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WATCH: President Trump Reveals Latest Portion Of Agenda 47!

Urban decay and decades of blue-state policies have destroyed our cities. …

Anyone who has been to New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, or San Francisco knows what I am talking about—droves of homeless people accompanied by entire tent cities.

Many of these individuals suffer from psychological disorders, and though most are harmless, some pose a threat to public safety, not to mention the desirability of these places.

Increasingly, people are moving away from the cities, often citing the insane cost of living and the safety issue as the two biggest reasons for leaving. …

Despite this accelerated decay, Democrat governors and mayors have doubled down on their failed policies and the Biden administration has remained woefully silent—what happened to build, back, better?

President Trump has announced his own plan, as part of his broader vision for America—Agenda 47.

The 45th President of the United States told the nation that, if elected, he plans on reversing zoning laws that allow the homeless to set up settlements in highly-trafficked downtown areas.

Additionally, rehabilitation, facilities, and help will be afforded to any homeless individual if they so choose.

Here’s President Trump’s plan to save our cities:

Trending Politics writes:

According to Trump, this strategy will be far better and less expensive than spending vast sums of taxpayer money to house the homeless in luxury hotels without addressing their underlying issues.

“This is how I will end the scourge of homelessness and make our cities clean and safe and beautiful once again,” he states.


Real Clear Politics provided a transcript of President Trump’s address:

“For a small fraction of what we spend upon Ukraine, we could take care of every homeless veteran in America. Our veterans are being treated horribly.

Likewise, with all of the money we will save by ending mass unskilled migration, we will have a huge dividend to address this crisis in our own country.

Under my strategy, working with states, we will ban urban camping wherever possible.

Violators of these bans will be arrested, but they will be given the option to accept treatment and services if they are willing to be rehabilitated. Many of them don’t want that. We’ll give them the option.

We’ll then open up large parcels of inexpensive land and bring in doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, and drug rehab specialists and create tent cities where the homeless can be relocated and their problems identified.”


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