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One Of The Best Interviews You Will Ever See

I don’t throw around phrases like “best ever” too much, because if you over-use them they lose their meaning.

But this truly was something special.

This is Tucker Carlson on the Adam Carolla Podcast and it’s like these two guys are living in my brain, saying everything I’ve been thinking for the last 20 years.

And they’re both so successful and so fearless that they’re not self-censoring.

And that’s where the magic comes in.

Because truth be told, I think 75-80% of America thinks EXACTLY like what these guys are saying in this Pod, but they’re just too scared to say it.

And I can’t fault them for it.

Cancel Culture has threatened to remove you from society, fire you from your job, ostracize you…if you dare say what these guys just said.

But you know what?

They’re right.

And they’re speaking for all of us.

So watch this incredible interview (at least as long as it stays up):

Now…you have to indulge me as I go on a detour next…

Because I can’t think of Adam Carolla without thinking of what may be 20 of the funniest minutes of comedy gold ever when the Slam Man, Jay Mohr, went on Carolla’s podcast and they did a bit about Al Pacino promoting “The Personal Touch”.


I understand.

Don’t know what “The Personal Touch” is?

Almost no one does.

But when Jay Jay gets rolling doing his Al Pacino it’s one of the funniest things you’ll ever see.

Jay does one of the best Al Pacino impressions out there, and oddly enough the guy who made this “Personal Touch” errrrr “video” sounds just like Al Pacino.  So that’s kind of the setup.

My favorite part is so understated but it’s after he’s fired off several obscene readings and Jay doing Al Pacino goes “Liberty Mutual” as if he’s re-centering himself.

That part kills me every time I listen to this and yes, I’ve listened to it many times.  And it only gets funnier each time.

BUT IT DOES COME WITH A GIANT WARNING: do not send me your angry emails about this clip.  It’s graphic.  And crude.  And over the top in every way possible.  That’s what makes it hilarious.  But if you’re anything higher than like a 5/10 on the “easily offendable” scale, you’re going to want to skip over this.  For everyone else, get ready to die laughing!

It takes him a few tries to get warmed up but then he gets rolling and it just builds and gets out of control.

And then Adam jumps in as the “producer” asking for just 3 clean takes….”for the censors”.

That’s where you’re gonna die laughing.

Two brilliant comedians working it out in realtime and finding comedy gold.


From Rumble:

Which is a mirror and clip of the full episode here:


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