.

These guys look like they were hanging out, not in the midst of an assault:

MANY comments from people just saying it looks “weird” and “staged”.

I agree:

Then we have the door…

Watch again and tell me: who opens the door?

It just swings open!

Can you say “fake” and “staged”?

And here is the (alleged) video footage of the actual break-in:

Here is Tucker’s analysis:

And from a guest who is trying to push the narrative that the video looks super normal and confirms the MSM story:

You buying that?

I’d love to hear what YOU think!


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