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DOJ Moves To Make January 6th Political Prisoners Completely Helpless

There can be no two ways about it: the January 6th detainees are political prisoners.

If the D.C. establishment was truly interested in ‘law & order’, they wouldn’t have allowed the massive election fraud that took place during the 2020 election. …

They wouldn’t tolerate BLM riots. …

They wouldn’t be sending billions to one of the most corrupt countries on Earth. …

They wouldn’t have attempted to undermine and remove a duly elected President of the United States, for all four years of his Presidency. …

They wouldn’t have engaged in a scheme that would put Watergate to shame. …

They wouldn’t turn a blind eye to Pelosi’s insider trading.

They wouldn’t have handed out 18-year prison sentences to people who attended a protest that became rowdy.

I can go on and on, but my point is clear: not only does the D.C. establishment fail to preserve law and order, they openly engage in lawlessness and encourage a lack of order.

Justice would have been leaving most of the January 6th protesters alone, and, perhaps, charging some people with disorderly conduct and defacing public property.

The very few people who could have potentially been dragged into a court of law should have received no more than a fine or some community service. …

Not a single one of them should be serving 18 years in prison.

Their sentencing and treatment by the Department of Justice is nothing short of criminal and inhumane; however, things just went from bad to worse for the many political prisoners held by the Biden regime.

According to recent reports, the DOJ is now moving to strip the January 6th political prisoners of donations made for their legal defense funds.

I cannot think of a more un-American thing to do; this is truly a play right out of the communist playbook.

Ford Fischer shared this headline:

One recent demonstration showcased grassroots support for the January 6th political prisoners.

The Associated Press reports:

The Justice Department now wants Goodwyn to give up more than $25,000 he raised — a clawback that is part of a growing effort by the government to prevent rioters from being able to personally profit from participating in the attack that shook the foundations of American democracy.

An Associated Press review of court records shows that prosecutors in the more than 1,000 criminal cases from Jan. 6, 2021, are increasingly asking judges to impose fines on top of prison sentences to offset donations from supporters of the Capitol rioters.

Others voiced their support for the political prisoners online, comparing the January 6th detainees to prisoners of war.

Washington Examiner reminded readers that Kamala Harris prompted and spearheaded similar campaigns for violent and heinous criminals:

Harris tweeted in favor of the bail fund on June 1, two-and-a-half months before she was tapped for the Democratic ticket with Biden, a two-term vice president and 36-year Delaware senator.

Her advocacy of the bail fund has the potential to play into President Trump’s “soft on crime” charge against the Biden ticket.

Harris, in pushing the bail fund, implicity brings her expertise from a career in law enforcement, including six years as California attorney general and seven years as San Francisco district attorney.


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