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Why Did President Trump Push The Vaccine?

“Why did President Trump push the vaccine?”

That’s the single biggest question I get every single day from readers.

I get it.

I’m with you.

And I don’t have all the answers.

But I do think I have a general idea of what happened and why.

For a long time, my world view was mostly black and white.

Something was either Black or it was White.

Not a lot of room for the middle.

The only problem with that is the world is almost never entirely Black or White.

The real world operates in many shades of grey.

And especially when you get into military operations and counter-operations, you find many varying levels of grey, going back and forth.

And I think that’s what we were dealing with when the Planned-Demic hit.

I think they dropped something so evil and vile on President Trump that he was doomed to be hurt no matter which direction he went.

I also think we haven’t even scratched the surface of knowing what devastation was on the table and what could have happened if President Trump had chosen a different route.

So while I don’t profess to know the full details, I think this Tweet thread below is in the neighborhood of what likely happened behind the scenes.

I think rPOTUS made the best decision available to him in light of several bad options he had to deal with.

I think he chose the option with the least death and destruction available to him.

Read this thread for more and then I’ll dive into even more details down below:


Now let’s go even deeper…

REVEALED: The Real Reason Trump Keeps Pushing The Vaccine?

The single biggest question I get from readers about President Trump is: Why is he still pushing the vaccine?

I’ve read your comments…

I’ve read your emails…

I know it’s the #1 issue.

And for me to.

But I know a couple things…

First, I know Trump isn’t dumb.

He’s usually 5 steps ahead of everyone, including you and me.

I also know he has a big history of being anti-vax.

Did you know that?

It’s all documented.

So….what is going on?

Well, I’ve always assumed he had a bigger plan at play with the vaccine….perhaps a very long term play.

There are a few different theories of what that may be, and Patrick Bet David just laid out one that I think makes a TON of sense.

Watch here:

PBD continues to win me over with his great insights.

What do you think?

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Here’s More:

Praying Medic just posted an excellent video digging into one of the questions that most bothers people these days (myself included).

Namely, why is President Trump pushing the vax?

It’s a great question, and on the surface it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

After all, President Trump has been famously anti-vax or at least very skeptical of vaccines in the past, since as early as 2014 and even in the primary debates.

So why change now?

Well, maybe it actually makes more sense than you think.

Watch this from Praying Medic on Rumble:

And here’s more…..

This next part is from a reader….

It looks like this originally comes from @NicholasVeniamin so credit to him for putting this together.

Why is President Trump pushing the vaccine?

This may help give some insight:

Q NEWS OFFICIAL TV #WWG1WGA 💛🇺🇸, [Apr 15, 2021 at 00:29]
See below
Why President Trump has HAD to endorse these deadly vaccines:
(1) He is part of a military operation
(2) The globalists’ plan involved starting COVID after the 2016 election (which they assumed Hillary would win). When she didn’t, they waited until the last year of DJT’s term to roll it out for several reasons:
(A) It provided cover for election fraud
(B) To start the depopulation
(C) To begin widespread fear and control
(D) To not give President Trump enough time to make a vaccine (so that they could present one that could be approved by the FDA and MANDATED FOR ALL)
(3) DJT had to make a countermove: to get rid of COVID and all of the fear and control that goes with it, to expose Big Pharma, and to ensure a quick vaccine that (due to being rushed) would have to be labeled experimental and thus NOT be mandated
(4) He had to weigh both options:
(A) Tell America that the vaccines are a Big Pharma / globalist plan to depopulate the world, or
(B) Endorse it
(A) If he warned everyone, the media would mock him, call him a failure, hype COVID all the more, and demand a real vaccine. He wouldn’t be able to expose election fraud, make thousands of arrests, expose the Deep State plan, and turn things around on a wide scale with the public waking up. He would have had to stop the election fraud before it could be seen and take office for the second term, thus forcing his hand and resulting in chaos and an unavoidable civil war with the mainstream media stoking the flames and increasing public terror
(B) By endorsing it (but placing truthful info in alternative news sights), the Deep State’s vaccine HAD to remain experimental and thus NOT mandatory (which was NOT part of their plan). If DJT can turn this around on a wide scale in the upcoming month or so, he can stop the momentum, have WAY less deaths, and get the vaccinated sheep to med beds. In war, sometimes you have to choose between two bad options. Given the globalists’ strategy, DJT and the military chose the path with the fewest casualties, and that is to keep going with the facade of publicly endorsing the toxic (but NOT MANDATORY) vaccine. The alternative would have been FAR more deadly for all of us in so many ways. Had an approved MANDATED vaccine been created by the Deep State, it would be killing millions more right now. God bless America and the World.

Isn’t that excellent?

And I have even more for you.

A few weeks ago, my friend Daniel Lee made a video giving you his thoughts on what is going on and I thought it was absolutely excellent.

Then he made another one today that added even more thoughts.

Kudos to Daniel on these videos, and I think you will really enjoy them.

Here is the first one that you can watch safely here on Rumble:

And here is the most recent one from today.

Look at that beautiful scenery in Tulsa!


Watch here on Rumble:

Ok let me know what YOU think.

Love to get your thoughts after you watch.

Let me know if you think this makes sense…..

And also let me know if you personally will get the vaccine or have gotten the vaccine…..👇

NATIONAL POLL: Will You Get The COVID Vaccine?

Love to hear your thoughts!


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