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Satellite footage Shows Canadian Fires Set By Arson? DEW?

Buckle up…

I think we all suspected this in our guts.

At least those of us who are still clear and critical thinkers.

But now it’s looking like we might have some evidence to support the claims.

Were these Canadian wildfires set on purpose?

And of course the follow-up question beyond that is, if so, was it a government or quasi-government group that did it?

I have my suspicions.

But now let’s look at the evidence.

Starting here:

Then go to the College of DuPage Meteorology Department:

A lot more here:

From our friends over at LifeSiteNews:

As the mainstream media continues to blame “climate change” for the fires in Quebec, satellite footage shows the mysterious simultaneous eruption of several blazes across the province, which is experiencing its worst-ever fire season.

While not widely published, The Toronto Sun revealed that Quebec police are investigating possible arson attacks as the cause of the province’s wildfires.

“There is an investigation because the cause is suspect,” Surtee de Quebec media officer Hugues Beaulieu said.

After the wildfires initially erupted in Alberta, they have now spread across Canada, forcing many citizens to evacuate their homes, while others are affected by poor air quality as far as New York City.

Quebec fires are not the only outbreaks to have suspicious origins. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have arrested several arsonists, who have been charged with lighting fires across several provinces, including Nova Scotia, Yukon, British Columbia, and Alberta.

The motive behind lighting the fires is unclear, but they have all taken place in the same time period.

Albertan John Cook has been arrested and charged with 10 counts of arson after setting a string of wildfires in and around Cold Lake, a hamlet near Edmonton.

Additionally, Cook was charged with setting fire to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Cherry Grove, Alberta.

Despite the numerous arrests, mainstream media outlets continue to publish articles attributing the wildfires to climate change.

“Rise in extreme wildfires linked directly to emissions from oil companies in new study,” the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported.

“Canadian forest fires are the latest costly climate disaster that public accounts fail to capture,” another CBC headline read.

“Climate change is increasing the risks of wildfires in the country, experts say,” Global News attested.

Was it a “DEW” attack?

Remember when a DEW was suspected and all but confirmed in the Colorado wildfires?

Here’s what we published in 2022:

“DEW” Attack Suspected In Unprecedented Colorado Fires

Just yesterday, I brought you Hank Kunneman’s prophetic word for 2022…

Among other things, he said people would routinely be saying “We’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Well, it turns out that things are starting already, as the fires in Colorado can only be described as “unprecedented”.

The story is odd for several reasons.

One: I follow the news pretty close and I haven’t seen much coverage of this story.

I only see it mostly online.

You’d think that when an entire neighborhood is charred to a crisp and burned to the ground in a scene that looks like the after-effects of an attack from the Crystalline Entity it would get some news coverage.

But this had been oddly, largely ignored.

Second: have you ever in your life heard of wildfires in Colorado in the dead of winter in a suburban neighborhood?

I haven’t.

Seems very strange.

And the direction and intensity of the fire seems almost artificial.

It’s why many online are beginning to ask if this was a Directed Energy Weapon attack, otherwise known as a “DEW”.

I’m not saying it was or it wasn’t, but I am saying I appreciate the people who are asking the question and digging into it.

Here’s a sampling of what some are saying online:

Straight out of ST:TNG when the Crystalline Entity attacks:

None of it seems to make much sense:

Here are more details from ABC News:

Thousands of people are being asked to evacuate immediately and hundreds of buildings have already been lost as winds fuel fast-spreading wildfires in Boulder County, Colorado.

Several small grass fires, sparked by downed power lines amid gusty winds in central Colorado, according to the Boulder County sheriff, have grown into raging blazes Thursday afternoon.

Of two wildfires burning, the most significant — the Marshall Fire — was first reported after 11 a.m. Thursday and has since “ballooned” to approximately 1,600 acres, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle told reporters during a press briefing.

“We’ve been really concerned about the speed of the fire,” Pelle said. “This was consuming football-field lengths of land in seconds.”

Louisville, Colorado, with a population of about 20,000, is being asked to evacuate due to the Marshall Fire, according to the Boulder Office of Emergency Management. The entire city of Superior, Colorado, with a population of about 13,000 people, is also being asked to evacuate due to that fire.

Here are more videos live on the scene:

And from an airplane:

Of course the MSM and lefties can only blame “climate change”:

It indeed may be “man made”…..but in what way?

Climate change?


Or something else…?

It looks like we might be on to something about the Canadian Wildfires / New York City situation…

Here are a bunch of questions we posted this week:

Is Something More Happening In NYC?

This article is going to ask more questions than it answers.

And that’s ok.

News reporting and investigation is often about asking many questions until you are finally led to the truth.

So I’m going to ask a bunch of questions and perhaps we will all find the truth together as we continue to explore.

And we’re talking specifically about the NYC orange skyline.

Here is a pretty stunning timelapse:

I’m not saying that what is happening in New York right now is anything other than the official narrative they’ve been feeding to you very hard, but I am saying this….

First, I’m saying I don’t trust the MSM at all.

They’ve lied to us about nearly everything and we learned that over the last 8 years.

So…why would I believe they’re suddenly telling us the truth about why New York City just turned orange?

At the very least, why would I believe it without doing some critical thinking and investigation of my own?

Second, I’ve never seen anything like this before ever in my life.

Have you?

Not even similar.

So…a personal using all their 5 senses and critical thinking skills would first ask primary questions: is it possible, or even perhaps MORE likely, that what’s happening here is NOT caused by wildfires from a different country?

Next I have to ask this question: why is New York City orange but no other places?

Why isn’t Canada even MORE orange than New York City?

But you aren’t seeing those pictures, are you?

If the fires are so big and so bad that they can turn New York City orange hundreds of miles away, shouldn’t Canada be bright orange?

But it’s not.

On a related note, here is an email I received from a reader this morning (name redacted for privacy):

That reader brings up the exact question I have been wondering about.

This reader lives in upstate New York, which is much closer to the alleged Canadian wildfires.

Yet their air quality is only 188 while NYC is 400+ (higher is worse).

Their sky is also not orange.

Oh I know, the answer is always how it’s so complex and complex weather patterns and well “you just couldn’t possibly understand”.

Ok then.

Just a very strange coincidence that these weather patterns travelled hundreds of miles and somehow exactly struck New York City huh?

My friend Chris Greene from AMTV is also asking questions and wondering if there was a bomb that went off or something intentionally done:

And let me ask you a question: if this was an intentional strike, would you know?

HOW would you know?

How could you tell?

Or do you just swallow up the MSM story and learn nothing from the last 8 years?

Also, why are we not seeing much footage of the Canadian wildfires?

Check out this 5 minute video from ABC News, which is chalked full of photos and videos from NYC and not one single photo or video of the Canadian fires.

Strange, right?

This next video does claim to show the Canadian wildfires, but what exactly is that they’re dropping out of the plane in the first 30 seconds of this video?

Is it just me or does it look like they’re literally spraying FIRE (not water) into the forrest?

Watch for yourself:

Many people online are making connections to fictional books and movies and noting how similar this is all playing out:

Stew Peters posted this video of a Canadian farmer who reports seeing a mushroom cloud before the fires erupted:

Almost an exact replica of Blade Runner?

Then we have this…..

Remember back in May when 30,000-60,000 tons of Ammonium Nitrate suddenly went missing?

Did we just find it?

We covered the story when it happened back in May:

60,000 Pounds of Chemical Used in Explosives Goes Missing

I did a little research to see if what DEL posted above is accurate and/or scientifically possible.

So I asked ChatGPT and here's what I found out.

First I asked this and found out basically the answer is no:

And if I were running a "Fact Check" the way the hack-MSM runs fact checks, I'd stop there and declare it false.

But I actually have a brain attached to my body, so I asked a follow-up question:

So there you go.

Could an iron-containing compound have been mixed with the Ammonium Nitrate and then released into the air in a strategic strike on NYC?

I'm not saying that DID happen, but I am saying I'm not ruling it out.

And make sure you read the last part of that message: it could increase the risk of unintended reactions or hazards.

In other words, it could be highly toxic.

I'd love to know what you think about all this...


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