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New Airplane Meltdown, Chinese Edition?

Did we just have another complete meltdown on an airplane?

Freak out?



All of the above?

I’m not entirely sure, and I’m actually asking for some help on this one.

Maybe we can all “Fact Check” this together.

With 5 million people reading this website each month, surely we have some of you who can translate Chinese for me.

I know there are subtitles in this video, I just can’t verify if the subtitles are accurate.

Let me show you the video and then let’s Fact Check it together, sound good?

I was hoping Twitter’s Community Notes would have some info on it, but nothing from them either — which might confirm it’s legitimate.

Here is a summary from the original poster:

A video has emerged from a Chinese airline in January showing a plane erupting into panic.

A man shouted that he was stuck in a “time loop” and that this was his 6th cycle.

In the cycle he claims that the plane crashed, everyone died and then he returned to this point.

He also said the flight attendant wasn’t human and was a robot who was changing her battery.

The plane ended up not flying after multiple passengers became worried and the man responsible for the panic was arrested.

He was sent to a “professional medical institution” to receive further treatment after police claimed that his mental state was “abnormal.”

Ok, there you go!

Watch for yourself:

Can anyone translate for me?

Comment below!

Backup post:

And one more:

Of course we all know the original TMINR lady who kicked all this off a few weeks ago:

And here’s a larger report I wrote recently showing more meltdowns in airlines and airports….

What is going on?

More Airport Meltdowns, What Is Going On?

What is going on with airports and airplanes recently?

I was traveling a bit this week and luckily I didn’t see anything too weird, but WEIRD is out there this week.

And it seems to be focused on airports and airplanes.

People having weird, unexplained meltdowns, almost like psychotic episodes.

First was this lady who went viral, which I’ll cover more down below:

But just a day or so later, this man did something very similar.

He freaked out and wanted off the plane after claiming to see a ghost:

Then we have this one…

I don’t even know WHAT is going on here:

I’m not sure exactly what is going on, but it’s weird.

People being “activated”?

I don’t know.

Here was the original, which many later noticed was making the “As Above, So Below” sign with her hands…

Just a coincidence, I’m sure:

Bizarre: Internet Points Out Hand Gestures of Woman Who Claims Man On Plane Wasn’t Real

A woman on a plane went viral earlier in the week after she appeared to have a complete meltdown on a plane.

The woman who was standing out of her seat told passengers on the plane “But I am telling you right now that motherfu-ker back there is not real.”

She then pointed to an unidentified man who had a hood on.

Here’s the video for better context:

Many claimed the woman was intoxicated or hallucinating, and others believed her story.

One Social media influencer Sneako pointed out an interesting angle of the woman’s hands in the video.

Sneako pointed out the woman’s hand gestures replicated the Baphomet hand signs.

Take a look:

Others believe she was telling the truth:

Per Yahoo News:

Part of what makes the Tiktok video so bizarre is the woman appears to be perfectly normal — she’s well dressed, speaking clearly and doesn’t seem to fit any of the stereotypes that would normally make this kind of video so easy to dismiss. And the intensity and obvious fear with which she speaks makes one thing clear — whatever it is she thinks she saw, it was very real to her.

“I’m getting the fu-k off,” the woman is heard saying emphatically as she storms up the aisleway of the plane, “and there’s a reason why I’m getting the fu-k off, and everyone can either believe it or they cannot believe it. I don’t give two sh-ts.”

Visibly upset, her voice then constricts as if she is on the verge of tears as she points to the back of the plane. “But I am telling you right now that motherfu-ker back there is not real.” She then issues a sobering warning to everyone on the plane, who sit watching her in a daze. “You can sit on this plane and you can die with them or not. I’m not going to.”

Of course, the internet has erupted into mockery and jokes, most of which center on the premise that the woman must have been suffering from an episode of mental illness. But others are convinced there’s more to the story, and they’re desperate to track the woman down.


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