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Oops! Did Press Secretary KJP Just Accidentally Mention Biden’s Replacement?

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Hear ye, hear ye.

It seems we have a good idea who the Democrats plan to replace Biden with.

At least, what Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) thinks.

During a press conference, KJP was drilled about the state of Biden.

Does he take a nap?

Is he planning to step down?

Will he get a Presidential discount if he joins a nursing home?

Okay, maybe not that last one.

But KJP was getting frustrated with all these questions.

There’s just too much noticing going on.

And during the questioning, KJP, the DEI hire, let slip out ‘President Kamala’ while addressing a reporter.


The Gateway Pundit reports:

The White House press pool on Wednesday continued to grill Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden’s mental state.

White House reporters from Fox News, CBS, CNN, ABC, Reuters, AP, Bloomberg, Newsmax, and NBC on Tuesday repeatedly grilled Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline following his disastrous debate performance.

They did not let up on Wednesday and continued to pepper KJP with questions about Biden’s cognitive decline, light schedule and reported daily naps.

“Why are we not seeing [Biden] out there every single way in an unscripted way without teleprompters?” one reporter asked KJP.

KJP was visibly irritated.

Here’s where KJP mentions “President Kamal”…

One reporter asked about his nap time.

One reporter asked if Biden was stepping down.

“No he’s not.”

The reporters should’ve yelled back, “Stop lying!”

They are really drawing this out, aren’t they?

We all know he’s done.

But the big question is, does Biden have a nap time?

You heard it, folks.

Biden puts us first. Now, just because everything he does actually puts us last, that’s irrelevant. That’s probably a simple mistake.

According to KJP, we are the center of Biden’s world. That’s nice to know, eh?

Take comfort in that fact next time you shop.

Say a prayer with each bite into your $15 Big Mac…

Say a prayer every time you put $20 in the gas tank and it gives you 3 seconds worth of gas..

Whisper this prayer…”Thank you, Biden, for putting me first. Amen.


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