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Twitter Labels Another Mainstream Outlet “Government Funded Media”

Twitter recently made headlines for labeling NPR as “government funded media.”

The social media platform has given another mainstream media outlet the same label on its official account.

Twitter labeled BBC as another government-propped propaganda mouthpiece.

The British outlet whined about the new label provided by Elon Musk’s company.

“We need to add more granularity to editorial influence, as it varies greatly. I don’t actually think the BBC is as biased as some other government-funded media, but it is silly of the BBC to claim zero influence. Minor government influence in their case would be accurate,” Musk said.

Hilariously, BBC objected to its new label.

From BBC:

The BBC is objecting to a new label describing it as “government funded media” on its main Twitter account.

The corporation has contacted the social media giant over the designation on the @BBC account to resolve the issue “as soon as possible”.

“The BBC is, and always has been, independent. We are funded by the British public through the licence fee,” it said.

Elon Musk said he believed the BBC was one of the “least biased” outlets.

When BBC News highlighted to the Twitter boss that the corporation was licence fee-funded, Mr Musk responded in an email, asking: “Is the Twitter label accurate?”

He also appeared to suggest he was considering providing a label that would link to “exact funding sources”.

It is not clear whether this would apply to other media outlets too.

In a separate email seeking to clarify his earlier comments, Mr Musk wrote: “We are aiming for maximum transparency and accuracy. Linking to ownership and source of funds probably makes sense. I do think media organizations should be self-aware and not falsely claim the complete absence of bias.

Here’s a great video depicting the BBC complaining they aren’t “government-funded media”:

Infowars questioned what “issue” there was to resolve:

What’s to resolve? The BBC gets funding from the government via an enforced license fee which everyone who owns a TV in the UK is made to pay. If people refuse, they are hounded and threatened with fines or prison.

Even the BBC admits this license fee in its article complaining about Twitter’s label.

“The level of the £159 ($197) annual licence fee – which is required by law to watch live TV broadcasts or live streaming in the UK – is set by the government, but paid for by individual UK households,” the BBC said in the article.

How long will the trend of labeling “government funded media” outlets continue on Twitter?

NPR, BBC, Voice of America, and PBS have reportedly received the labels.


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