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WATCH: Did This Biological Male Just Call For Gun Violence?

You know what I actually appreciate about Liberal Logic?

It ALWAYS comes back to bite them in the rear.

Sooner or later, their house of cards crumbles.

That’s what happens when your arguments are built on a smooshy pile of cow manure.

The winds of truth and reason blow through and knock it down, exposing Liberal Logic for what it is – CRAP.

Have you noticed all these trans and trans-activists taking up guns and inciting violence?

It’s becoming an everyday thing!

The Gateway Pundit reported on a cringe-worthy video by a man who calls himself “Tara.”

A biological male who goes by ‘Tara’ warned his viewers that if he is challenged about using a female restroom, he will become a “dangerous animal.” He also called on trans people to “arm up.”

For some reason, this person thinks that the issue of who’s allowed to use certain bathrooms calls for violence. He even states that he is “not afraid to die” for this cause and seemingly all others pertaining to the rights of those in the LGBTQ community.

Watch this dainty little lady’s call to action:

Wait a minute – I thought the Left wanted to ban guns.

Guns are bad, right?

Maybe it’s just this one confused libtard who’s getting it mixed up – after all, Libtards are a very confused species.

But, wait … what about Audrey Hale?

Libtard? Check

Tranny? Check

Engaged in gun violence? Check

It sure seems like we have a growing number of trans and trans-activists inciting gun violence in this country…

Did you catch the part in the video where “Tara” compared trans to wild animals being backed into a corner?

He literally told us they would become dangerous!

Oh, okay – that changes things …

Sure, I’ll just stand aside while a big hoss of a dangerous [wo]MAN comes busting into the girl’s bathroom with my kid.


How about this…

I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my kids from sick whack-jobs like you “Tara,” and I’ll continue exposing your Liberal Logic for what it is: a stinky pile of cow excrement!


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