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Elon Musk’s ‘X’: ‘Everything App’? ‘Half the Global Financial System?’ ‘Powered by AI?’

Twitter has officially rebranded to “X.”

The bird is gone.

Here’s the new logo for the site:

The old Twitter logo is currently being removed from the company’s San Francisco headquarters.


There’s more questions than answers for the future of X.

Musk’s past comments leave room for plenty of suspicion and skepticism.

What’s the endgame with X?

Musk has previously complained that we don’t have an app as good as China’s WeChat.

As WLTReport noted, the Chinese Communist Party utilizes WeChat for government surveillance and its social credit system.

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“My idea would be like how about if we just copy WeChat. Copy them,” Musk said.

“It’s WeChat and Alipay, who built the world first COVID track app and digital/QR code vaccine passport,” said Twitter user Songpinganq.

“Chinese people were literally on their knees, begging Chinese officials to scan/verify their QR codes/vaccine passport.”

Copy WeChat?

If Musk wants X to become a WeChat replica, that’s a glaring red flag.

Musk also said in a recent podcast that “if done right, X would become half of the global financial system.”

Other features for X reportedly include:

• A dating platform

• An ecommerce platform

• Integration with food ordering apps

• New focus on audio and video content

• A UPI-like payment and banking system

X used as ‘half’ of the global banking system?

How would this be done?

Does X plan to incorporate ‘digital tokens?’

Would the platform work in tandem with CBDCs or any sort of crypto linked to biometrics/digital ID?

It’s interesting Twitter’s rebranding occurred the same time as Worldcoin’s iris-scanning biometric scheme to create a global UBI.

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Musk’s X venture is not a new idea by any means and he co-founded in 1999.

It paved the way for PayPal 20+ years ago.

“In 2023, Twitter will merge into, birthing the ‘everything app’ – a visionary platform seamlessly blending banking, payments, social media, encrypted messages, voice calls, and video services worldwide,” independent journalist Kanekoa The Great writes.

“With Twitter’s communication prowess and’s cutting-edge financial services, users will be able to switch effortlessly between social interactions and financial transactions, transforming how we manage money and connect with others,” he added.

“All on a platform that fiercely champions freedom of speech,” he continued.

Is Musk really a ‘champion for freedom of speech’ or is it a blind spot for many influencers and independent journalists?

Rest of World, a nonprofit publication covering global technology outside the West, writes a different story.

“Since Musk took ownership, the company has received 971 government demands, and fully complied with 808 of them,” the outlet wrote.

“Before Musk, Twitter’s full compliance rate hovered around 50%; since the takeover, it is over 80%,” the outlet added.

From Rest of World in April 2023:

It’s been exactly six months since Elon Musk took over Twitter, promising a new era of free speech and independence from political bias. But Twitter’s self-reported data shows that, under Musk, the company has complied with hundreds more government orders for censorship or surveillance — especially in countries such as Turkey and India.

The data, drawn from Twitter’s reports to the Lumen database, shows that between October 27, 2022 and April 26, 2023, Twitter received a total of 971 requests from governments and courts. These requests included orders to remove controversial posts, as well as demands that Twitter produce private data to identify anonymous accounts. Twitter reported that it fully complied in 808 of those requests, and partially complied in 154 other cases. (For nine requests, it did not report any specific response.)

Most alarmingly, Twitter’s self-reports do not show a single request in which the company refused to comply, as it had done several times before the Musk takeover. Twitter rejected three such requests in the six months before Musk’s takeover, and five in the six months prior to that.

More broadly, the figures show a steep increase in the portion of requests that Twitter complies with in full. In the year before Musk’s acquisition, the figure had hovered around 50%, in line with the compliance rate reported in the company’s final transparency report. After Musk’s takeover, the number jumps to 83% (808 requests out of a total of 971).

Watch for more info on Musk’s vision for

WEF-linked X CEO Linda Yaccarino said X would be “powered by AI.”

“X is the future state of unlimited interactivity – centered in audio, video, messaging, payments/banking – creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities. Powered by AI, X will connect us all in ways we’re just beginning to imagine,” Yaccarino said Sunday.

Connects us all in ways we’re just beginning to imagine?

It’s hard to imagine that won’t include government and/or corporate surveillance.

“X is the future of corporate surveillance,” said “What Bitcoin Did” host Peter McCormack.

“It won’t be possible to build a centralised global financial system ‘X’ which carries half the worlds transactions without being a global surveillance tool. This is not the way!” McCormack said in another post.

X leaves more questions than answers.

However, an old saying recently mentioned in a personal conversation may fit into X’s future.

That saying is: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

There’s plenty of suspicion X is exactly that.


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