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It’s Official, Even Biden’s Aides and Staff Are Now Turning On Him

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Well, well, well, it seems Biden’s performance at the first presidential debate as fueled tensions beyond those voting Democrat.

This time it’s between the president’s family and his staff.

You see, sources say that the family has been growing increasingly frustrated with the staff’s numerous blunders.

And Biden’s debate performance was the tipping point.

Now, everyone’s pointing fingers, and nobody’s taking the blame.

It feels like a Shakespearian tragedy.

Or is it a comedy?

Either way, a house divided can not stand.

And it seems the members of the Biden household are at each other’s throats. Family vs staffers.

Yahoo News reports:

Joe Biden’s family is attempting to become more involved in his campaign and White House affairs as their anger with his staff spills into public view.

“The debate fiasco has opened up a lane for the family to surpass staff and start helping out their father and brother who they love dearly,” one of the people with knowledge of family dynamics said.

The split between the president’s family and some of his closest aides has long been simmering, and his debate performance has exacerbated the dynamic, 13 sources familiar with the dynamics told NBC News. In the view of some Biden aides, the family is seizing on an opportunity to try to settle old scores. In the view of family members, the debate is the culmination of misguided advice from aides who they don’t believe have helped the president best showcase his political appeal.

The infighting has angered some Biden staffers, who have found the finger-pointing to be getting in the way of all-hands-on-deck approach needed to help the president battle this crisis.

“It’s not helpful,” one Biden campaign aide said. The view of some Biden allies is that the president’s aides are doing the bulk of managing and coordinating the post-debate strategy, while the family is approaching the situation more emotionally.

Another person close to the president said the Biden family is not seeing the political reality clearly.

“It’s Shakespearean,” this person said.

On Friday, Biden said he took full responsibility for his debate performance, saying in an interview with ABC News that it was “nobody’s fault but mine.”

Hunter Biden’s appearance in White House meetings this week was just one instance of what is expected to be a deeper Biden family involvement. The president’s sister, Valerie Owens, also traveled to Washington this week to join other family members at the White House and planned for face-to-face meetings about her brother’s campaign.

Biden family members have discussed whether he should fire senior White House adviser Anita Dunn and her husband, Bob Bauer, who is Biden’s personal lawyer, two people familiar with the matter said. Even so, four sources close to the Biden family said there is no active effort to shake up staffing right now. They said there is an effort among those close to the president to be measured, focused, thoughtful and deliberate.

“The president and first lady have full confidence in their team, including Anita and Bob,” White House chief of staff Jeff Zients said in a statement. “There is absolutely no truth to these unfounded and insulting rumors.”

Since the debate, Biden family members have felt that some of the president’s top aides in the White House and on the campaign have thrown the president under the bus rather than taking responsibility for what led to a catastrophic debate performance, according to one of the sources.

Axios adds:

Many White House, Biden campaign and Democratic officials are increasingly worried that President Biden isn’t up to continuing his campaign or finishing a second term, despite his insistence that he won’t be pushed out.

Why it matters: Outside pressure for Biden to drop his re-election bid grew wider and louder on the Fourth of July, especially from major donors. Doubts also are rising inside the house.

The big picture: “Everyone is miserable, and senior advisers are a total black hole,” a White House official told Axios. “Even if you’re trying to focus on work, nothing is going to break through or get any acknowledgment” from bosses.

  • A high-ranking Democratic National Committee official told Axios: “The only thing that can really allay concerns is for the president to demonstrate that he’s capable of running this campaign.”
  • “Everything else feels like ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ by his inner circle to prop him up.”

Between the lines: Some Biden aides believe those closest to the president have created a cocoon around him that initially seemed earnestly protective, but now appears potentially deceptive in the debate’s aftermath.

  • They particularly focus on Deputy Chief of Staff Annie Tomasini, the first lady’s top adviser Anthony Bernal, and longtime aide Ashley Williams, who joined the deputy chief of staff’s office when Tomasini ascended to the role earlier this year.
  • Those close aides have many duties. But officials recall instances of them helping Biden make up for mental lapses, including prompting him to remember people he has known for a long time.

But at least he’s keeping his staff busy…


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