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Dr. Birx Now Admits She Lied About Vaccines?

Public health ‘experts’ got everything wrong about COVID-19.

Are they simply incompetent or outright liars?

After you watch this confession from Dr. Deborah Birx, you’ll probably think the latter.

Although Anthony Fraudci has garnered well-deserved criticism for his lies, Birx should also be placed under the microscope for her role in deceiving the American public.

WeLoveTrump previously noted how Birx admitted in her book that she quietly called her own shots during the COVID-19 plandemic.

Dr. Deborah Birx Admits She Manipulated Data and Altered CDC Guidelines to Deceive President Trump

Birx confessed to manipulating data and quietly altering CDC guidance without the Trump administration’s knowledge or authorization.

In “Silent Invasion,” she discusses how she “devised” a “strategic sleight-of-hand” method of reporting she described as “subterfuge.”

In addition to manipulating data, Birx admitted that she "knew" the experimental COVID-19 shots “were not going to protect against infection.”

The confession from the former White House COVID-19 response coordinator came 18 months and 600 million doses after the experimental mRNA gene therapies were rolled out.

"I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection and I think we overplayed the vaccines," Birx said in an interview with Neil Cavuto of Fox News.


Here's a Rumble backup courtesy of The Vigilant Fox:

Fox News reported:

DR. BIRX: I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection. And I think we overplayed the vaccines, and it made people then worry that it’s not going to protect against severe disease and hospitalization. It will. But let’s be very clear: 50% of the people who died from the Omicron surge were older, vaccinated. So that’s why I’m saying even if you’re vaccinated and boosted, if you’re unvaccinated right now, the key is testing and Paxlovid. It’s effective. It’s a great antiviral. And really, that is what’s going to save your lives right now if you’re over 70, which if you look at the hospitalizations, hospitalizations are rising steadily with new admissions, particularly in those over 70. And so if you live in the South – I know people keep talking about the fall – I’m worried about the South.

Birx outright admitted she lied to the American public.

How many people took these experimental shots thinking they would prevent infection?

How many times were they told this egregious lie?


Birx confessed that she knew the shots wouldn't stop transmission.

The shots were worthless and she knew it.

But the injections are worse than worthless.

They're extremely dangerous!

Several medical professionals have called for the suspension of the mRNA COVID-19 jabs due to their risks and ineffectiveness.

MIT Professor & Drug Safety Expert Calls For ‘Immediate’ Stop to Most ‘Failing’ and ‘Profitable’ Medical Product in History

Dr. Birx should be among the individuals investigated by House Republicans in any COVID-19 congressional hearings.

Unsurprisingly, the Pharma-owned corporate media came to her rescue.

Townhall commented on fact-checkers coming to Birx's aid:

So naturally, it was just a matter of time before the fact-checkers gave it a look to see if they could rescue Birx and get their narrative back on track. Enter Yacob Reyes at Politifact, who posted his defense of Birx on Friday. Interestingly, instead of using my tweet, Reyes cited a “viral Facebook post” which stated that the former White House coronavirus task force member “changed her story” on vaccines to set up his strawman.

And oh what a strawman this was. This “viral Facebook post” has, as of Saturday, all of 1,600 likes and 933 shares. “WARNING US DNA under threat!; Dr Brix changes tune on vax; FBI Huawei interferes with US military,” the caption read, going directly into the realm of conspiracy theory and even misspelling Birx’s name entirely.

Now, if this fact-checker had wanted to cite the most glaring example of a viral social media post that had been commented upon by thousands upon thousands of people, including several big-name conservative pundits, it stands to reason that he would have used my tweet. But he didn’t, instead choosing a semi-obscure Facebook post warning us about “DNA under threat!” Why? Because, obviously, choosing my post wouldn’t have given him anything to easily refute.

Politifact wrote:

Birx responded by touting the merits of testing and Paxlovid, the antiviral used to treat COVID-19 infections. She still recommended folks get vaccinated — but she also made a statement about vaccine communication that got plenty of people talking.

"I think we overplayed the vaccines, and it made people then worry that it's not going to protect against severe disease and hospitalization. It will," Birx said.

Now some social media users are taking that comment out of context, with one viral Facebook post suggesting it shows she "changed her story" on the efficacy of vaccines.

"WARNING US DNA under threat!; Dr Brix changes tune on vax; FBI Huawei interferes with US military," read the caption on a July 25 Facebook post, misspelling Birx's name. The post shared a video from Front Page with Scott Goulet, a conservative YouTube channel.

"Birx admits vaccines don't work," read the text across the screen as Goulet cut to a clip of Birx making the statement about "overplaying the vaccines."

The post was flagged as part of Facebook's efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.

My ears didn't deceive me.

It's clear what Dr. Birx admitted in her interview with Neil Cavuto.

"I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection," she said.

Birx clearly wasn't telling the American public that message prior to the COVID-19 jab rollout.


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