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Biden Announces He Is Going Around The Supreme Court!

Leftists don’t respect the rule of law and will do anything to justify wealth redistribution schemes.

Following the recent SCOTUS ruling striking down Biden’s proposed student loan forgiveness program, the Biden administration has announced plans to circumvent the court’s ruling.

Whether or not this will work, or if the President actually does have the power to cancel student loan debt, under other legal provisions remains to be seen. …

Multiple outlets confirmed that the Biden administration will seek to push student loan forgiveness through multiple avenues including the Higher Education Act of 1965:

CBS News explained the Higher Education Act of 1965:

The law also supports teacher training, community service and library programs.

The most far-reaching and essential component, however, was the establishment of low-interest federal student loans.

These loans are made by the government using federal capital. In 1972, Pell Grants were created under the act —and 51% of the funds go to students whose families earn less than $20,000 annually, according to Education Data Initiative.

One individual claimed, “For the thousandth time: JOE BIDEN CAN FORGIVE ALL STUDENT DEBT VIA EXECUTIVE ORDER USING THE HIGHER EDUCATION ACT OF 1965 SECTION 432a!!! He could’ve done it at any time, but he hasn’t because he doesn’t give a damn about American kids.”


News Nation reports that Biden has promised to forgive student loan debt in other ways:

In his address, Biden announced he would continue efforts to forgive debt.

He cut the maximum payment to 5% of a borrower’s disposable income, down from 10%, with the balance of the debt forgiven after 20 years of consistent payments.

He also announced borrowers who miss payments when they resume this fall would not be referred to credit agencies, a program set to last for 12 months.


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