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WATCH: Police Bodycam Captures UFO On Tape

The UFO topic has been receiving a lot of attention lately. …

This week, WLTR reported that an intelligence whistleblower came forward to blow the lid off of a UFO crash retrieval program run by the U.S. government.

Moreover, the whistleblower made the startling claim that the U.S. has even recovered non-human, extraterrestrial bodies. …

Given these serious allegations made by a credible, high-level intelligence official, this next story won’t sound so farfetched.

According to reports, one Las Vegas family claimed that a UFO landed in or around the vicinity of their backyard and that they witnessed 8-10 ft, alien creatures.

The family then proceeded to call the police. …

Not only did one of the responding officers tell the family that another officer had seen an object falling out of the sky, but video evidence of the object was also captured on a police body camera. …

Here’s what we currently know:

Here is one of the members of the Las Vegas family providing his first-hand account of the events of that night:

CBS 8 Las Vegas provided its own coverage of the event.

CBS 8 News Now Las Vegas didn’t fail to report on the events of that night:

On April 30 around 11:50 p.m., a Las Vegas Metro police officer’s body camera video recorded as something streaked low across the sky.

Several people across eastern California, Nevada and Utah reported seeing the flash, according to the American Meteor Society.

Sources tell the 8 News Now Investigators that it is likely something crashed into the yard, but exactly what remained unclear more than a month later. Drone video showed a circular imprint in the dirt.

Here is a snapshot of the family’s backyard and the alleged landing site of the mysterious object associated with the 8-10 ft tall beings.

The Gateway Pundit provided details of the phone call between the Las Vegas family and 911-dispatch:

While on the phone with emergency dispatch, the seemingly frightened caller reported, “They’re like 8 foot, 9 feet, 10 foot. They look like aliens to us.”

“They have big eyes,” he continued, “Like, I can’t explain it, and big mouth. They’re shiny eyes and they’re human. They’re 100% not human.”

Police were quick to respond — arriving to the scene just 30 minutes after their own observations of the unidentified phenomena.


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