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Yet Another U.S. Bank Reportedly Collapsing—Is A Federal Seizure Imminent?

The banking collapse is not contained, nor is it simply ‘regional’—much the same way inflation isn’t ‘transitory’. …

First Republic Bank seems to be in deep trouble, with shares of the bank falling by close to 50% on Tuesday—and 90% in the last year alone. …

Prices dropped in response to a negative earnings report that revealed First Republic Bank is hemorrhaging deposits, as people rush to keep their funds in bigger banks or decentralized finance options. …

After all, a growing number of average Americans are now alert to the systemic issues in banking and the monetary system.

To make matters worse for First Republic Bank, the federal government is expected to seize the ailing bank sometime this week—likely on Friday, according to certain sources.

Take a look at the price action and the negative developments impacting the bank:

CNBC explains:

The decline comes after the bank’s first-quarter earnings report, which showed that First Republic’s deposits shrank by 40.8% during the quarter as customers pulled out their money following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

First Republic’s quarter-end deposits included a $30 billion infusion from 11 larger banks that were meant to stabilize the broader financial system. Excluding those funds, First Republic’s net outflows would have topped $100 billion.



First Republic is expected to be seized by the federal government, according to this report from Watcher Guru:

According to Fox’s Charles Gasparino, bankers working with First Republic say that they expect eventual government receivership for the ailing bank.

This will come after it exhausts private sector solutions such as asset sales and finding a buyer, both of which “appear difficult.”

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