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“Stop! Don’t Touch Me There!”

Well, this should work…

Don’t want to be knife-raped by barbaric illegal immigrants?

Just record a corny video telling them not to touch your “no-no square”.

I think this will DEFINITELY work….at least as well as all of those “No Firearms Permitted On Premises” signs work to stave off crime.

The full lyrics to the cringe song, in case you aren’t able to quite catch them are:

Stop!  Don’t touch me there!
This is my no-no square…

Yeah, that should work JUSTTTT fine.

I’m sure all the other rapes by violent “migrants” is just because nobody sang them such a catchy song.

Watch here:

Backup here if needed:

Actually, I am shifting my opinion as I type this article and as I watch the video over and over again on repeat….

I stand corrected.

This video is HIGHLY effective.

I don’t think ANY one, at ANY time, for ANY reason, will be going ANY where near her “no-no square” ANY time soon….

Congrats lady, you win!

Your no-no square is safe, of that I am most certain.

It actually reminded me a lot of this:

Dancing Ukraine Fighters Make a Mockery Of The “Ukraine War”?

Remember the “Dancing Nurses” from the COVID Planned-Demic years?

You know, the MSM was telling you every day that our hospitals were being overrun with people dying left and right and out in the streets and it was just so bad!

The medical system couldn’t keep up!


But then amidst all that chaos and death, a group of nurses just….had the need to…!

Remember this?

Warning: Major Cringe Alert but the BS was so awful that I hope we never forget they tried to sell us on this:

Right….so we had a deadly pandemic on our hands, but these brave nurses just found the time and courage to create an incredible dance number.


And here:

Later they resurrected their awful act to roll out a dance for “Climate Change”.

Ok, now you’re caught up.

Now enter Ukraine.

While it’s not the same group of nurses (or who the Hell knows, maybe it is), we now have the Dancing Soldiers.

Same game plan, different year, different topic.

Allegedly involved in a deadly war, these “Brave Ukrainian Warriors” found time to put together a little dance number and post it to TikTok:

Complete garbage folks!

But please…..let’s send them more BILLIONS, they clearly need our help!

How are these Brave Warriors supposed to Dance if we don’t keep sending Billions?


Remember the Creepy Nurses Dancing In The White House? VIDEO FIXED!

Did you catch that super creepy, super cringe-y, video of nurses dancing and singing in the White House?

It was bizarre….

It was creepy….

It was wrong on so many levels.

I hate to even give it any more attention than it already got, but if you didn’t see it you need to see the original (for as many seconds as you can tolerate before you throw up in your mouth):

Well, as bad as that was, someone named @johnhackerla remixed it and fixed the video.

I think you’ll enjoy this much better.

Watch it right here on Rumble and give a shout out to Hacker John in LA for his great work!


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