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Inside the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump

I have to admit, I used to be a big fan of the Comedy Central Roasts.

I say “used to” because I’m not sure if they do them anymore?

Probably too many people getting offended.

Yes, they were crude but I miss the days when you could roast someone and not worry about being “cancelled”.

Because even the worst burn was all in good fun and everyone was in on the joke.

Even Donald Trump.

You may not remember this but they did a Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump right before he announced he was running for President in 2015.

And it was hilarious!

I have a few clips for you below (the full episode is behind a pay wall on Comedy Central), but what I really want to show you is Whitney Cummings’ talking about what happened behind the scenes.

The headline says Trump wanted her number (but then never called), but that’s not the part I found most interesting.

What I found most interesting is how they all respected Trump.

They all knew he was a brilliant entertainer, and I’m sure Whitney is probably about as Far-Left as they come, but listen as she talks about Trump in this clip and there is no animosity at all.

The people who really know Trump, who have worked with him, they all seem to know he’s a good guy.

It’s a short clip but I found it fascinating:

And now if you want some highlights from the Roast, I have those for you.

WARNING: don’t send me your hate mail about language or foul jokes.

That’s what a Roast is!

So if you don’t want to hear that, don’t click these links.

But for everyone else who wants to laugh a bit, watch this:

And the Trump comeback at the end:

This all reminds me of another Roast Trump did shortly thereafter.

One that got much more serious and turned much more dark.

Have you seen this?

Flashback To The EXACT MOMENT Where President Trump Declared War On The Swamp

I thought it was time to Flashback to the EXACT MOMENT when President Trump declared war on The Swamp.

I remember watching this live.

It was October 2016, just before Trump’s historic Election Win.

It started out all playful with everybody laughing and joking and grabassing.

And then it turned dark.

Dark and serious.

Dark when they realized this man was not joking.

He was declaring war.

We all know what happened next.

The Swamp fought back and now we’re coming up on the ultimate final chapter in the story where President Trump is about to swing back and finish what he started back in 2016.

Watch this short little teaser cut with a perfect music bed laid underneath it, and then scroll down for the FULL SPEECH:

Such a historic moment.

Donald Trump (before he became president) walked in and took on the entire room.

It’s one of the seminal moments of his career, in my opinion.

Will be studied for decades to come.

The event is known for toasts that take on a “roast” vibe.

And as in all roasts, some can be hard-hitting but it’s meant to be all in good fun.

And I thought now was a VERY good time to revisit it.

Shall we?

When President Trump took the mic, we witnessed something the room was NOT ready for.

He started off with some good-natured jabs, but about halfway through the laughs stopped and it was clear he was no longer really joking.

I had written more about this before:

Do you remember when this happened?

It was during the campaigns, before the election.

It was at the Al Smith Charity Dinner, where the tradition is a friendly roast of each other.

Trump delivered what I believe to be one of his most masterful performances ever.

I believe he wrote the entire thing himself.

It started out lighthearted and funny, but towards the end he took some real shots and he wasn’t laughing anymore.

I believe he was telegraphing exactly what he intended to do to Hillary Clinton and the entire Deep State over the next 8 years.

Folks, just look at the crowd shots when the camera pans out…..this is the Lion’s Den of the Deep State, crawling with Swamp Things!

President Trump walked right into their den and punched them all in the mouth, and he did it under the guise and covering of comedy.

He had them laughing at their future demise, but you can start to see when the laughs turn to genuine concern near the end.

I recently came across the video again and whenever I see a link to it, I almost can’t help myself from watching it again.

It’s that good.

But a thought struck me this time as I was watching….

I really think this was Donald Trump’s declaration of war on the Deep State.

Watch for yourself here on Rumble:

Backup here:

And here:

And here:

FINALLY Back In Stock! 👇


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