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Trump’s Arraignment: His 10 Words that Left Everyone Speechless

It’s no secret that the mainstream media loves to paint Trump as an uncontrollable loudmouth, never missing an opportunity to twist his words and actions.

But what happened during his recent arraignment is something they didn’t expect, and it’s sure to send shockwaves through their ranks.

Picture this: Trump, standing in a closed-off courtroom, with only a handful of journalists and sketch artists to document the historic event.

No cameras, no microphones, just the former president facing the judge and the charges against him.

An incredible moment, don’t you think?

Now, you’d expect Trump to be as vocal as ever, right?

Well, that’s where the media’s narrative shatters. Trump displayed an astounding level of self-control and restraint in that courtroom – the exact qualities they claim he lacks.

In the hour-long hearing, Trump spoke a grand total of just 10 words.

That’s right, only 10 words.

And the most important?

“Not guilty.”

It’s a stunning revelation that has left the media scrambling to reconcile their portrayal of Trump with this display of composure.

More details below:

This isn’t just a small detail – it’s proof that Trump has the ability to control himself when it matters most.

While the Democrats are busy flailing about and creating chaos, Trump’s calm and measured response in the courtroom is a testament to his strength as a leader.

And you know what? The mainstream media can’t deny it.

In fact, the Washington Post reports:

The first arraignment of a former U.S. president played out behind closed doors on Tuesday, walled off from the sea of television cameras and microphones outside.

Journalists who made it inside the Lower Manhattan courtroom where prosecutors detailed the criminal charges against Donald Trump were free to scribble quotes and observations in their notebooks. But beyond their accounts, the only publicly available record of the proceeding — an event with sprawling political consequences and no parallel in American history — is a 32-page court transcript and drawings from three courtroom sketch artists. (New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan permitted five still news photographers to document the scene, but they were dismissed before the arraignment began.)

In total, Trump uttered just 10 words during the hour-long hearing.

Most were one- or two-word responses to procedural questions from the judge. Together, they read almost like a haiku — a stark contrast with the rambling speeches, combative interviews and strongman’s bluster that have long defined Trump’s political persona.

Can you imagine if Trump shows this sort of restraint and control during the 2024 campaign?

This will shock independents, who expect Trump to be combative because of how the media has portrayed him.

Instead, they will finally see the real Trump.

This is evidence that Trump is listening to his legal council.

Surely, his lawyers are telling him how to conduct himself in the courtroom.

Given that he said only 10 words instead of improvising a speech to the judge, it appears that he is taking their advice to heart.

The Western Journal also confirms:

Former President Donald Trump only uttered 10 words in total during his arraignment on 34 felony charges on Tuesday in a New York City courtroom, according to a report.

Trump was indicted last week by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg following an investigation by a grand jury.

Bragg charged Trump had falsified business records in relation to alleged “hush money” payments before the 2016 election to two women who had alleged they had both had affairs with Trump.

Trump has denied the affairs and also pleaded not guilty to each criminal charge.

The Washington Post obtained a courtroom transcript from Trump’s closed-door arraignment.

According to the newspaper, Assistant District Attorney Christopher Conroy asked Judge Juan Merchan to prevent Trump from sharing details about the case online.

Conroy also claimed he was concerned about Trump’s tone on social media.

Todd Blanche, one of Trump’s attorneys, defended the former president’s online response to charges against him.

He categorized Trump’s response as appropriate and non-threatening.

“He has rights,” Blanche added. “He’s allowed to speak publicly.”

Merchan ordered all parties to refrain from making incendiary comments and asked Trump how he pleaded to the charges.

“Not guilty,” Trump said.

From there, there was a debate as to whether there was a conflict of interest between Trump and Joe Tacopina, one of his attorneys.

Tacopina, the DA’s office argued, had previously been contacted by Stormy Daniels and he declined to represent her.

Merchan asked Trump if he knew he had the right to what he called “conflict-free representation.”

“Yes,” Trump said in response.

Merchan told Trump he was free to discuss the issue with his attorneys, Trump stated, “Okay, thank you.”

The judge, who donated to Joe Biden before the 2020 election, then informed Trump it would be in the best interest of his defense if he chooses to attend all of his court proceedings.

When asked if he understood, Trump responded, “Yes.”

Merchan then asked Trump if he understood he could be removed from any proceeding in the future if he was disruptive.

“I do,” Trump said in response.

Trump was then asked if he understood he could be tried in absentia if he made the decision not to appear.

“Yes,” he said.

So, what do you think about Trump’s conduct in the courtroom?

Is it what you expected?

Or are you surprised by his restraint and professionalism?

If you are impressed by his control over the situation, please share this article with your family and friends.

The American people deserve to be inspired by Trump’s strength.

Thank you, Mr. President, for continuing to fight for us!


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