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Biden Targeting Conservatives in New Initiative to Fight “Domestic Terrorism?”

Is it just me, or is the Biden Administration making quite the push lately to label half of the American public domestic terrorists.

Sure, he’s been pushing this mentality since the beginning, but with election year just ahead, he’s kicking it into overdrive.

How you may ask?..

First of all, there was his speech at Howard University, where he claimed that white supremacy was “the most dangerous threat to our homeland.”

Almost immediately after that, we saw that the alleged “alt-right” “nationalist” group Patriot Front was marching towards Washington DC.

To top of all that, he’s now pushing a new initiative to help train the general public to spot “radical” conservatives to combat “domestic terrorism.”


Trending Politics has more on this disturbing move by the Biden Administration:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under the administration of President Joe Biden is set to launch an initiative aimed at addressing the issue of domestic terrorism.

Under this initiative, the DHS intends to provide educational resources, including videos, to help individuals identify potential threats related to domestic terrorism. The focus of these materials will be on promoting awareness and understanding of the signs associated with radicalization.

So who are these “domestic terrorists” Biden keeps talking about?

It appears that the Biden Administration is targeting conservatives:

“Most of the scripted scenarios showcase people with conservative beliefs and values as the radicalized threat,” the report said.

“The focus of these DHS efforts was overwhelmingly on conservatives, with a not-so-subtle implication that conservatives and constitutionalists (or anyone that questions official government narratives) are domestic terrorists,” the critics claimed.

“This was done while the DHS and Democrats mostly ignored the violent actions of BLM, Antifa, trans rights protesters, etc.”

Becker News with more details:

Reed. D. Rubinstein, of American First Legal, sounded the alarms about the Biden administration’s initiative in a new report.

“The Department of Homeland Security’s transformation into a domestic intelligence organization and a Stasi-like Deep State internal security apparatus is alarming,” he said.

“It is a very long way from ‘see something, say something’ regarding an unattended suitcase at the airport to profiling patriotic and politically conservative Americans as abusive parents and domestic terrorists because they oppose abortion on demand and voted for former President Trump,” he continued. “The agency is out of control.”

America First this week released online copies of documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from the Department of Homeland Security that “reveal shocking internal documents from the Office of Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention.”

The America First report said, “These documents further reveal that the government is using taxpayer dollars to expand its capabilities to deem innocent people as ‘extremists’ or ‘domestic terrorists.’”

Even Tulsi Gabbart chimed in on Biden’s authoritarianism:


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