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WATCH: President Trump Headed To The Supreme Court?

While Joe Biden took classified documents as Vice President of the United States and held those documents in unsecured locations, he is facing zero legal scrutiny.

Instead, the deep state and the political establishment have chosen to go after President Trump—a former U.S. President who not only had the authority to take those documents but also maintained contact with the proper authorities (NARA) regarding the documents.

Everyone knew that President Trump had the documents—it isn’t as if he attempted to keep this fact hidden.

Additionally, the documents were kept under lock & key—under the watchful eye of the Secret Service. …

I can’t say the same for the documents strewn all over Chinatown and Joe Biden’s classic Corvette.

The federal Trump indictment represents the decline of a nation well on its way to becoming a banana republic.

Many believe that President Trump will win this case. …However, many also claim that it will take the help of the Supreme Court to undo this grave miscarriage of justice.

legal expert Mike Davis recently told Jesse Watters of Fox News:

The Trump Train claimed:

“Clarence Thomas and other Justices of the Supreme Court will intervene in the fraudulent indictment against President Trump and restore order to our justice system. Who else wants the SCOTUS to make a ruling in the bogus indictment?”


Trending Politics provided this quote from Davis:

“Trump could try to move to dismiss the indictment, the sufficiency of the indictment early on because there’s not a legal basis for the indictment.

The Presidential Records Act, not the Espionage Act, applies.

I doubt a uni-party judge is going to go along with that, and so this will probably have to get resolved by the Supreme Court…

At the end of the day Trump may get elected in 2024 as a convicted felon who the Supreme Court has to reverse his conviction because it’s a bogus fiction,” Davis added.

Leo Donofrio explained that under 18 USC 793(E), President Trump cannot be prosecuted over the documents case.

Donofrio tweeted, “In 1998 SCOTUS held “willfully” means done with criminal intent. CNN article states why Trump mistakenly thought retention was legal. Mistake isn’t scienter. Trump had to KNOW it was illegal. Obv he didn’t.”

Steve Bannon echoed similar sentiments and believes President Trump will win this case, though it may require the Supreme Court.

CNN attempted to ‘fact-check’ the claim that the Presidential Records Act did afford President Trump the right to take the documents.

Of course, as Leo Donofrio points out above, obviously President Trump did and still does think that he has this right—absolving him of criminal culpability under the Espionage Act.

CNN writes:

Trump’s claim is false. The Presidential Records Act says that, the moment a president leaves office, NARA gets custody and control of all presidential records from his administration.

Nothing in the law says there should be a negotiation between a former president and NARA over a former president’s return of presidential documents – much less that there should have been a monthslong battle after NARA first contacted Trump’s team in 2021 to try to get some of the records that had not been handed over at the end of his presidency.


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