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So Math Is Racist Now?

Liberals have made so many things “racist” that it’s become somewhat of a running joke…

Burned the dinner?

Obviously must be the fault of racism.

Got a speeding ticket?

Definitely because of racism.

But on the list of the most ridiculous things you might joke about, claiming perhaps that you failed a math test because of “racism” would be right at the top of the list of absurdity…


…..that’s EXACTLY what they’re now claiming.

Yes, literally that MATH IS RACIST.

And of course it’s the colleges and universities that are pushing this nonsense.

Watch this interview that somehow actually took place on Fox News:

Yes, that’s a real interview.

Not a joke.

Just idiotic.

But it’s not just this woman.

It’s all over.

Check this out:

Human Events reports that Simon Fraser University is running an entire seminar on the topic:

Simon Fraser University, in association with the Simon Fraser Public Interest Group, will host a seminar on Tuesday asking the question, “How can math be racist?” and will answer it by “unpacking oppressive structures and bias in math and science.”

Those set to speak at the seminar are Hannah Ghaderi, Co-Directory of Research & Education of the interest group, and Chantelle Spicer, currently the Director of Engagement. Neither of these individuals appear to have any professional background in math. Mathematician James Lindsay told Human Events that it is likely better that these two DEI professionals did not have a math background.

Lindsay said: “They don’t need mathematics backgrounds. They have critical consciousness, which means they know how racism and transphobia are hidden in everything, even things they don’t know anything about.”

“In fact, people with mathematics backgrounds would be less suited to this work than they would because they would believe that having been socialized into mathematics culture makes these so-called problematics seem normal, which makes them invisible,” he said.

Lindsay has recently been at the forefront of speaking out against diversity, equity and inclusion infiltrating mathematics, as woke leftist professors and activists have continued to insist that it’s racist to say at 2+2 = 4, and claim instead that the sum of the equation is 5.

Meanwhile, I think this guy summed it up perfectly:

Have to end with this gem:


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