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‘I’m Going to F*** You Up,’ Transgender Wrestler Reportedly Says When Accepting UFC Fighter’s Challenge

UFC fighter Jake Shields issued a challenge to transgender fighters back in April.

“Since trans men are real men I would like to challenge the 10 toughest trans men in the world to a fight I fight them with no training camp and no rest between each fight,” Shield wrote on Twitter April 20th.

“Let’s go, alphabet people get your 10 best and prove me wrong,” he added.

“A million views and not a single trans Man has stepped up to accept my challenge I’m starting to think they don’t have the balls to fight me,” Shields later wrote.

As Outkick noted, the 5-time champion hasn’t been afraid to discuss his views on transgender issues.

Shields has aired his controversial views about transgender issues on more than one occasion, including a now-deleted Tweet calling for public executions for anyone who supported children in transitioning from one gender to another.

After suffering a decision loss to former Bellator middleweight champion Hector Lombard at UFC 171 in 2014, Shields was let go from the MMA.

It appears someone has accepted Shields’ offer.

Mack Beggs, a biological female and amateur wrestler from Texas, has accepted the fighter’s challenge.

“My offer is legit so have they/them contact me and they can start putting their team together,” Shields wrote Friday.

According to Daily Mail, Beggs publicly accepted Shields’ challenge on an Instagram video.

The outlet reported that Beggs said: “I’m specifically going to f*** you up Jake Shields.”

From Daily Mail:

‘We just going to make this an official call out, but Jake Shields I will take you up on your offer,’ he said.

‘But the offer isn’t going to be 10 versus one and 10 trans men you’re going to be fighting for the rest of the night.

‘You’re going to do a one-on-one type match.

‘You’re going to do it right. If you’re going to call yourself a fighter do it f***ing right.

‘Like, that’s just f***ing disrespectful. It’s disrespectful to the sport of MMA for you to just be like ‘oh yeah let me just call out 10 trans men and I’ll f***ing whoop them.

‘And [to ask] if there even is any trans man fighters out there. And there is.

‘The fact that everyone is like ‘oh yeah like trans women are f***ing up the fighting world. Hey, we still here too bro.

‘We still here, we’ve always been here.

‘It’s the fact that y’all are so fixated and hyper-fixated and have some f***ing fetish with trans women that you even forget that we f***ing out here and we going to f*** you up.

‘I’m specifically going to f*** you up Jake Shields.’

Shields has accepted the challenge, with the details to be determined.

Beggs reportedly was forced to wrestle against girls while transitioning from female to male in high school.

Outkick shared:

He won the Texas state girls’ wrestling championship two years running after being denied entry into the men’s division because Texas law requires students to compete under the gender listed on their birth certificate.

‘I can say that I was biologically a woman, so technically there was no advantage,’ Beggs said in 2021.

Either way, Beggs now fully identifies as male and Shields has accepted the offer. A date is yet to be set but this will be a must-see matchup for sure.


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