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Kari Lake + Grant Cardone + The TRUTH About Ballot TAMPERING

Two of my favorites…

Grant Cardone, who is a take-no-prisoners real estate mogul and Kari Lake who has the BDE….together in one interview.

Cardone is everywhere right now, and he’s much better in a solo video or as the Guest vs. being the interview, but major props to him for bringing Kari Lake on his show to cover this topic.

It was a great interview, and you’re going to like Kari Lake even more after you watch this.



Here’s the full transcript:

look I’m a big fan my wife’s a big fan like about 50 percent of the country you know
um first of all I’d like more than that say again I think we’re the majority I think it’s more than 50 okay okay so I
want to make sure my audience knows who you are and what you stand for and most importantly what’s going on behind the
scenes um let’s just start with what happened uh what happened in Arizona with your run for governor for those people that
might not know well you know I’m just a regular mom I have two children and for almost 30
years I um was a broadcast journalist and I was blessed to have a career here
in Arizona that spanned 27 of those 30 years 22 as the main news voice and news
um face um of the fox affiliate here but during covet I decided I could no longer do
that job it I felt that it had become propaganda and I didn’t want to lend my heart and soul to it so I stepped away
and I let the people of Arizona who’d been so gracious and letting me into their homes for all those years I let
them know why I was leaving and an amazing thing happened they started to reach out to me by the thousands tens of
thousands and they asked me to run for office I mean initially I laughed and said you
got to be kidding me why would I leave the corrupt world of news and go into the even more corrupt slimy world of
politics but I had this moment where I thought you know that’s maybe what God freed me up
for Wow and um so I decided to jump into politics maybe I was naive I didn’t know
it was as as dirty as it is but I I figured that’s what our founding fathers envisioned that regular people like you
and me and everybody out there would step in and run for office and and give back and we led the most amazing
movement 525 days on the campaign Trail we we led a movement of moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas and students
who were tired of the status quo tired of what’s happening in Arizona and the destruction and and a horror at our
border and um we LED an incredible movement and I believe we won the election in a
landslide but the corrupt people who run our elections in Arizona could not have
an outsider who is going to shut down the crimes at the border and so they rigged our election and they took the
vote away from the people and I will tell you what the
people of Arizona are Furious they’re so happy be that I’m
fighting we’re fighting this election on November 8th when they they shut down election day voting basically 60 percent
61 percent of voting locations all in Republican areas were inoperational not
working there were four and five and six hour long lines and when people showed up and got to the front of the line to
vote the tabulator machines rejected the ballots they intentionally print the wrong image on the ballots it’s
disgusting what they did to the people and they thought me being a newbie and being a woman in politics would just
walk away and say well we’ll try next time yeah but they truly mess with the wrong woman because I will never back
down as long as they’re trampling our sacred vote I Will Never back down so Carrie so like when people I think when
people hear rigged uh and you know it was stolen the first
I know for myself the first you know response for me is like you know come on how can something be I
want to believe in the system right and I want to believe that people are good and that you know that the voting’s not
rigged and people are fair in business and uh FBI is not corrupt and all that right so how
do those people that don’t believe that that’s possible how do they start wrapping their heads around hey it is
possible that that elections can be rigged and that you can also lose your appeal or in
court because didn’t you lose recently in court or what we’re going to trial tomorrow our
trial starts tomorrow we have a three-day trial listen I want to believe all that too I want to believe in Santa
Claus I want to believe in the Easter Bunny yeah yeah but we’re living in a rough and tumble world yeah and you know
for starters tell everybody to stop tuning in to the fake news they’re not even covering our case it’s disgusting
the people of Arizona have been done wrong they intentionally printed the wrong
image on the ballot on election day knowing that our voters were showing up on Election Day they printed a 19-inch
image rather than the 20-inch image and that jammed the machines a quarter of a million ballots were spit out and
tomorrow we’re taking the signature verification aspect to court they didn’t follow signature verification laws and
rules and they didn’t truly match signatures they let hundreds of thousands of bogus ballots be counted
you know I can’t I can’t force everyone to sit down and stare at the evidence there’s a mountain of evidence both 2020
and 2022 our case has gotten further than any other case I think we have a corrupt Judicial System unfortunately
and I don’t know what the results will be I don’t know if we’ll get a fair ruling but I do know the truth yeah I
know that we won and we won in a landslide and I’ve seen the evidence I’ve I’ve seen The Whistleblower
evidence I can’t force people to sit down and look at it some people don’t know where to find it they can follow
along our case and go to and see our uh our court case which we’ve got all of the documents there
it happened and it’s happening all the time just today in Kentucky they have an election and I’m getting word out of
Kentucky that oh my goodness the machines aren’t working oh the e-polls are not working
they can’t win on their ideas and they don’t want Outsiders who haven’t been
hand-picked by the UNA party to win and they will do anything to stop us they
did this with President Trump in 2016 when they when he won and you think you think he was that that election was
stolen as well no I think 2016 they they did not plan for him to win and and so many people
showed up they didn’t expect him to win and they freaked out and then they started the Russia collusion the you
know uh the Russia the p-tape as they call it and they started investigating
him saying Russia was involved Russia Russia Russia we just found out yesterday in the Durham report that it
was all bogus we went they dragged our country through seven years of Hell
saying there was Russia collusion that Trump was working with the Russians it was all a lie it was proven yesterday
the news is complicit in that life and they’ve been direct and then 2020 rolled
around and they went okay now what do we do and they stole that election Joe Biden did not win 81 million votes we
got to start using our Common Sense here even if you don’t look at the evidence just use your common sense
and and they’re going to continue to do this unless people like me and hopefully
you and the people watching stand up put our foot down and say hell no we’re not
leaving our country in ruins for our children I will not leave my country to
my children as a communist nation and that’s where they’re dragging us that’s where they’re taking us and we’re going
to fight in court for three days I don’t know what the outcome will be it’s going to be up to a judge named Peter Thompson
but I will be damned if I stop even after that we’re going to the U.S Supreme Court and we will get our
elections turned around come hell or high water I want every Democrat every independent and every Republican to go
to the polls on Election Day and know that they’re one legal vote counts and that at the end of the day whoever the
winner is we can trust in the system and we have faith and right now 62 percent of Voters have no faith in our elections
we can’t go on that way so Carrie explain to me the 19-inch and the 20 inch image okay I only vote you know
every four years or two years in some cases but so what is the 19-inch image
when I put it in the machine the machine kicks it if it’s the wrong size and then the second part of that is why would
just your voters get that and not the other side well 75 of the people showing up on
Election Day were my voters and they knew that it was it was very obvious the Republicans
um in Arizona don’t trust our elections because we had such a nightmare in 2020. so knowing that they intentionally
printed the wrong image on the ballot I don’t know if I had it sitting in front of me but imagine if you have a ballot
uh let me look down here some of the papers I have in front of me no I don’t have it in front of me but imagine if
you uh they hand you the ballot they print our ballots right there at the um at the polling place on Election Day you
give them your ID that’s the handful I’m hand filling the ballot out right yeah when you show up on Election Day they
print it out there and they find out what what legislative district you’re in they print the ballots called ballot on demand okay and they printed it out and
um it’s it’s really sneaky actually because the average person nobody would recognize it they have a 20 inch piece
of paper because that’s how big our ballot was and normally the 20-inch ballot would be printed on that the
image and it goes right to the edge well they printed a 19-inch image it came a little bit further in on all of the
corners but it wasn’t enough for any person to think that something was going on however
these tabulators are sensitive they were they were coded to tabulate a 20-inch
image and so when people showed up on Election Day they put their ballot into the tabulator after they voted and it
spit it out because the the tabulator read it as a paper Jab and it was it was coded to do that they
planned on having that happen it’s it’s absolutely horrifying that they did that uh unfortunately our case the next three
days is not about that our case the next three days is about signature verification which is the only security
feature that mail-in ballots have and mail-in ballots um I think we had a one in 1.5 million
of them counted here in Arizona and that when you sign the outside of it you are basically signing your name
uh verifying that that’s that ballot is yours and they’re required by law to
match your name on file with the name on that envelope and they’re not doing that we have three whistleblowers who came
forward and said they’re not doing it they are pushing forward a bunch of um bogus ballots that have no signatures
or mismatched signatures and we’re going to prove that over the next three days so
man I can’t it’s so hard to wrap my head around like with technology the way it
is I mean we’re talking about artificial intelligence the metaverse and we can’t even get the voting like
uh you know shocking to me that we can’t if we’re talking about a metaverse in
artificial intelligence we can’t we can’t ensure that a vote is accurate we can it’s really simple yeah but they
don’t want to the people in control don’t want to they want they don’t they don’t truly want us choosing our elected
officials they they definitely don’t want Outsiders I mean we’ve got something called the uniparty I hate to
be the bearer of bad news but what is the unit party are there behind their name or D behind their name but they’re
really pushing for the same thing which is they want the status quo where the political Elite have all the control and
the government doesn’t belong to We the People unfortunately for them our Founders set it up a little differently
the government belongs to We the People and president Trump came around and was an outsider he didn’t fit into that
uniparty and they said oh my gosh we can’t have him and I’m the same way and we’re seeing a lot of these they call
them Maga candidates Maga stands for make America great again I don’t know who the heck wouldn’t before that but I
was a I’m in America First Arizona first candidate and I uh am not part of the
political Elite and and the corrupt political Elite in Arizona said how the
hell do we stop her she’s going to do exactly what she says she’s going to secure that border bring Law and Order
back to our streets reform our elections and they don’t want that and so they’ll
do anything to stop people like me from winning and Carrie is there elections are a joke yeah is they does that
include Republicans I wish I could sit here and tell you
that it was the Democrats who stole the election Maricopa County but would you believe that the two men really in charge of the election are Republicans
yeah the two men in charge of Maricopa County elections are Republicans who happen to run a Super PAC raising tens
of thousands of dollars to stop election deniers and then we found out that all of their expenditures
went to stopping one person can you take one guess who they were trying to stop
Mew yeah and I’m at the top of the ballot they’re controlling the ballot they’re controlling the elections and
they’re trying to stop me with every bone in their body because in the meantime I’m running against a woman who
is the Secretary of State Katie Hobbs who controls the elections from the state level so I’ve got her no wonder
she didn’t campaign we noticed she wasn’t campaigning she didn’t put out any policy she she’s eating ice cream
and doing zip lining while we are going crisscross across Arizona campaigning
because she knew they were going to steal the election for her and I’ll tell you what these people who tell me don’t
talk about 2020 election don’t talk about 22 election just move on there’s
no moving on if we don’t deal with what’s wrong I’m sure you’re a family man I’m assuming you’ve got children
right I do I do yeah if you got a problem in your family if you have a son or daughter who you
discover is using drugs or you’ve got a problem in your marriage is the answer to um moving on and getting things
better just putting your head in the sand exactly that problem doesn’t exist yeah no in order to move on in order to
continue on it with success you have to deal with the problems and um I I don’t
think you should trust any politician who says we got to move on don’t talk about past elections if we don’t move on
24 is going to be stolen and then we’re going to lose our country because we’re on the verge right now we’re on the verge of a war we’ve got a wide open
border and one of the reasons that they the main reason that they uh had to stop
me was because of my border plan it was called defend Arizona and without a
doubt this border plan is the blueprint to fixing our problems at the border it
was the most aggressive bold border plan that the country’s ever seen because we
can’t rely on the federal government to protect our border Joe Biden wants it wide open he came in on day one within
10 minutes of taking office he pulled back all of the Common Sense border policies president Trump had put in
place and as a journalist who covered Arizona that border had never been more secure than under President Trump and
immediately Joe Biden pulled that back left us wide open to the drug cartels and the narc terrorists and I said we’re
not going to have that I put together the greatest border plan where we can circumvent the federal government go
straight to the United States Constitution Article 1 Section 10 and protect our our citizens
and now we’re starting to see Greg Abbott finally do it I gave this to him a long time ago I said Greg take this
and do it I gave it to Doug Ducey and these uh weak politicians didn’t have
the courage to do it only now that we’re being flooded with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants every
day are they now going well maybe we should do something and this is why they had to stop me
because we were going to do this so why do they want why do they want or how do they benefit they benefit from an open
border I I don’t know it just seems like that I think I think people think cartels are
um you know drug mules with backpacks walking across the border you know Thugs
and gangsters these cartels are international they’re businessmen who dress like you
okay these are people who are real businessmen there’s a this is a multi
multi-billion Dollar business of drug smuggling of human smuggling of trafficking
it’s corruption and they don’t want it stopped and their best partner ever is a
man named Joe Biden who came in and opened the Border up and and I’ve been down to that border so
many times seeing the absolute despair on the border and watching as our border
patrol is used to bring people in and move people and send them all across the
country you go to our airport right now grat and I you walk in within 10 minutes
you’ll see a line of 40 or 50 people illegal they have brand new phones given to them by the United States government
wow they’ve got a free airline ticket wherever the heck they want to go and they’ve got a court date set for 12
or 13 years from now they’re going to be in this country 12 or 13 years before their court date
meanwhile we’ve got Americans living on the street in tents we have homeless
vets being kicked out of shelters in places like New York and la so we can
make room for people who are here illegally we’re showing zero compassion for our people we cannot withstand this much longer
we’re losing our country it’s the fastest way to topple a country is to have a wide open border and why do
they want to do it why does Joe Biden want this because he’s he’s working for the globalists he’s working for the CCP he’s sending money he’s owned by Ukraine
and Romania now we’re finding out he’s taken payouts from Romania he cares about every other country but
America and we’re about to lose our country they’re pushing a globalist agenda where
we have no borders and we’re just run by the corporate globalist um out there rather than having 190
individual countries with strong leaders who look out for their citizens and protect their culture
so the because when I see the pictures of the people coming over they look to be well fed
new t-shirts uh like they don’t look like they’ve been on a track for three
months you know if I go two days in the in the in the you know camping I’m dirty uh
they don’t look hungry they got charged phones how do how does a guy cross three or four countries
not lose weight hairs perfectly in place they they look good they look like they
were flown in not not not like they walked in they’re flown into whatever City Mexicali they’re driven to the border
the cartels are there’s Billboards in other countries you want to go to America do you want to become an
American citizen wow you pay nine thousand ten thousand twenty thousand dollars they fly you over they give you a
wristband they know that you’re going to be processed by the the US government and you’re going to end up in whatever
City you want to go it’s it’s an organized operation so this is cartel check it out this is cartel moving
bodies cartels yeah and and and pretty soon they’re all
going to have voter ID cards and this is gonna completely uh change our country
it’s it’s you know Joe Biden’s on the verge of giving them Asylum and um I
don’t think it’s five or six million I think it’s more like 30 million I don’t trust the government to give us accurate
head count here but I will tell you this um we’re gonna win and I will continue
pushing our court case we’re not going to stop at Maricopa County we’re going to take it to the United States Supreme Court
and when we win people who are coming here illegally that are being trafficked by the cartels
will be sent on a bus back to the Border we’re going to give them a one-way ticket back to their country of origin
and we’re going to force that country to pay for that ticket because we will not be abused like this any longer the
mothers and the fathers of the world will not take this our children’s future is being destroyed right before our eyes
and we need some brave people to stand up right now see what’s going on and and
help us fight this you are so you are so compelling man listening to you is like wow you know I’m telling you you are you
are unbelievable I was with I was at the Milken Institute uh two weeks ago and
sitting right next to me was uh Gavin Newsom and you know and I wanted
I didn’t know what to say to him right so I was going to say like oh big fan but I’m like I can’t say that I’m not a
liar so I said oh it must be unbelievable running your state I can’t imagine that
and he happened to know who I was from from my social media presence and we started talking and the guy was so
charismatic he was so likable uh how do you do that how do people do
that in politics to become you know so disingenuous
he knows he’s talking to the enemy and he’s so likable well maybe he didn’t know you’re the
enemy because you were being pretty nice to him I would have said why are you driving your state into the ground don’t
you care about the people of California you know Arizona’s taken a lot of I call him California refugees right and when
we were on the campaign Trail they would grab me and say please save Arizona we
already sold everything we we pulled up our roots in California we sold everything we we came to Arizona we
can’t let our state go um he’s destroying California he doesn’t care about his citizens and
um so he’s probably thinking he was sitting next to somebody who liked him and yeah he was safe
um I don’t know how he does it I I don’t know how some of these people look themselves in the mirror every day all I
know is that um I’m gonna do what I can to help Arizona uh all I care about is
getting the truth out and and you know the people of this great state are suffering the people of our country are
suffering and I believe that the only way out of this mess that politicians like Gavin Newsom has gotten us into and
Joe Biden and um even some of the Rhinos out there the only way out of the mess
this political Elite class has gotten us into is with America First policies we
saw it with President Trump he got into office and Outsider was being attacked immediately all of the bogus
investigations costing us Millions dividing our country uh dragging us down
through to hell and back and he sat there and put forth his agenda and while he was having to fight
off all of this nonsense he got to work putting forth America First policies and putting them in action and guess what
things turned around our economy was great our border became secure even though he had to fight both Republicans
and Democrats to get the wall built and to put these policies in play the only
way out of the mess the political class has gotten us into is through putting America First in America first Common
Sense policies the fake news will call it right-wing extremism I challenge them
to look at any policy I put forth and tell me where it’s extreme
tell me where it’s right wing I believe Democrats want the border secure I
believe Democrats don’t want their children to get their hands on fentanyl I believe Democrats want to be able to
go out at night take a stroll walk down to have a fight at the local eatery and
not have to worry about being accosted by a junkie on the street I put forth a policy to end chronic
Street homelessness I believe Democrats want to see that as well so they’re so afraid of America first
because when when we put America First policies on in action all of our problems start to go away and
we have a great country and they lose their power what chances uh do you give
I don’t know why like everybody wouldn’t find you likable by the way you’re just you’re not pet you don’t get damn I mean
you’re like you’re very lucky news media the fake news media they don’t want me in office because I’m not part of that
political class and so they’ve had to demonize me just as they’ve tried to demonize Trump and I know Trump he’s one
of my favorite people because I I know how much he loves this country they’ve demonized him to the point where people
who don’t even know him who don’t even understand what’s happening hate him it’s so horrible and
um I’m a good person I was raised to be a good person the youngest of nine I was raised um in a big family taught to work
hard to do the right thing to fear God and I am a decent good person and and
that’s why I ask people don’t don’t read the news anymore don’t follow the news they will lie they will lie every second
to get their outcome which is their people in office they don’t want Outsiders what chances do you give
um Donald Trump oh I think he’ll be the nominee and I think he’ll go on to win question is
where will our elections be I mean they’ll try anything they got the surprise when he won in 2016. they
ushered in covid to shut things down and change voting in 2020 because they were so
afraid of him they knew that his second term he was going to clean out the corruption like literally
bleach and hose it down get the corruption out of the swamp and they had to stop and they brought covet in to
change How We Do elections you think the purpose of covid was to
shut the election down I think a big part of it was to stop the way we do elections in 2020 they could
not they knew he was going to win in a landslide and now and what will they do and we saw what they did in Arizona in
2022 what will they do in 24. I mean I I think they’re marching us
toward War right now it’s really obvious in Ukraine yep we’re spending 170
billion zelinski is taking his his take out 400 million he’s taking skimming off the top
a lot of it’s coming back through FTX to Democrat politicians but see this isn’t
being covered by the mainstream media so the average person doesn’t understand it and that’s why uh they they you know the
military industrial complex is very powerful they don’t want someone like Trump in office he’s going to stop the
wars and they need the wars to survive who knows what they’ll do in 24 they may
they may start a war and say we can’t have an election I wouldn’t put anything past these people
I I wouldn’t either what what let me ask you could could the people expect you
know let me just go back a second you said journalism was was was nasty and then
you jump into politics so like what’s wrong with it well journalism has in so many ways
cease to be journalism and it it went into the realm of propaganda and I think it’s probably been there for a long time
it just became abundantly clear to me during covid when there was no interest in putting out
um you know another opinion there were doctors who were saying wait a minute I know this um I know this line of
medicine and this is not a good idea the way we’re approaching this but we couldn’t get them on the air there was
no interest by the corrupt corporate media so I stepped away I didn’t want to be lying or even partially lying to
people and the good thing that’s happened Grant since covid is that
people are waking up to the lies of the media they’ve forced this vaccine on us and um now we’re seeing some of the
injuries from that and now we’re seeing a whole bunch of new independent journalists cropping up and all you know
podcasts uh different networks that are not controlled by big Pharma and so in a
way it’s been great because we’re we’re actually seeing some truth tellers out there and they have a platform to tell
the truth so I see actually some hope for journalism that out of the ashes
Like a Phoenix will rise a a new wave of true journalists who are seeking the
truth and seeking honesty in their reporting and they’re not controlled by
sponsors like big Pharma uh Lockheed Martin Etc so in in in seeking the truth Carrie
what what is your considerations about running for as a vice president
uh well I’m not running can you talk about those kind of things or or does that is that all I mean if we
were to look behind the scenes or is those discussions have to be had at some point and then are you allowed to talk
about them or not talk about them I mean what’s the whole political play there I can talk about whatever I want which
is so awesome that’s the freedom of speech that I I ask everybody to continue using even if you get pushback
my focus is on our court case which starts tomorrow and on securing
elections for the great wonderful citizens uh my fellow citizens here in Arizona uh there’s an open senate seat
that not an open sentency but there’s a senate race coming up in 24. I’m considering if we don’t get the results
that people deserve in Arizona um jumping into that when it comes to vice president that’s not something you
decide you know I think that would be something president Trump would decide and I don’t think he would be deciding
that right now I’m sure he’s looking down the line and I know because I talked to him quite often that he’s
working really hard on putting together an incredible agenda called agenda 47
that’s going to get things back on track because right now we’re off track and
we’re like the Titanic ready to go down and I love his agenda these are these are policies we’ve never seen before
that he wants to put in place he wants to actually help young people so that they can start families and actually
live the American dream right now if you talk to young people in their 20s and 30s and 40s they don’t think that
there’s any hope they could ever own a home even start a family they just say it’s too difficult I can’t even take
care of myself there’s not enough money in my paycheck and he’s going to work to free up some of the federal land so we
can build new cities build new homes support families support uh law
enforcement so that our streets are safe and actually secure the Border his policies are the best I’ve ever seen I’m
super excited for that and that’s what we should be talking about he’ll figure out who his vice president should be
he’s so strong you know I don’t think it really matters who his vice president is but I’ve always said I hope he finds
somebody who the media fears more than they fear him that way maybe they’ll
stop trying to take him down but how many times have you been asked that question about the VP role
oh about 500 yeah yeah okay well I had I had to just kind of just jump on right
no I’ve I’ve never talked to the president about that yeah um I know that other people have talked
to him and given their ideas of who they think he should choose and I know some people have mentioned my name
um he’s only mentioned vice president once and it was he was talking to me about he saw an interview I had done
many months ago during the campaign and somebody had asked me if I was gonna you
know what if I won would I leave if I was asked to be VP and I chuckled and
laughed at the reporter I said wow that’s really funny you’re asking me that because it was about three or four months ago the same reporter was telling
me I wasn’t qualified to run for governor and now that reporter was standing in front of me and all of a
sudden I’m so qualified that I might leave and become VP and and I said thank you I’m flattered but no I’m going to
remain here in Arizona for eight years as your governor and be your biggest nightmare I said that to the fake news
and that’s president Trump he loved that response what do you say to the people of Arizona I have an office there we
have a couple hundred employees right there on Scottsdale Road in Old Town and what do you say to the people in Arizona
that are like Carrie you these people from California are going to come over here and they’re
going to turn this entire state blue well I’m sure there are some liberals
coming over but I tell you I was on the campaign Trail as I said 525 days and
some of the most passionate people about our campaign were California refugees
Who had who had pulled up all their roots and moved to Arizona loaded up the
U-Haul moved here because of the dead end destructive Democrat policies and
um you know we can’t control keep we can’t keep Americans from moving you know to our state just as I can
choose to move to any state you can that you can’t stop another American from moving to your state
I’m less worried about The Californians moving here and I’m much more worried about all of these people coming across
our border from God knows where we can control that I welcome Americans who want to move to
Arizona what I don’t welcome are people coming here illegally I don’t welcome the narco-terrorist trafficking human
beings into our state and bringing in the most deadly drug we’ve ever seen and
killing our young people I don’t welcome children being trafficked across the border those are the type of people I
want to stop I want to stop them from their illegal trafficking of human beings across our Southern border
Carrie how do how does some of these politicians I wrote this uh uh thing on Twitter the other day and it got picked
up and disseminated quite a bit the it was just a curious question of how does somebody that’s making a hundred and
eighty thousand dollars a year end up being worth 30 million dollars when I when I do the math it would take
240 years after taxes and having no expenses to
actually do that and yet it’s being done all the time so how is that happening and what would you
do to change that it’s once again the c word corruption
corruption I mean Joe Biden has been a so-called public servant all these years no we know he’s taken tens of millions
of dollars in bribes and payouts from CCP Ukraine
um Ukrainian companies uh Romania and then we can follow what policies he put
into place after he got that money and it was anti-American policies it was policies meant to help the people who
were paying him it’s pure corruption I will tell you this I’ve gotten poorer
running for office president Trump has gotten poorer running for office you look at his tax returns you know he
never took a paycheck when he ran for president he gave all that back whether it was to veteran organizations law
enforcement organizations you should get poorer running for office you shouldn’t get richer and if you’re getting richer
you’re corrupt and and you know that’s one of the ways when when we run honestly that you keep people from
becoming lifers you know politicians for life is they realize this isn’t a job
you should have for life it’s a job you should go in serve represent your fellow citizens and then get out and that’s
what I want to do I always said I I want to go in the Arizona governor turn things around secure our border
make our streets safer and make Arizona the greatest place to be a kid and grow
up and grow up in and then I want to get out and I want to go work on maybe my
golf game I want to hopefully have grandbabies by then and and live my life I don’t want to be a politician my whole
life do you think the people are getting too frustrated to care anymore or are they
just getting frustrated enough to to engage and fight I hope not I mean of all the people that
should be frustrated I think it would be me and I’m still standing in the fight and I’m actually my feet are firmly on
the ground and I don’t plan on budging an inch on this fight and I’m asking my fellow citizens in Arizona and really
across the country don’t back down right now I know it’s frustrating I know we watch as they
um botched and and stole and rigged our elections in 2020 and they did it in 2022 and what they’re hoping is that the
good people of our country will just say ah throw their hands up and say why should I even vote it’s a futile effort
that’s what they want they want nothing more than we the people who rose up and got involved in politics they want us to
sulk drop our shoulders and walk off and we can’t do that we got to stand up strong and go out and vote even in the
rigged BS system we got a vote like there’s no tomorrow because really there
isn’t a tomorrow for America if we don’t get out and vote so we gotta get in that and still vote make it harder for them
to cheat when we showed up in droves in 2020 when we should I’m Sorry by the way I’ve I’ve got I’m on the edge of a cold
or allergies and so I’m always about thank God we don’t have to mention covet anymore so remember two years ago you’d
be like hey I’m gonna have the 19. so um when we show up and vote like
crazy and their corrupt system look how hard they had to cheat in 2020 it was so obvious they had to stop counting and
then rig the vote at 3 A.M we saw all the video the government video showing them pulling out the boxes of ballots
and running them through 30 times the same ballot and we saw what they did in 2022 where they rigged election day
voting we’re making it harder and harder for them to cheat they have to expose who they are they have to expose the
criminals that they are and it’s quite humorous to watch how sick these
individuals are and that’s why I’m really pushing their back against the wall and we will continue to go after
them if they think we’re backing down they got another thing coming the mama bear Revolution is just getting started
and and the mothers of the world will not back down because we’re we’re going to save our country I love that uh how
can we support you Gary like like you’re just so again so likable I think this platform podcast or
um people doing their own interviews of you outside of the media is so compelling and powerful and
warm and friendly and transparent like how can a guy like me support you I want you to do well I can’t imagine what your
legal fees are costing to to even fight this who funds that by the way how do you fund uh well we have just people
around the mayor around the country immediately we you know when the election happened I immediately had to
go in I went from 525 days of giving everything I had on the campaign Trail
to having to Pivot wow pull together a legal team and I mean basically do a
knife fight in the street and it was intense and I I just put out a call to the people and I said I need
help do you want me to push this case forward they said absolutely and people have been donating to save Arizona fund
save Arizona fund and um and and the people all across America small
donations have come in people saying here’s 25 bucks please don’t stop fighting to secure our elections and so
that’s how we’re paying for it and we’re working really hard is it safe Arizona
yes Save Arizona or you can go to and we have a little
donate button if you want to donate and help with our our legal fees that’s helpful we’re going to take this to the
U.S Supreme Court right away to help that’s awesome
really quickly not everybody can afford to donate right now I mean we’re living in Joe Biden’s economy and it’s
disastrous we’ve all taken uh what like 15 pay cut even if you haven’t
everybody can afford to do something if they want to protect having something in the future everybody can do a little
something so but I thank you grant because you have a podcast and you’re willing to have people on and I you know
I made it as far as I did we won the primary and I believe we won in a landslide in the general and I didn’t
get that from going on uh the mainstream media they wouldn’t have me on
I got the word out through people like you I got the word out through small podcasts radio shows individuals putting
out videos online on social media and it caught it was like it caught fire
because the people recognized when someone’s being truthful they recognize that and they recognize the truth and
they want the truth right now you know the truth isn’t always going to be pleasant we’re going to find out some uncomfortable truths we have been about
our elections about the way our government’s been operating about the way our FBI has been working against the
people think about what they did with this Russia collusion stuff they tore our country to shreds they had us at
each other’s throats based on a big fat lie and they sat back and perpetuated it
for years while Americans were divided and that’s how the media Works they want
us living in fear and divided I want to bring people together and we did that with our campaign we brought
Independence and Democrats in and once we realized the truth I think we’re all going to come in together and rally to
rebuild our country and make it um and just a beacon a shining a shining star
for for the rest of the world to look at and look I want to thank you for coming here you know my people that follow me
I’m like guys I try to get liberals to come to this I mean we’ve asked we’ve asked Barack
Obama Trump came and did my deal uh my big conference 10x growth conference but
I’ve asked uh uh Barack to come he he was like yeah I’d come but everybody has
to be vaccinated with cards I’m like steal come on man why would I say to
that boom yeah take your vaccination and shove it right
oh my gosh I love that I mean go for it if you want it go for it but don’t you dare try to shove a needle in my kid’s
arm or my arm I will choose it on my own I mean we look back at all the lies found she told and um I pray for justice
for America for the lies that he pushed on us yeah well and now that you brought
that up sorry I’m getting greedy now but Jerome Powell and the fed and the raising of interest rates what would you
do to change that well I I actually I think president
Trump was constantly pushing back against raising interest rates but they’re trying to control the inflation which is out of control I mean
stolen rigged elections have serious consequences and we didn’t stand up as a nation they
tried to shame us for speaking out and going wait a minute something’s wrong with that election they immediately shamed us
and forced Biden into office and when you have a feeble
weak unintelligent person running our country like Biden you’re going to have problems
and our economies uh in in a tailspin in my opinion and they’re trying to to
prevent inflation from going up any Higher by raising the uh the the
interest rate but I mean the way you to stop that is we gotta we gotta get these people out of office who shouldn’t even
be in office get president Trump back in there and bring back his economic policies which I think were very strong
shored up our economy I’m most worried right now to be honest about people who
are newly retired nearing retirement and they’re looking down at their statement they saved whether it be a pension
that’s now on on you know not maybe won’t even survive or they’re 401k or
savings and they’re looking at it and watching as it dries up shrivels up and they’re going what am I
going to do do I have to go back to work do I have to work forever I’m really worried about those people as
we enter the next year or two until we can get a another election and get somebody with competence like like
President Trump in office and that’s why I had you here today so guys if you like enjoyed this first of all on a
popularity meter like on a 10 scale to 10 how much do you like Carrie late because I love you even more than seeing
you you know on the other platforms uh so thank you so much for coming here and please guys go help ten dollars 25 bucks a hundred bucks I’m
gonna send some dough over there to help her fight to make sure this election uh
fraud if they can win it they can win it at least they should fight as you would
want to fight right if there was Injustice done I’d be fighting by the way if our elections were run this way and my
opponents supporters were disenfranchised the way ours were I don’t want any voter
disenfranchised of what happened in Maricopa County happened in a democrat-run city there would be hell to
pay people would be uh protesting and I wouldn’t blame them
one bit we’ve got to have honest elections or we lose our country I think every politician should come on your
show whatever whether they have a d and I or an R behind their name and if you
can’t hack sitting on a podcast I go on podcasts I’ve done three hour interviews where I didn’t know any of the questions
if you can’t handle um answering any question and sitting on a podcast and exposing
your you know you’re kind of there’s an exposure risk I suppose but if you can’t handle that you shouldn’t be able to sit
in office and represent the people I asked my team before this I said how many questions did their team ask about
what I was going to ask you and she says None I said great this is going to be awesome
because a lot of these guys and gals man they want to list they got all these don’t go here don’t ask this so I really
appreciate you being so authentic so transparent I appreciate your time um and thank you so much for showing up
today even though you’re not feeling 100 you were 100 oh my gosh I I just got home from a trip I think I told you
we’re gone for a month I’ve been in like nine time zones wow and I get home and and the palm trees are starting to do
whatever they do every year that gives me allergies I’m like oh I picked the perfect time to come home what what uh
what would you say coming home from other countries now uh about America being back here
even with all our problems I just was in one of the most amazing countries I’ve ever been in Hungary I was in Budapest
and um I got to sit down with prime minister Victor Orban who is incredible
uh and you know how you know he’s incredible the media is calling him every name in the book They’re horrified
by what he’s done to Hungary which has actually turned that country around make it prosperous he supports families he
supports marriage he supports um children and it’s the safest city I’ve
ever walked in WoW we’ve got to do some quick triage here in America we can’t
walk down the streets of Phoenix during the day or at night it’s dangerous San Francisco’s dangerous Chicago New York
DC we got to do some serious work here what he’s doing is putting in some very
tough policy and the people are happy they’re able to enjoy their street their tax money is
actually going to support um the things that provide quality of life we’re seeing it in El Salvador they
went from being the murder capital of the world to being the safest country in the world they brought murders down to
practically zero and they’re going tough on crime we have to lock up the people
who are committing the crimes and right now in any major city I think in Phoenix I was told by some of the folks down
there about 200 of The Usual Suspects are committing most of the crime and
when you have DA’s and prosecutors who just throw them out of court and say slap on the wrist don’t do it again
we’ll let you plead down no jail time you have a never-ending never-ending uh
Groundhog Day of crimes and um violence on the streets so we got to start
um getting a little tougher on the true criminals out there so that we can walk safely on our streets Karen America is
still the greatest country we have we have a great future ahead of us if we
reform our elections so that we can get the people we want in office I love that hey thank you so much again for being
here and and uh keep Arizona safe we want to expand our offices there so I have a little bias and a business that
I’m trying to protect here and we’re going to do everything we can over here at 10x and Grant cardone’s uh ecosystems
that support you thank you grant I appreciate it and we’ll talk again soon okay thanks a lot

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