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ABC News Reports On UFO In Las Vegas

They call it “soft disclosure”.

Hard disclosure is when the news reports will say: “Aliens are here and we have an interview with them at 11pm tonight.”

Oh, that’s coming, but first they do “soft disclosure” which is getting you used to the idea.

Taking the idea out of science fiction and gradually making it more and more normal.

More and more part of the every day discussion.

Until we reach the point that you aren’t laughed out of the room when you talk about aliens.

Instead, most people will believe “yeah, there probably are aliens.”

Of course I have my own take on this which I will share with you below.

Spoiler alert: I don’t think they are “aliens” at all.

But first let me show you just how mainstream this is becoming.

Here is ABC News running a full news segment on a new UFO sighting in Las Vegas:

Here’s more from the Police Bodycam footage:

Reports are that the beings were 8-10 foot tall.

Oh, you mean like Nephilim?

Here’s even better footage….

What IS this thing?

It’s not the first time video of an alien craft has been (allegedly) filmed in Las Vegas.

This video was from December 2022:

And this was from one month earlier in November 2022:

The explanation?

Same as it always is: just a “rare weather phenomenon”:

From Local News 8:

Workers at the Saphire Gentleman’s Club on Sammy Davis Jr. Drive published the first videos early on the morning of Friday, Dec. 23. From the parking lot, several bright lights could be seen dancing in the clouds.

Around the stationary lights were four spotlights used by the club as a promotion, but just hanging in the clouds was what appeared to be at least four white lights and three red lights.

Las Vegas strip club offers freebies for stuck travelers
Immediately you can hear the people recording the strange event speculate it was a UFO hovering above the club, and they were not alone. 8 News Now also heard from a worker at a nearby marijuana-growing business who also saw the lights. Both told 8 News Now the lights stayed in place for more than an hour.

This night the weather was relatively cool and there were low clouds — this led to speculation it was just reflections from the lights along the Las Vegas Strip. It turns out that is probably correct, but not completely correct since this had not been seen before by people in this area.

8 News Now talked with a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Las Vegas and were told that since the lights in clouds did not appear to move, and the temperature in the clouds was cold enough, there’s a good chance what people saw this night was the phenomenon called “light pillars.”

Jonathan Cahn Explains The Genesis 6:4 Connection To Aliens!

Aliens and UFOs have been in the news a lot this week.

Very interesting timing.

But are they really “aliens”?

I have been telling you for years they are not.

And so has Jonathan Cahn.

In fact, the title of his newest book is “The Return of the Gods”…and it’s all about the Genesis 6:4 connection.

And when you first hear that you might think Cahn has lost it!

And so has Noah for covering this!

Other Gods?

Doesn’t that violate the First of the Ten Commandments?

Yes, of course.

There is only one creator God.

But there are many fallen Angels who corrupted humanity and if your guard is already going up just read Genesis 6:4.

In fact, it’s a topic I’ve been covering for over 5 years now, and I’m so glad to see Jonathan Cahn now explaining it as well.

Five years ago when I reported on this, almost no one had heard of the Nephilim.

No one understood Genesis 6:4.

No one understood the true meaning of the “Giants” in the Old Testament.

But now it’s all coming out, and Jonathan Cahn is blowing the lid off it.

Here’s a quick summary from Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog:

Six-time, best-selling author and renowned Bible expert Jonathan Cahn has written a new book explaining the chaos and upheaval going on all over the world today. In a word, evil is trying to take hold of our world. Cahn’s book, “The Return of the Gods,” shows how demons and false gods are trying to repossess America. Cahn explains, “Evil is evil, and it’s manifesting in so many all across our culture—in every way. It involves falsehoods, it involves lies and changing morality on sexuality. It involves everything. Two thousand years ago, this is all they had. It was possessed back then. So, when Jesus sent the Gospel into the pagan world, it was a clash of spirits and principalities of gods. There is the One True God, and then there are the false gods. The Bible says we do not war against flesh and blood. We are not against people. We war against principalities. So, when the gospel comes in, there is this huge war. The pagans are trying to kill the Christians or you worship our gods. That’s why they were trying to kill them because Christians would not worship the gods. It was a war of the gods, but at the end of the day, the Gospel prevailed and the gods departed. The temples were emptied out. The shrines were abandoned. The gods of the ancient world were gone, but we are not just talking about gods, there are spirits behind them—demonic spirits. They don’t end, they stay there. So, the question is what would happen if the gods or the evil spirits returned to America and returned to the world? The fact is they have returned. . . . If western civilization was possessed by the evil spirits, the Gospel got rid of them. It was the greatest exorcism in history. What happens if that nation ever turns away from God? If it ever opens the door? These spirits are coming back. These ancient spirits or principalities are going to come back to our culture, to the West and to America, and they are going to come back to repossess it. They will repossess America. If you want to understand what is happening to America, it is this.”

Cahn gives several mind-blowing examples of the evil spirits “repossessing” America. Evil is in every aspect of life, and it starts in the schools, to the child sacrifice of abortion. Cahn says, “Evil always goes after the children.”

The evil spirits are helping people to “self-destruct,” according to Cahn. How do we stop this?

Cahn says, “The only thing that can save America is turning back to God. The only thing that can save America is revival. It doesn’t look likely, but God is not what looks likely. He is into surprises. People did not expect Donald Trump to be President. That was a surprise. The day I finished the book, “The Return of the Gods,” was June 24th. That was the day the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. . . . So, there is hope. As long as there is God, there is hope. . . . The question is what are we going to do about it? Are we going to be timid and let them cancel us out? Or, are we going to be bold and spread the word like the apostles did in the first century? That is what drove the gods (aka evil spirits) out. So, in many ways, it’s a big ‘If.’ God says, ‘If my people. . .’ that’s where this is.”

There is much more in the 49-minute interview.

Watch the interview right here on Greg Hunter’s channel on Rumble:

If you want more on all of this, you can preorder Jonathan Cahn’s new book here on Amazon:

And if you want more from me, I’ve written about this a lot.

Here is a recap from a previous article I had written.

Please enjoy:

A “crisis of faith” is coming soon.

I’ve been warning you for a couple years now, but recently Clif High just sounded the alarm too.

Let me start off by saying Clif High does not come from a Christian worldview.

In fact, in his latest video he explains how he is “Cathari” which is something I had not heard of before.

It sounds similar to Christianity, but many notable and large divisions.

That said, I still find Clif to be endlessly fascinating, and his research is unparalleled.

And I note that the Bible does not teach us to not interact with people of other faiths…

In fact, when Paul visited Athens, Greece in the Book of Acts, he finds a completely pagan culture made up of many gods.

What does he do?

He engages with them and shares truth with them.

From Acts 17:23:

For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: to an unknown god. So you are ignorant of the very thing you worship—and this is what I am going to proclaim to you.

So to everyone who says I should not engage with Clif or not cover him, I reject that.

I choose instead to add my perspective (which I believe is a Biblical perspective) to the conversation.

Back to Clif…

Over the years, he has had many things listed in his ALTA Reports that sounds absurd at the time he predicted them, only to have them happen nearly exactly.

I’ve covered many of those before, so I would dig into that again here, other than to note he predicted the fall of the U.S. dollar and the fall of the Federal Reserve, both of which we are currently witnessing happen right before our very eyes.

We are living through a new Bretton Woods and most people don’t even realize it.

But what I want to talk about right now isn’t financial….it’s spiritual.

And I think Clif is exactly right.

Clif predicts through his data mining work that something big is coming that will deceive many.

Sound familiar?

The Bible calls it the Great Deception.

The most common expectation is that it will include the discovery or “unveiling” that aliens are indeed here and among us.

Can you imagine that chaos that will cause?

Many expect it will be the last card the Deep State will play, because it is the absolute last card they have.

Even Ronald Reagan was talking about how an alien invasion would suddenly “unite” all of earth, remember this?

And so I believe it’s coming and so does Clif.

Many expect they will use Project BlueBeam.

Others think they will truly unveil aliens.

But I want to give you my take, so you are not caught off guard…

Do you know what the Bible says?

Do you know the Bible actually addresses this?

It’s true.

It’s right in your Bible only six chapters in, but many have never read it.

It’s in Genesis 6:4 when the Bible says the Sons of God came and had children with the Daughters of Men and they became Giant.

Let me translate…

The Sons of God are angels (fallen angels), the daughters of men are human women, they produced children and as you can imagine the hybrid beings were huge….giants!

The Bible calls them Giants or Nephilim.

The Fallen Angels are called Sons of God at times in the Bible…

The Book of Enoch calls them The Watchers.

The Sumarian Tablets call them the Anunaki.

But when you suddenly see the aliens announced and revealed, do not be caught off guard.  You must know this is in your Bible.

Yes, the real, normal Bible.

It’s all in there, look it up!

You know what else?

Once you understand that basic foundational fact (which is why it’s so early in the Bible in Genesis) then the entire rest of the Old Testament makes sense.

The Old Testament constantly talks about races of Giants…the Anakim, the Rephaim, and many others.

Remember Goliath?

He wasn’t just tall like Shaq, he was a Nephalim descendent.

And this answers one of the biggest confusions and trip-ups for most people when reading the Bible….

They start reading along and all is going good and then God orders Israel to kill everyone in one of these giant tribes.

Seems harsh.

Seems kind of like genocide.

Until you realize this was a corrupted DNA chain.

These were not fully human, they were Nephalim and the Nephalim hated humanity.  Killed humanity.  Wanted to wipe out humanity.

Now do you see why God ordered them to be wiped out when Israel would win a battle?

There’s so much in here and I’ve written about it much more extensively here:

Who Were the “Sons of God” from Genesis 6:4? Three Theories.

And here:

DISCLOSURE Is Coming: Why It Has Everything To Do With Christianity — Matthew 24:24

So I write this to make sure you are not caught unaware…

Do not be alarmed and do not be deceived when this happens.

And according to Clif, his data shows it’s very likely to happen soon — as in, within a few months.

Don’t think the Bible is obsolete or irreleveant.

Hardly the case!

The Bible has been telling us the truth since it was written and it’s ALL OVER the Old Testament, we just haven’t opened our eyes long enough to read it and notice what’s in there.

And now that I’ve shared my take, I give you Clif High and his most recent warning which caused me to write this article.

I’m sure the comments below this article will be wild, and that’s ok….I look forward to reading them.

Now please enjoy Clif and his warning:

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”360″]

More here:

Declassified Documents Reveal Aliens Are “Fallen Angels”

ATTENTION: do NOT dismiss this without first giving me a chance to explain it to you.

No, this is not fake.

No, this is not satire.

No, this is not “conspiracy theory”.

And a big thank you goes out to two different readers who both sent me this video at almost the same time.  It caught my attention and as I watched it I realized they were dead on, right over the target.

It’s a lot to take in, but stick with me.

Because it’s researched, documented and real.

It’s even documented in the Bible in Genesis 6:4, so I’m bringing to you a story that is 100% told and backed up in the Bible, as well as now declassified official U.S. Government documents.

This article and the information in this article come from declassified FBI documents and there is one thing that is abundantly clear if you spend even 5 or 10 minutes looking into this, and that is that the government fully believes this is real and they believe they are communicating with real entites.

They also don’t believe they are “aliens” although they’re happy to let you believe that.

The real truth is that these programs existing, a veil was torn open through Demonic actions that the Bible warns us very specifically to not engage in, and ever since then we’ve been scrambling to contain it (without success).

That’s not MY opinion…that’s what the documents tell us.

So believe them or not, but I’m telling you documented fact from the FBI and from many other sources.

It’s basically the plot line of Stranger Things if you’ve seen that show.

Remember in Seasons 1 and 2 when they’re trying to shoot the laser beam into that blog to cut through it?

That’s a visual representation of what our government and Jack Parsons literally did in their Babylon Working Ritual over 50 years ago.

Again folks, this is not my opinion or my imagination, these are documented events.

Oh, and one other point: why do you think the Bible specifically warns against messing with this type of stuff?

You have two choices in how you answer that question, either: (1) because it’s fake and a waste of time, or (2) because it’s real and it’s very dangerous.

Which do you think is more likely?

Now let’s talk Jack Parsons.

Many people think NASA’s JPL laboratory stands for Jet Propulsion Laboratories, but most admit it actually stands for Jack Parsons Labs.

Jack Parsons had NO professional rocket science training, but suddenly emerged in the 1940s and 1950s as one of the leading rocket engineers (hey, kind of sounds like a guy who’s name rhymes with Skeelon Rusk, huh?).

So where did he get all of his knowledge to build these never-before-seen rocket ships?

The now-declassified FBI documents tell us quite clearly he got it from summoning demonic entities, most infamously at his Babylon Working ceremony where he opened a portal.

PAUSE: I tell you again, this is not my imagination running wild, this is documented.

But then we get to the story of a group called the Collins Elite.

Interestingly, there is almost ZERO record of the Collins Elite if you search Google…completely wiped out.

You will find more on DuckDuckGo.

The Collins Elite were a group of high level government agents who started working on the problem created by Jack Parsons, namely, the problem of him opening this portal and not being able to close it.

So what does the government do?

They do the only thing they know that works: they repeat what Parsons was doing.

They do the same demonic ceremonies and rituals.

But a small group who later coalesced as the “Collins Elite” spoke out against this.  As Christians, they recognized this was wrong, and the ends did not justify the means.

So they worked to stop it.

This entire story is in the newly declassified documents and this video below does such a wonderful job explaining it all in an easy to understand way.

Watch here and then scroll down for links and sources to everything as backup:

Backup here on Rumble if needed:

I have no affiliation, just a fan, but you can see all of their films here:

Now let’s give you some of those FBI declassified documents, shall we?

You can Google Search FBI File 6751 and find all of this yourself, right on the official FBI website and FBI Vault.

Test me out and check me….it’s real.

The FBI says it’s their most popular file in the entire database:

It’s the most popular file in the FBI Vault—our high-tech electronic reading room housing various Bureau records released under the Freedom of Information Act. Over the past two years, this file has been viewed nearly a million times. Yet, it is only a single page, relaying an unconfirmed report that the FBI never even followed up on.

The file in question is a memo dated March 22, 1950—63 years ago last week. It was authored by Guy Hottel, then head of our field office in Washington, D.C. (see sidebar below for a brief biography). Like all memos to FBI Headquarters at that time, it was addressed to Director J. Edgar Hoover and recorded and indexed in FBI records.

The subject of the memo was anything but ordinary. It related a story told to one of our agents by a third party who said an Air Force investigator had reported that three “flying saucers” were recovered in New Mexico. The memo provided the following detail:

“They [the saucers] were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only three feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed fliers and test pilots.”

After relaying an informant’s claim that the saucers had been found because the government’s “high-powered radar” in the area had interfered with “the controlling mechanism of the saucers,” the memo ends simply by saying that “[n]o further evaluation was attempted” concerning the matter by the FBI agent.

Guy Hottel Biography

Guy Hottel

Guy L. Hottel was born around 1902. He was a graduate of George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where he was a star football player. He was later inducted into the university’s athletic hall of fame. He entered the FBI as a special agent in 1934. In December 1936, he was named acting head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office; he was appointed special agent in charge the following May and served until March 1941. Hottel was re-appointed special agent in charge in February 1943 and served until 1951, when he took a position in the Identification Division. He retired in 1955. Hottel was married three times and had two sons. Following his FBI career, Hottel served as executive secretary of the Horseman’s Benevolent Association. He died in June 1990.

That might have been the end of this particular story, just another informational dead end in the FBI files. But when we launched the Vault in April 2011, some media outlets noticed the Hottel memo and erroneously reported that the FBI had posted proof of a UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico and the recovery of wreckage and alien corpses. The resulting stories went viral, and traffic to the new Vault soared.

So what’s the real story? A few facts to keep in mind:

First, the Hottel memo isn’t new. It was first released publicly in the late 1970s and had been posted on the FBI website for several years prior to the launch of the Vault.

Second, the Hottel memo is dated nearly three years after the infamous events in Roswell in July 1947. There is no reason to believe the two are connected. The FBI file on Roswell (another popular page) is posted elsewhere on the Vault.

Third, as noted in an earlier story, the FBI has only occasionally been involved in investigating reports of UFOs and extraterrestrials. For a few years after the Roswell incident, Director Hoover did order his agents—at the request of the Air Force—to verify any UFO sightings. That practice ended in July 1950, four months after the Hottel memo, suggesting that our Washington Field Office didn’t think enough of that flying saucer story to look into it.

Finally, the Hottel memo does not prove the existence of UFOs; it is simply a second- or third-hand claim that we never investigated. Some people believe the memo repeats a hoax that was circulating at that time, but the Bureau’s files have no information to verify that theory.

You can go to the FBI Vault and read the entire 69 declassified pages here:

Now for proof of the Babylon Working Ritual.

It’s all documented out in the open on Wikipedia:

The Babalon Working was a series of magic ceremonies or rituals performed from January to March 1946 by author, pioneer rocket-fuel scientist and occultist Jack Parsons and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.[1] This ritual was essentially designed to manifest an individual incarnation of the archetypal divine feminine called Babalon. The project was based on the ideas of Aleister Crowley, and his description of a similar project in his 1917 novel Moonchild.[2]

Rituals of the working

Almost immediately after Parsons declared that the first of the series of rituals was complete and successful, he met Marjorie Cameron in his own home, and regarded her as the elemental that he and Hubbard had called through the ritual.[3] Soon Parsons began the next stage of the series, an attempt to conceive a child through sex magic workings. Although no child was conceived, this did not affect the result of the ritual to that point. Parsons and Cameron, who Parsons now regarded as the Scarlet Woman, Babalon, called forth by the ritual, soon married.[citation needed]

The rituals performed drew largely upon rituals and sex magic described by English author and occult teacher Aleister Crowley. Crowley was in correspondence with Parsons during the course of the Babalon Working, and warned Parsons of his potential overreactions to the magic he was performing, while simultaneously deriding Parsons’ work to others.[4]

Oh, I’m not saying it’s GOOD…but I am saying it’s REAL.

So, is the “Alien Disclosure” False Flag event next on the horizon?

I think so.

Here’s something we covered just a few weeks ago:

A “Wild Theory” On What Happens Next…

A reader sent me this video and I actually found it interesting enough to share with you.

So thank you to the very kind lady who send me this (name withheld for privacy).

This is a short 2-3 minute video where this lady talks about what she thinks is going to happen next on the world stage.

She literally says it’s her “wild theory” about what happens next, but…

…you know what?

I mostly agree with her.

I think it’s the last card they have left to play and I think they’ll play it soon.

Watch the short clip here and then I’ll give you more thoughts:


What’re your thoughts on this??😳 #usairforce #newlogo #thoughts #theory #brainwash #program #mindcontrol #ufo #aliens

♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

I also found her two Bible verses interesting.

I had never made the connection about two verses mentioning the River Euphrates drying up in end times, and it’s fascinating that is literally happening right now!

So let’s look at those verses, here is the first from Revelation 9:

13 The sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard a voice coming from the four horns of the golden altar that is before God. 14 It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” 15 And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind. 16 The number of the mounted troops was twice ten thousand times ten thousand. I heard their number.

And the second from Revelation 16:

12 The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East. 13 Then I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 14 They are demonic spirits that perform signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty.

Ok, here’s my take on those verses.

The first verse appears to talk about God’s angels, not fallen Angels or Nephilim.  So I’m not sure I agree with that interpretation.

But the second one literally talks about demonic spirits being involved.

And they both clearly talk about the River Euphrates drying up as a key sign.

So…my overall take?

I’ve actually been warning you about this for many years.

I’ll repost that information below because you need to read it.

You need to be informed about what’s coming.

You need to be prepared and not caught off guard.

Do I think an “alien invasion” is coming?

Yes I do.

Or at least I think that’s how they will try to describe it!

Important difference.


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