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UPDATE: Kari Lake Election Lawsuit Moving to Trial, Three Whistleblowers to Testify

Kari Lake’s election lawsuit will move forward and she will have her day in court.

“Following Supreme Court Ruling, Maricopa County Judge grants @KariLake the opportunity to EXPOSE Election Fraud IN COURT!” Kari Lake tweeted.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter A. Thompson approved Monday one count in Lake’s lawsuit to move forward in court.

The count moving forward is regarding signature verification procedures in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election.

Katie Hobbs ‘won’ the fraudulent election by roughly 17,000 votes, but Kari Lake has refused to concede the race.

After the judge’s ruling, the case moves to trial Wednesday.

Arizona’s Family reported:

Lake’s attorneys say the county accepted thousands of ballots that had been rejected by workers for having mismatched signatures. The Arizona Supreme Court revived her claim challenging the application of signature-verification procedures, reversing a lower court decision that found she waited too long to raise that claim. The state Supreme Court sent the claim back to the lower court to decide if there is another reason to dismiss it, or if Lake can show that enough votes were affected to change the outcome of the election, which she lost by over 17,000 votes. Thompson then ruled there is enough evidence to continue with trial, which starts on Wednesday.

The former gubernatorial candidate alleged that at least 164,000 illegal votes were counted, according to The Associated Press. Three signature verification workers have said they experienced rejection rates due to mismatched signatures on 15% to 40% of the ballots they encountered.

However, Gov. Hobbs’ lawyers argue that Lake fails to show that specific mail-in ballots were illegally counted. They said the verification workers’ speculation doesn’t amount to a violation of the law or misconduct by election workers and raised questions about whether the three workers truly knew the ultimate outcome of the ballots they had flagged.


AZ Mirror added:

In the initial December trial that Thompson presided over, and in a February appeal, both courts shot down all of Lake’s claims in her election challenge, ruling they were either improper to bring before the court in such a case or that they were not backed by the facts. The Arizona Supreme Court in March dismissed all of Lake’s claims except for one, regarding signature verification processes, which it sent back to Thompson for review, saying that the judge had improperly dismissed it.

The two-day trial that begins on Wednesday will focus solely on Lake’s allegation that Maricopa County failed to comply with state law and election procedures by not performing any higher-level signature reviews for early ballots that were flagged by low-level signature verifiers as having inconsistent signatures and instead just allowed all of those ballots to be counted.

At a hearing last week, the county’s attorney said the claim was utterly false, and he said that “the assertion that this election was rigged is offensive, and it’s untrue.”


“You are about to see 90 seconds of the signature verification process where one person is verifying signatures as fast as they can load. Compared to the person sitting next to him,” Kari Lake wrote describing a video showing the voter signature verification process.


“This morning Kari Lake told Steve Bannon her team has THREE whistleblowers who will testify that over 130,000 ballot signatures did not pass signature verification but election officials later counted them anyway,” The Gateway Pundit reported.

The Gateway Pundit shared this transcript from Kari Lake’s appearance on War Room.

Kari Lake: My team and I, we’ve identified three whistleblowers who were intimately involved in the signature verification process in Maricopa County. They speak of how they were rejecting tens of thousands of signatures up to the tune of maybe 130,000 ballots. And then somewhere above them, in the chain of command, they were just being sent on through. Those ballots were being sent through anyway. And you should see some of these signatures. It’s like a chicken scratch scrawls. It’s an absolute joke. Doesn’t even match the voter’s signature. It’s a willful violation of the law. And we’re not going to sit here and take it anymore. So we’re going to prove this. These mismatched signatures, they were added to the final count. They should have been tossed out completely. Our whistleblowers, Steve, are going to be exposing the process. For what it’s worth and what it is, it’s a complete sham. It’s a lie. It’s Maricopa County’s way of injecting hundreds of thousands of bad ballots into the system. And we’re confident that the number of fraudulent ballots exceeds the 17,000 margin separating myself and Katie Hobbes in their count of the election.

Watch on Rumble:


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