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DeSaster Continues: Vivek Ramaswamy ties Ron DeSantis for 2nd in GOP presidential race

Hold onto your hats, folks, because the 2024 GOP presidential race is heating up, and it’s a throwdown you won’t want to miss!

A recent survey has brought some unexpected twists to the table, causing a stir that would make the media’s heads spin.

While President Donald Trump, the trailblazer that we all know and love, is predictably and comfortably leading the pack with 48% (does that surprise anyone?), there’s a nail-biter for the second spot.

Believe it or not, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and business tycoon Vivek G. Ramaswamy are currently tied at 12% each.

Yes, you heard it right, DeSantis’ campaign is faltering.


He was supposed to be the “next Trump.”

He was supposed to be “Trump without the baggage.”

Well, the latest poll numbers indicate that DeSantis could be going from Establishment-favorite to THIRD PLACE!

It seems like there’s a serious case of “Vivek-mentum” brewing.

As Kaplan Strategies points out, Ramaswamy has outshone six other hopefuls by more than double, marking a significant surprise in this poll. Meanwhile, other candidates are left in the dust, barely managing to scrounge up mid-single digit numbers.

Now, Trump, always the savvy player, has stoked the fire, predicting a Ramaswamy surge.

He’s said, “DeSantis is dropping so quickly, he’s probably not going to be in second place much longer,” adding that “Vivek could be” stepping into that coveted No. 2 slot.

According to Florida Politics:

A new survey of the 2024 Republican presidential race finds a dead heat for second place.

The survey from Kaplan Strategies shows Gov. Ron DeSantis and businessman Vivek G. Ramaswamy are tied at 12% each. Both men are well behind Donald Trump’s 48%.

The pollster says this latest survey is an example of Vivek-mentum.

“Ramaswamy outperformed six other hopefuls by more than double, marking a significant surprise in this poll,” Doug Kaplan says.

Indeed, no other candidate is above mid-single digits: Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie and former Vice President Mike Pence each take 5% support; former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has 3% backing; former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson is at 1%.

Kaplan frames the GOP race as likely winnowing down to three candidates, predicting “the lower-tier candidates drop off and their voters will either return to Trump or rally behind rising stars like Ramaswamy or DeSantis.”

In efforts to goad the Florida Governor, the former President has predicted a Ramaswamy surge, saying DeSantis is “dropping so quickly, he’s probably not going to be in second place much longer,” Trump said, adding that “Vivek could be” in that No. 2 slot.

This proves that the Establishment, including the folks at Fox News, are massively out of touch with the base.

They tried to make DeSantis happen, but it looks like the DeSaster is continuing.

Will Vivek fare any better?

He likely won’t stand a chance against Trump, but at least his campaign isn’t imploding like Ron’s.

With the first GOP debate around the corner, this is the WORST time possible for Ron’s campaign to be faltering.

But this poll isn’t the only bad news.

You see, things are going so bad for Ron that he recently had to fire some of his staff.

Yes, Ron is DOWNSIZING his campaign in the primary.

If he’s tanking this bad now, do you really think he’d fare better in the general election?

NBC confirms that the DeSantis campaign fired at least a dozen people over budget issues:

Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign has fired roughly a dozen staffers — and more dismissals are expected in the coming weeks as he shakes up his big-money political operations after less than two months on the campaign trail.

A source familiar with the firings described those who were let go as mid-level staffers across several departments whose departures were related to cutting costs. The exits come after the departures of David Abrams and Tucker Obenshain, veterans of DeSantis’ political orbit, which were first reported by Politico.

Sources involved with the DeSantis campaign say there is an internal assessment among some that it hired too many staffers too early and that despite having brought in $20 million during its first six weeks, it was becoming clear that costs needed to be brought down.

Some in DeSantis’ political orbit lay the early blame at the feet of campaign manager Generra Peck, who also led DeSantis’ 2022 midterm re-election bid and is in the hot seat right now.

“She should be,” a DeSantis donor said.

A Republican source familiar with the campaign’s thought process said: “They never should have brought so many people on. The burn rate was way too high. People warned the campaign manager, but she wanted to hear none of it.”

The donor said: “DeSantis stock isn’t rising. Twenty percent is not what people signed up for.”

So what do you think?

Can Ron stage a comeback?

Or is his campaign toast?

Let us know your predictions in the comments section below.

We’ve often found that our readers out-predict the “experts,” so be sure to share your thoughts!


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