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WATCH BlackRock CEO: Bitcoin Is ‘Digital Gold’

Are you paying attention yet?

Larry Fink and BlackRock have long been publicly hostile and outright dismissive of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies—though recent comments from BlackRock’s CEO indicate a 180-degree turn.

Fink recently came out with a shining endorsement of Bitcoin—calling the crypto asset ‘digital gold’.

Bitcoin is a completely neutral, decentralized currency with a capped supply and no counter-party risk. … In other words, it is the perfect hedge against inflation and failing fiat currencies.

While none of this is investment advice, and I encourage you to do your own research, now might be the time to look into the power of Bitcoin and other assets with similar properties.

Young Americans for Liberty pointed out Fink’s past comments and asked: “BlackRock CEO Larry Fink suddenly supports Bitcoin as “digital gold” and “international asset.” Six years ago, he called Bitcoin an “index of money laundering.” Why the sudden change?”


Fox Business quoted Fink:

“What we’re trying to do with crypto is make it more democratized with all of crypto and making it much cheaper for investors” Fink said during an interview on The Claman Countdown.

“The bid spread for crypto is very expensive. It does erode a lot of the returns….because it costs a lot of money right now to transact Bitcoin and it costs a lot of money to get out of that.

And so, we hope that our regulators look at these filings that as a way to democratize crypto and we’ll see in the future how that plays out” he added.

Bitcoin Magazine also highlights the hedge fund manager’s sudden change of heart: “$10 trillion BlackRock CEO Larry Fink in 2017: Bitcoin is an index of money laundering Fink today: Bitcoin is digitizing gold.”

Toby Cunningham explained:

“BlackRock has been accumulating Bitcoin longer than most have been in this space. When CEO Larry Fink said that Bitcoin was used for money laundering, he was buying.

Just as JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon was making fun of his daughter for buying Bitcoin on National TV, he was buying Bitcoin which was later revealed.”


ProCoin News mentioned BlackRock’s recent efforts to file for a Bitcoin ETF:

Of course, just like the internet, and all things before it that were ‘silly’ in the beginning, institutional investors are finally starting to give Bitcoin the attention it so rightly deserves.

BlackRock, the world’s largest hedge fund, recently filed for a spot Bitcoin ETF, and now BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has come out to tout the power of Bitcoin as an international asset.


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