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WATCH: Marine Veteran Comes Forward With Life Threatening UFO Encounter

This latest UFO account is highly disturbing. …

Former Marine Michael Herrera was deployed to Indonesia in 2009 on a humanitarian mission to provide much-needed supplies and aid in the aftermath of a devastating tsunami.

Herrera and his unit were ordered to take positions atop a ridge in the jungle, to act as security for a supply drop, so they began their 900-ft uphill trek to their position.

Once they were atop the ridge something caught Herrera’s eye which he says stuck out like a ‘sore thumb’. …

The Marine unit then went in to get a closer look at the highly unusual object and that’s when they stumbled upon a large, black, floating octagonal aircraft.

Herrera described the object as shifting between a deep grey and a solid black color, with Vantablack panels on the side, and measured at least 150 ft in diameter.

According to his testimony, the craft was almost completely silent and only emitted a dull hum—the same you might hear from an all-tube guitar amplifier or a power transformer.

At roughly the same time he and his unit stumbled upon the object, they were ambushed by what he described as clandestine U.S. forces—black ops with no identifying insignias or marks.

Herrera recounts that these clandestine forces were busy loading weapons and other items into the UFO while questioning his unit and threatening them.

At several points during the interaction, the clandestine forces repeatedly issued death threats to the Marine unit, but ended up securing them and marching them back over the ridge instead.

Once escorted up the hill the marines were told not to look back and to never discuss the encounter with anyone.

It wasn’t the UFO that posed a ‘life threatening’ danger to Herrera or his unit—it was the alleged U.S. forces guarding and operating the craft. …

Michael Herrera offered his testimony on June 12, 2023, at a press event hosted by UFO researcher and activist Dr. Steven Greer.

Daily Mail had more on the story and provided his first-hand account:

“I could see something moving and rotating. It was changing colors between a very light matte gray to a very dark matte black,’ he said. ‘It stuck out like a sore thumb.’

Oddly, he said, they had not been given radios, so instead of calling it in they edged down the hill in formation to investigate, while Herrera snapped photos and video on his Panasonic camera.

‘The thing was massive, the size of a football field,’ Herrera told

‘The craft was rotating in a clockwise motion while changing colors. It had an audible hum to it, like the sound of a transformer or a guitar amp. It was an octagonal shape with a pyramid at the top of it that was black.

‘It had ‘scales’ that were on the outside of the craft that covered the whole craft. It had seams and sharp edges which I suspect to be man-made. Nothing on it was smooth. It had some panels on the vertical edges that were like Vantablack.’

Although skepticism of such claims is still rife, many stressed support for the brave whistleblowers coming forward with information.

One individual writes, “I know, it’s the UK Daily Mail. I’d think Herrera’s identity could be vetted pretty quickly. Looks like he is coming forward to tell his story at Steven Greer’s event. Regardless of what you think of Greer, we should support the actual whistleblowers themselves.”


Below is roughly 3 hours of testimony from Dr. Greer’s recent conference on the UFO/UAP topic.

Express.UK provided these details:

The marine unit eventually made it back to base and none of them ever mentioned their bizarre encounter. But in early December 2009, Herrera was at Camp Hansen in Okinawa, Japan.

He reported to the office, where an Air Force lieutenant colonel in full uniform but no name tag, was waiting for him.

Herrera said: “He starts telling me, ‘You’re not allowed to talk about what happened, not to your chain of command, not even a general. You will go to prison, or you will die.


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