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ABC News Censors RFK Jr. Primetime Interview

ABC News interviewed Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Thursday evening.

The mainstream news outlet censored part of the interview in real-time, claiming RFK Jr. made “false claims” about the experimental COVID-19 shot.

“We should know that during our conversation, Kennedy made false claims about the COVID-19 vaccines. Data shows that the COVID-19 vaccines prevented millions of hospitalizations and deaths from the disease. He also made misleading claims about the relationship between vaccination and autism. Research shows that vaccines and the ingredients used in vaccines do not cause autism, including multiple studies involving more than a million children and major medical associations like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the advocacy group Autism Speaks,” ABC News Live anchor Linsey Davis.

“We’ve used our editorial judgement and not included extended portions of that exchange in our interview,” she added.

ABC News said they will determine what is the truth.

The mainstream outlet told its viewers they’re too stupid to do their own research and decided what will be facts and lies.

During the interview, Davis said claims that there’s a connection between vaccination and autism have been debunked.

Kennedy asked “who debunked it?”

“We’ve not seen any kind of scientific connection from the CDC, the World Health Organization,” Davis said before Kennedy noted, “those are captive agencies.”

“We need to look at what’s happened to our country. We need to try to arrest this emergence of corporatism of the corrupt merger of state and corporate power that’s undermining our values, that’s strip-mining our landscapes, that is stealing the assets of the middle class in this country, that is compromising the values of this country, that is keeping us in a constant state of war, and that is creating a nation that doesn’t resemble the nation that we all love,” Kennedy said in the interview.


The New York Post reported:

Davis is the latest legacy media journalist to admit to editing interviews to flatter liberal viewers. Former NBC “Today” show host Katie Couric admitted to having withheld a segment of an interview with the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg that featured the Supreme Court justice calling kneeling protests during the US national anthem “a terrible thing to do.”

Couric said she made the edits to “protect” the 83-year-old Ginsburg, who she believed was “elderly and probably didn’t understand the question,” according to her memoir “Going There.”

ABC’s segment on vaccines briefly featured Kennedy’s response to past comments he made on links between vaccines and autism, before cutting to questions about the candidate’s famous political family.

The 69-year-old son of former US Attorney General and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY) rose to prominence as an outspoken opponent of vaccination, to the occasional embarrassment of his fellow famous family members.

A Fox News poll released Wednesday showed that 19% of Democratic primary voters nationwide back RFK Jr.’s challenge to President Biden, whom 62% of party voters support.

Watch the full interview:


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